January 2015 Minutes

January 16, 2015 6:00 PM | Deleted user

Meeting Minutes 1/16/15

Present: Holly Forman, Craig Toonder, Laura Freideberg, Aaron Foster, Ben Jones, Leslie

Bandle (late arrival) Caiti Crum (late arrival)

Guests: Veronica Macina-- Admin, John Hurley-- Website Admin

I. Approval of December minutes: 3 ayes

II. Treasurer’s report: New treasurer, Leslie, reported problems with access to the accounts,

thus no report provided. Leslie and Veronica indicated coordination of gaining account(s) sign-in

information. The board also discussed and agreed to printing reports for records during board

meetings as opposed to verbal presentation alone.

a) Membership is reported by Veronica as follows: 568 Clinical, 168 interns, 35 student, and 36

associate members totaling 862.  Etree only reported as 842.

b) It was discussed that moving forward with posting minutes to the EBCAMFT website, Aaron

is to send completed minutes to Veronica for archives and John for posting. 

c) Ben expressed continued problems of members reporting that they are not getting their emails

through the E-tree. Veronica indicated having worked this issue out with SBCglobal recently to

find E-tree emails being sent to member’s spam folder. Ben related problems of his own through

Comcast and indicated that he would review his spam folder.

IV. Taxes and CPA: Veronica reported that due to our current CPA not filing our taxes on time,

EBCAMFT received a fine of $1800. She also reported that Connie (current CPA) is

corresponding with the IRS to see if the fine can be reduced due to nonprofit status. John,

Veronica, and Aaron offered to locate and coordinate referrals for new CPA with nonprofit

V. Spotlight in The Therapist magazine: Holly reported that EBCAMFT will be highlighted in

the May issue of the Therapist magazine due to receiving a business award known as the Best of

a) Laura reported the mentoring program as doing very well with 33 active/matched mentorships

and 70 overall involved Mentors/Mentees.

b) Laura inquired about what kind of training would be advantageous for her upcoming Program

Didactic Training, stating Cathy Hanville conducts trainings on the topic of Starting a Private

Practice as well as practice development such as Internet Marketing. However, in accordance

with BBS rules and regulations, CEUs are allowed to be granted for the former (Starting a

Private Practice) but not for the latter (Internet Marketing). Also, Cathy has requested to receive

some form of compensation for conducting a 2 hour training. The board discussed varies ideas

and means to make the training a win-win for the members and the presenter. It was noted that

many of the mentor and mentees are not in private practices, thus Internet Marketing would be a

more applicable topic. Concerns were raised around development of a protocol for presenter

honorariums. It was decided to discuss further a policy around benefits for presenters at the

board retreat next month. In the meantime, it was also decided to move forward with Cathy to

provide a 2 hr training about Internet Marketing at a rate of $50 per hour. Craig offered to

consult further with JFK University and Earth Circles to illicit what is customarily paid to

presenters. The board voted: 5 ayes.

c) Laura coordinated tentative “Save the Dates” as follows:

Internet Marketing Didactic, Sunday March 1st from 2:00-4:30 (Berkeley)

Coffee Social, Saturday June 6th at 1:00pm (location TBA)

Mentor Appreciation Brunch, Sunday September 20th at 12:00pm (location TBA)

VII. Discussion around upcoming board retreat: Holly addressed the board with agenda topics

for next month’s board retreat. The board highlighted topics and volunteered, where applicable,

Holly—precedents for workshop/presentation and volunteer benefits/compensation policies,

increasing survey polling, online balloting.

Leslie—East Bay therapist member directory optimization and bringing in 3rd party sponsors.

Craig and Aaron—Monthly social outings for members.

Board Retreat scheduled for Feb 1st 10-4 at the Inn at Jack London Square in Oakland.

a) John indicated he is gaining orientation related to his duties such as updating the website,

posting Monthly meeting minutes, and updating the Etree. Caiti reported she has been reviewing

template information from the website to see what could be revised or refreshed.

b) Veronica and Caiti reported concerns over lapsed memberships such as how much advance

notice is needed, how many days to allow for lapsed memberships and renewal check processing.

The board discussed and arrived at 30-45 days advance notice with an allowance of 35 days past

due before terminating membership.

c) Ben informed the board that in the Oct-Nov issue of the Therapist magazine, among the

disciplinary section, he read that someone received a disciplinary action for use of the EFT

technique known as “Tapping” due to this technique not being an approved theory or practice by

CAMFT. He noted that this infraction was also connected to the more serious infraction of a dual

d) Holly polled the board to see who was able to attend the Chapter Leadership Conference

scheduled for Feb 20th in Costa Mesa. Ben reported he plans to attend, Caiti and Holly reported

e) Ben stated the Association of Social Workers is suing the state over AB1775 in efforts to not

uphold the ruling. The question arose over whether EBCAMFT may desire CAMFT to take a

position to defend or not to defend. A possible need to consult with CAMFT lawyers to request

that they not use funds to support the new ruling was also expressed. Craig suggested surveying

membership. Ben assessed opinions amongst the board to find board members in conflict of

opinion. Holly inquired whether Ben would draft a poll through survey monkey and send the

draft out to the board, to be followed by a membership wide survey. Ben agreed.

f) Leslie provided the room rental agreement for Dahlia Therapy Center where this year’s board

meetings are to be held. Leslie expressed needs for a deposit of $20 to be held for the year. Caiti

to prepay rent for the year by check in the amount of $240 and a check in the amount of $20 for

g) Holly stated one of her goals as president is to reach the 1000 member mark and is requesting

the list of CAMFT members who are not EBCAMFT members. Further discussion occurred

around contacting other internship and school sites to engage students in EBCAMFT programs

such as the Hiking Club, the 3000hr club, and the Mentor/Mentee Program.

h) Ben reported good news that could be helpful to membership in that the 3000hr club has

received an offer to hold their meetings at JFK University and the Wright Institute. Ben indicated

coordination of dates for upcoming meetings to be staggered between the two locations. As part

of the Secretary’s duties, Aaron is to email Mariam, the Outreach Coordinator at CAMFT, by the

3rd week of each month indicating the following month’s EBCAMFT event dates, locations, and

i) Holly and Caiti reported needs to identify a new person to write monthly newsletters due to the

previously identified person falling out. It was decided to post on the E-tree to find someone who

would be willing to write for the year. Caiti agreed to draft this month’s newsletter.

j) Craig reported the Hiking Club will be scheduling hikes for the year starting in January (24th)

and follow every other month thereafter. Craig to send information to Veronica for E-blast.

k) Caiti was voted in as president elect with 5 ayes.

l) The board had a discussion around Save CAMFT, including their title changing to CAMFT

United. It was agreed that at the next meeting a follow up discussion would be had around

CAMFT United’s current progress in the elections.

                                                 Meeting Closed at 5:54pm

       Submitted 1/28/14

  Aaron Foster, Secretary


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