September 2014 Minutes

November 24, 2014 1:27 PM | Admin EBCAMFT

Board Meeting 09.19.2014

Present: Kelly Sharp, Holly Forman, Peter Carpentieri, Claire-Elizabeth

DeSophia, Ben Jones, Craig Toonder

Absent: Laura Friedeberg, Leslie Bandle

1. Approval of Minutes.

a. July minutes approved. 6 ayes.

b. Agreed to wait to approve the August minutes as questions

remained and Laura was not in attendance.

a. The current accounts: checking - $40,091.55, Savings -

$51,055.04, Pay Pal - $298.88, for a total - $91,445.47.

a. Caiti discussed current chapter membership numbers, including

4. Website Overhaul Discussion

a. The board discussed ideas around revamping the website.

b. Kellie proposed splitting Caiti’s job into two different jobs, one for

membership numbers remaining consistent.

c. The board discussed ideas around changing the website and

admin/membership and the 2nd around revamping of the website

and maintenance. This was agreed upon.

therapist finder as well as what might be beneficial for the

d. Agreed to continue the discussion.

e. Craig agreed to follow up with a contact around pricing for the

revamp and search engine optimization.

a. Touched based around the social the following day.

b. Agreed upon December 12th at 7pm being the time and date for the

c. Holly is continuing to search for a venue.

6. General Membership Meeting

a. Discussed the upcoming general membership meeting.

b. Agreed that it would be October 17th, from 7pm-9pm.

c. The board discussed the agenda as well as what role each board

d. Kelly Laura Strom agreeing to be a speaker.

e. Kelly agreed to coordinate snacks and beverages for the event.

7. Board composition for the next year.

a. Peter undecided.

b. Claire-Elizabeth social. member would play.

a. Caiti shared that she will be leaving her position by the end of the year and that she is interested in joining the board.

b. Kelly and Caiti will work on the job description in preparation of hiring a new administrator.

c. Ben discussed 3000 mile club

Meeting Closed 6:00 pm 09.19.14

Respectfully submitted 11.20.14

Holly Forman, President-Elect


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