December 2014 Minutes

December 26, 2014 7:42 PM | Deleted user

Meeting Minutes 12/12/14

Present: Kelly Sharp, Laura Freideberg, Holly Forman, Craig Toonder, Peter Carpentieri, Ben

Jones, Claire-Elizabeth DeSephia, Leslie Band (arrived late)

Guest: Aaron Foster, Caiti Crum

I. November minutes approved:  7 ayes

a) Membership is reported by Caiti as low due to approximately 130 renewals being due at the

end of this month with 60 renewals being overdue. Membership is as follows: 426 clinical

members, 152 intern members, 34 student members, 27 associate members, 30 E tree only

members, and 14 new members in the last month for a total of 683 active members. Google

b) Caiti also stated she is currently in the process of revising the manual for the position of admin

and training new admin, Veronica. 

a) Peter provided his final report as Treasurer, reporting currently there is $32,569.97 in

checking, $51,056. 31 in savings, $1,539. 92 in PayPal account for a total of $85,166.20.

b) Peter reported this year’s grand total is $200 more than last year’s grand total.

c) Kelly thanked and offered her appreciation on behalf of the board to Peter for his services over

d) Peter expressed his appreciation and indicated he would continue to be involved with the

a) Ratified election results are as follows: out of 760 ballots sent, 132 ballots received, and 1

disqualified due to lack of signature.

Laura Freideberg received 121 votes for the position of  Board Member at Large.

Craig Toonder received 118 votes for the position of Board Member at Large.

Ben Jones received 122 votes for the position of Board Member at Large.

Caiti Crum received 126 votes for the position of Board Member at Large.

Leslie Bandle received 123 votes for the position of Treasurer.

Aaron Foster received 120 votes for the position of Secretary.

(Votes for past president and president elect were counted last year thus not counted during this

b) Election results were approved: 8 ayes

V. Board Meeting Location for 2015:

a) Leslie reported speaking to the Dahlia Center in Oakland about renting space. They offered

half price for nonprofit use, bringing rental cost to only $10. per hour. The board considered the

Dahlia Center, though Holly expressed a possible conflict of interest. Laura suggested contacting

CAMFT legal services to discuss the conflict of interest further.

b) Craig offered to look into use of his office location on Grand Ave in Oakland.

c) Other options were discussed and it was decided that due to the affordability and desire to

support another therapeutic community, holding 2015 Board Meetings at the Dahlia Center

would be in line with EBCAMFT goals.

d) The board voted: 5 ayes, 1 abstention, 1 oppose. The next board meeting is scheduled at 4pm

on the 3rd Friday of January (1/16) at the Dahlia Center in West Oakland.

a) Holly reported EBCAMFT Board retreat is scheduled for Feb 1st from 10am-4pm at the Inn at

Jack London Square in Oakland.

b) Holly expressed having met with the coordinator of the Berkeley 3000 Hour Club, Natasha.

Natasha presented the idea of changing the name from ‘club’ to something more mature due to

concerns for interns of juvenility. The Board discussed that the word ‘club’ is the standard name

given throughout the state of California. Holly asked Ben to share the history of the 3000 Hour

Club with Natasha to help support her understanding.

c) Holly continued to report discussion with Natasha about whether or not the coordinator

position should be a paid position due to interns being paid for their work per new sanctions and

expectations. The Board discussed the nature of volunteering amongst the board and board run

programs. It was decided to offer to comp dues as compensation for ongoing volunteering

though further discussion continued about creating a policy that states the board will decide on a

case by case basis about comping membership dues for substantial volunteer efforts. Also

discussed was providing a volunteer appreciation lunch as an offer for further support,

appreciation, and a forum to address other concerns. The board voted: 7 ayes, 1 abstention.

d) Ben reported a follow up from last meeting, he has secured space at BAPTI for the 3rd

Saturday of every month for the 3000 Hour Club meetings.

e) Kelly announced discussion with George, an EBCAMFT member, about the creation of a

networking luncheon for clinicians only.

f) Kelly expressed her appreciation and thanks for Member at Large, Claire-Elizabeth, for her

role and involvement with the Board as this is her last meeting as well.

g) Claire-Elizabeth offered her reciprocal thanks and appreciation to Kelly for her last 2 years as

h) Kelly followed up with further appreciation and thanks to individual board members for their

involved roles, hard work, and flexibility.  Kelly ended by stating her well wishes and excitement

for Holly's presidency in 2015 and indicated she too would continue to be involved with

i) The board as a whole further discussed where we were and how far we've come.

   Meeting Closed at 5:57pm

       Submitted 12/26/14

Aaron Foster, Guest Volunteer


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