March 2015 Minutes

March 20, 2015 8:07 AM | Deleted user

Present: Holly Forman, Kelly Sharp, Caiti Crum, Craig Toonder, Ben Jones, Aaron Foster; Late arrivals-Leslie Bandle, Laura Freideberg

Guests: Admin: Veronica Macina, Brian Campaney MFTI

Absent: none



-Welcoming of Guest Brian Campaney MFTI, who shared he was in attendance for an assignment from North Central University. Brian also shared he is currently a Substance Abuse Counselor at New Bridge.


- Holly indicated today’s board meeting will end about a half hour earlier than usual due to a scheduled Membership Social immediately following at 6pm.


I. Approval of February Minutes: 6 ayes


II. Treasure's report: Leslie reported current account totals as follows: Checking $40,032.89, Savings $51,057.58, and all funds in Paypal account have been transferred to checking.



-Leslie provided a spreadsheet displaying tracking of income and expenses year-to-date with month to month comparisons from 2014. Gross profit for the month of February was reported as $5,376. and expenses as $1,268.  Holly inquired if Leslie could also add month to month comparisons for 2013. It was agreed upon to add quarterly totals for 2013 instead. 


-Leslie inquired for what is EBCAMFT's goal related to finances. Discussion amongst board members ensued related to the history of finances that had led to focusing more on savings. Now that this goal has been met, the board feels it is time to highlight member services in addition to membership growth. Holly requested for the board to consider this goal further once results are gained from a member’s poll regarding services later this month. Holly also requested that Leslie consider the cost of offering lifetime memberships.



III. Admin Report: Veronica reported current membership totals for March thus far as follows: Clinical 559, Intern 159, Student 34, associate 35 for a total of 846 active members/ 867 e-tree only members. This includes the addition of 5 new members in the last 30 days and 64 overdue renewals. Veronica indicated she is sending out direct emails to members whose membership has lapsed.


- Veronica expressed having received an invoice from EBCAMFT’s previous CPA regarding her fee for writing a letter to IRS about her late filing for 2013 in efforts to avoid penalty. The board discussed drafting a letter in response to the invoice stating we will not be paying for her letter writing services due to her negligence of filing EBCAMFT taxes late when she received all the information in a timely fashion. Veronica added she is having consistent communications and coordination with newly hired CPA, Loli Cremat, and all requested information and documents are in process for timely filing of 2014 taxes.


-Veronica also offered new liability insurance recommendations with quotes she had collected. The Board reviewed recommendations and costs, deciding on an insurance company by the name of ACE.



IV. Follow up from retreat:

-Aaron developed survey poll questions addressing member’s services via email prior to today’s board meeting and it was decided to move forward with said questions. Veronica to submit poll questions to members via survey monkey.


-Laura reported that she is still in the process of developing the poll for new numbers.


-Kelly discussed speaking to Jackie Brookman about creating a series of workshop offerings. The first being “Website 101” with attendee follow up sessions for three months. Kelly inquired for board members to consider providing referrals for a web developer who would be interested in participating in the series and could create websites for members at a discounted rate. Craig added he would consider developing a niche market workshop for the series.


-Leslie shared having followed up with Wild Apricot (Database Software Management Co.) and they are unable to offer services to optimize our website. She will continue to look into options for website optimization. Veronica highlighted the possibility of saving 10% if we pay annually rather than paying $200 per month with Wild Apricot. The board agreed to pay annually.



V. Mentorship program Update: Laura reported that the Internet Marketing Seminar on the 1st of March had 15 attendees out of 25 who had RSVP’d. She indicated that the information shared was great and it appeared members were pleased. It was suggested to provide handouts or place PDFs on the website for members to have access to for Seminars or Workshops of this kind.


VI. 3000 Hour Club Update: Ben reported Natasha can no longer facilitate the Berkeley group meetings thus will be looking for a new facilitator. Ben expressed good news that at both the Berkeley locations, the Wright Institute and JFK, will now be providing refreshments for the 3000 hour meetings. He reminded the board that this Saturday’s meeting will be held at BAPTI in Lafayette.


-Ben discussed the offering of low-cost therapy for therapist’s interns and indicated many licensed therapist’s had offered to participate. Ben inquired whether we would provide a resource list of therapist who participate on our website. The board discussed and it was decided to not maintain responsibility for such a list. Kelly indicated for Ben to contact member, Sarah Crain, who coordinated and gathered this information to discuss the status. 


VII. Hiking and Other Socials update: Craig reported a low turnout at the March 8th hike. He reminded the board that all hikes have been scheduled for the year and are on the website’s calendar.


-Craig updated the board regarding “the Oakland A's Social” on July 31st, relating the guest list thus far is also low though members have until June 1st for priority seating. Veronica offered to send email reminders to members in efforts to increase attendance.




-AB1775 Survey Poll:  Ben provided printed copies of survey poll results to the board. In general, according to poll results membership overwhelmingly opposes the new law and feel it will not accomplish its original intended goal (Poll results will be posted on EBCAMFT website). It was reported that CAMFT currently plans not to oppose the new law but instead to educate staff members about the new law. In light of poll results, Ben inquired from the board whether it would be a good idea to write a letter to CAMFT encouraging them to amend the law to gain more clarity for people who mandated reporters working with offenders. The board agreed to draft a letter; Ben and Craig offered to collaborate for its completion.


-Holly related that previous board member Claire-Elizabeth DeSophia had inquired about follow up regarding offering reciprocal membership between chapters. Kelly indicated having attempted contact with Laura Strom who originally brought this idea to the EBCAMFT board, though she has not received a response from Laura. Kelly expressed she would attempt contact again.



To be continued due to short meeting—follow up from retreat and other topics:


-Revamping website/ Mobile optimization

-Marketing Post Cards

-Financial Goals

-Web Developer recommendations for workshop series






 Meeting Closed at 5:27pm

                                                 Submitted 4/1/2015

                                                   Aaron Foster, Secretary


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