July 18, 2014 Minutes

November 24, 2014 1:20 PM | Admin EBCAMFT


Meeting Minutes

Present: Kelly Sharp, Laura Friedeberg, Peter Carpentieri, Holly Forman, Claire-Elizabeth DeSophia, Ben

Jones, Craig Toonder, Leslie Bandle

Absent: None

Guests: Caiti Crum, Jurgen Braungardt

1. Approval of minutes (8 ayes)

2. Admin Report: Caiti Crum

-721 active members, 506 clinical, 124 intern, 35 students, 27 associates, 23 e-tree only

-Continuing to develop social media marketing including Facebook and LinkedIn

-Developing a calendar of promotions

-Proposed working with transgender community in promoting cultural competency and suggested

honorarium (proposal tabled)

3. Treasurer’s Report: Peter Carpentieri

-38,195.15 checking

-51,054.20 savings

-2774.41 PayPal

-92,023.76 total

4. President: Kelly Sharp

-General Membership Meeting October 17th

-Addressed September 19th or 20th Social after meeting-difficult to find an affordable place to rent so

Claire-Elizabeth and Holly will continue to look.

-Motion for EBCAMFT to draft a letter to CAMFT encouraging them to adopt a ban on SOCE (8 ayes)

-Soce bill in review

5. Hiking Club-Craig Toonder

-Discussed cost of three hour social (tabled)

6. Board discussed bill requiring therapist mandate to report downloading/child pornography

7. Chapter Agreement discussion

Meeting Closed 6:00PM.  Minutes submitted on 08-14-2014

Laura R. Friedeberg, Secretary, Mentorship Program Chair


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