February 2014 Board Meeting Minutes

March 15, 2014 4:17 PM | Admin EBCAMFT


Present: Claire-Elizabeth DeSophia, Peter Carpentieri, Craig Toonder, Ben Jones, Leslie Bandle, Holly Forman, Jurgen Braungardt.

Guests: John Hurley, MFTI

1. January Minutes Approved.

2. Treasurer’s Report: Checking - $34,055.24

             Savings -   $51,050.79

             Pay Pal -      $2,014.62

             Total    -      $88,020.65

   Net gain for the month: $3,123.17

3. Chapter Agreement discussion - Consensus to not sign the agreement or take any action at               this time and discuss further at the upcoming Board retreat after more information is available.

4. Administrator’s Report:      762 Current Active Members

                (536 Clinical Members

                127 Intern Members   

                34 Student Members

                31 Associate Members

    2 Community Members

    7 Retired Members

    1 Honorary Member

    22 E-tree Subscriptions)

Chapter tax information for 2013 has been provided to Tax Accountant.

Board will discuss adding additional administrative support at Board Retreat. John Hurley expressed interest in providing this support.

Membership drive aimed at  local CAMFT members was discussed. No action taken.

5. Review of Barbara Griswold’s Health Care Reform Workshop - Overall event was a tremendous success. 88 attended. Event was very crowded. Uncomfortable for some. More time could have been offered for event activities. Many participant questions left unanswered. Claire-Elizabeth recommends we do another event soon, maybe in two parts. Better management of registration and venue selection for events is needed in the future. Chapter is transitioning from sparsely attended events where people show up unannounced and are admitted without problem to greater attendance where room occupancy limits become an issue.

6. Professional needs survey was administered at event. Results will be presented at Board Retreat March 16. Yolo-Solano Chapter expressed interest in partnering with EBCAMFT around events and exchanging other resources.

7. Newsletter - Caiti would like someone else to take over the Newsletter Editor position. Html familiarity needed. Caiti will contact potential volunteers from workshop.

8. A local attorney has offered to give a free workshop to Chapter members on avoiding civil and licensure complaints. Board will look further into this.

9. Peter announced that he can no longer head up the “What Heals” Clinical Training Program and that the response, both in terms of overall interest and organizing and presenting has been minimal. The program has essentially not gotten off the ground. Board will consider other possibilities for events and presentations in 2014 at the upcoming Board Retreat.

10. Upcoming CAMFT Board Elections - Jurgen requested a statement from the EBCAMFT Board in support of the SAVCAMFT slate of candidates for the election. The slate’s primary areas of focus are greater overall transparency, more financial accountability, more advocacy for MFT’s and more effective legislative lobbying on behalf of our profession.

Motion to endorse SAVCAMFT candidates in a statement to local CAMFT membership passed 4-1 with 1 abstention. Caiti will prepare the statement with input from other Board members and send out electronically on March 2.

Meeting adjourned at 6:00 PM.

Submitted by Peter Carpentieri.


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