May 2015 Minutes

May 15, 2015 8:00 PM | Deleted user

Present: Holly Forman, Kelly Sharp, Caiti Crum, Aaron Foster,

Late Arrival: Craig Toonder, Ben Jones, Leslie Bandle

Guest: Veronica Macina

Absent: Laura Freideberg


I. Approval of April minutes: 6 ayes


II. Admin Report:

a) Veronica reported current membership totals as follows: 560 clinical, 161 intern, 34 student/pre-intern, 32 associate for a total of 847 active members and 903 with E-tree. It was also reported 58 overdue renewals and 15 new members in the last 30 days. There was a discrepancy noted due to some members having more than one email address associated with their membership.


b) Veronica expressed having inquired from Loli, new CPA, about whether the late filing for 2013 will reflect poorly for EBCAMFT if fee is paid. Loli indicated it would not and it can also be abated. Veronica stated that Connie, previous CPA, has claimed responsibility for the late filing and will pay the fee though it has not been paid as of yet. All taxes for 2014 have been signed by Holly and filed.  


c) Veronica reported having paid Wild Apricot a yearly fee for services of $2000 as opposed to monthly in order to save 10% for EBCAMFT website servicing. It was discussed by the board whether to pay for next year’s services to avoid an upcoming increase in pricing. Kelly inquired whether there may be a platform change in the future and whether Wild Apricot would be able to support that change. It was decided that a platform change would not take place this year or next.


III. Treasurers Report

a) Leslie reported current bank account totals are as follows: Checking $40,411.10, Savings $51, 058.45, Paypal $0 ($3,633.83 transferred to checking 5/14). As of today’s date, profit and losses are as follows: gross profit $3,156., total expenses $4,297., net operating income -$1,141.65. Leslie stated larger expenditures of Wild Apricot and liability insurance impacted current profit and loss figures.


b) Leslie inquired whether administratively it would be difficult to manage offing lifetime memberships. Caiti and Veronica indicated it would not be difficult to manage. Leslie then inquired for what benefit would exist for the chapter. It was discussed that offering a lifetime membership at a discounted rate to members would eliminate some difficulties related to renewals. The only downside for members would be if they left the area after having paid for a lifetime membership. Other alternatives were discussed such as utilizing an automatic renewal system to lessen the loss of money and eliminating member’s hassle with renewing. Leslie suggested calling the local chapter in San Jose to consult and possibly offering life time memberships on a trial run basis. Craig suggested offering a 5 year membership at a discounted rate. Veronica expressed from an administrative perspective this could easily be achieved as the system would flag renewals based on parameters set for individual members. Caiti suggested it might be a good idea to average member’s length of continued membership, lapsed membership, and non-renewed memberships to aid in the decision process. The board displayed mixed feelings about how much to discount memberships and whether to offer lifetime vs. 5 year memberships. It was decided at this time to poll members for feedback. 


IV. Newsletter Update: Caiti reported that Katherine Schoolland has signed a contract with EBCAMFT and has been given access to Wild Apricot. Katherine is currently organizing the newsletter and testing a variety of platforms to aid access for members. Caiti continued to report  a sampling of sections to be added such as: how to get involved, what’s going on, summary of board meetings, interns section, how to access the E-tree, move & book reviews, new member’s welcome section, newly licensed section, and volunteer section. Katherine is also creating a linkable table of contents and plans to offer members the ability to write and submit articles for the newsletter. Katherine has indicated she will deliver a new newsletter to the board in June.


V. Polls Update: Veronica reported that 159 members responded to the Membership Benefits Poll out of 900 emails sent out to membership. The board reviewed results and took a sampling of comments made related to suggested improvements. For the sake of time only one topic was selected for current discussion. Poll results presented membership concerns and difficulties with use of the E-tree. The board discussed providing an E-tree instructional support post detailing how to use the E-tree at the beginning of each month. Results from the Membership Benefits Poll will be added to the EBCAMFT website for membership review. The board will continue to utilize information gained to address and make benefit improvements.


VI. Events/Social/Club Updates:

a) Craig reported next hiking event is Saturday 5/16 in San Leandro at Anthony Chabot Regional Park: Clyde Woolridge Staging Area. Craig also reported that the upcoming A’s game event on July 31st currently has 49 members/non-members interested in attending. June 1st the offer will be opened up to nonmembers for purchase. Holly suggested increasing exposure of the event by e-blast, e-tree, and email in order to increase attendance. Aaron to send event information for June state CAMFT E-blast.


b) Ben reported having zero attendees during yesterday’s 3000hour group meeting at the Wright Institute. Ben related tomorrow 5/16 is the next 3000hour group meeting at BAPTI in Lafayette. Caiti inquired whether there any non-members are present at 3000hour group meetings. Ben reported there are. Caiti expressed interest in presenting to nonmembers in the future.


c) Though Laura was not present during this board meeting, she had emailed updated Mentor Program information to the board. Holly reported for Laura that the June 6th Coffee Social will be held from 1-3pm at Powderface in Oakland. Attendees will be able to order a beverage of their choice from the coffee bar and Powederface pastries will also be provided. Emails to be sent out to participants by Laura today. Also, the Mentor Appreciation Brunch is scheduled for 9/20 at noon, location TBA.


d) Kelly inquired about offering more social events for networking purposes, suggesting they be less formal and non-sponsored events such as a Friday happy hour. Holly suggested to plan different types of events or venues such as Rockwall Food Truck Friday. Craig suggested scheduling these summer month festivities each month in Albany, Oakland, and Walnut Creek. Kelly expressed a need to include the Tri-Valley area. Aaron suggested holding events in Danville or San Ramon to include the Tri-Valley area with greater ease for all. It was decided to e-blast the first event for Friday June 29th at the Albany Tap Room from 5-7pm.

VII. Miscellaneous:

a) Kelly reported having spoken with Ken Braslow who conducts online marketing and paperless practice workshops about providing a 4-5 hour workshop sometime in the fall. Kelly shared extensive information about topics that would be discussed during the workshop. Kelly inquired for whether the board felt the workshop could be open to both members and non-members. It was discussed the need to locate a venue first then decide if there would be enough room for both members and nonmembers. It was also discussed including the offer of CEUs and charging a lower fee for members (such as $10) and a higher fee for nonmembers (such as $60) for attendance.  Kelly indicated she would follow up with Ken to determine if he is a CEU provider and on specific dates. The board to consider possible venues.


b) Caiti reported meeting with the president of SFCAMFT, Lilly Sloan, about some of EBCAMFT’s goals from the retreat to brainstorm for cross oriented goals such as outreach. Caiti explained she is attempting to coordinate with JFK and the Wright institute to present for outreach and asked for support from board members with contact information etc. The board offered to support Caiti in this goal. Leslie suggested outreaching to students who gain their BBS intern numbers and newly licensed therapists for the purposes of outreach. Leslie inquired for how to gain this public information. The board was uncertain so Leslie offered to look into this possibility.


c) Leslie shared that she received an invitation to attend a networking event at St. Mary’s for mental health professionals for the purposes of connecting staff with outside therapists for referrals. Leslie expressed EBCAMFT might consider coordination with other school campuses who work with intern therapists or school counselors in efforts to offer therapists with sliding scales to students. Kelly related concerns for how this might work. Leslie indicated she will attend the event at St. Mary’s and report back further information.


                                                 Meeting Closed at 6:01pm

                                                     Submitted 6/1/2015

                                                  Aaron Foster, Secretary


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