July 2015 Minutes

July 20, 2015 10:00 PM | Deleted user
Present: Holly Forman, Craig Toonder, Ben Jones, Leslie Bandle

Late Arrival: Laura Freideberg

Guests: Veronica Macina, John Hurley

Absent: Kelly Sharp, Caiti Crum


Approval of May and June minutes: Minutes approved.


Admin Report

    Veronica reported current membership totals as follows: 544 clinical, 155 intern, 28 student/pre-intern, 32 associate for a total of 818 active members and 921 with E-tree. 


    26 lapsed memberships were removed this month.


    Ben requested revision of admin report for clarity purposes. Holly and Veronica will meet to discuss this issue.


    Veronica reported that she has contacted the accountant twice about the IRS issue. She has not received a response. Board discussed concerns over liability. Veronica will continue to contact the accountant.


    Leslie proposed creating a member growth report. Veronica will send Leslie data for report.


    Veronica reported that outside entity advertisement rose this month. Leslie was interested in tracking that income. Veronica reported having a log. 


Treasurers Report

    Leslie reported profit and losses are as follows: gross profit $ 3995.88, total expenses $ 1795.13, net operating income $ 2200.75.


    Leslie proposed moving money from checking to savings account. Board approved $25,000 transfer. Veronica will handle the transfer.


    Veronica reported not being able to create separate ID’s for the board members to have access to the bank account because she lacked Caiti’s security information. Caiti will need to address this.



•     HA discussion of the idea of a physical office starting 2016 will be continued next meeting.


•      Several members of the board proposed systems where faxes could be connected to a computer. e.g.: s-fax or e-fax.


•      August 1st is the deadline to renew with Wild Apricot. Board decided to renew for one year.




    The board discussed the format of the new news letter. A change shall be made to connect the “Meet the Team” section to bio’s instead of e-mail. Katherine Schoolland will be contacted about change request.


Member Services Update (e.g. hikes, 3000 hour club, mentorship program, etc.)


    Veronica reported that she will look into a host sight to create auto announcements to the membership about events.


    Craig reported that Katherine will include the year’s hike schedule to help with promotions.


    Craig reported that all tickets for the A’s social have been distributed. Craig will create plan for tailgating social next week.


    Holly reported that members requested an additional social at Trader Vics. Craig will organize the next social. Veronica will send out e-blast.


    Ben reported that would be hosting the 3,000-hour Support Group tomorrow. Ben is moved the Tuesday evening 3,000 Hour Support group to Tuesday morning.


    Laura reported all mentees are still being matched with mentors. New mentors are still needed. Veronica offered to send an e-blast. Mentor appreciation brunch will be Sept. 26th. (Location TBA)


    Holly reported for Kelly that we need to find a venue for the Marketing event she is spearheading. Board members offered suggestions for locations including trying to team up with JFKU for the use of their annex


    Holly reported for Caiti that she is working on a stipend idea for the CEU coordinator position. Caiti will report next month. 


    Leslie proposed organizing meet and greets events. Topic will be revisited.





Board discussed possibility of introducing e-voting. Board discussed possible options to implement change. Topic will be revisited.




Board discussed options of voting Claire-Elizabeth in as a Member-at-Large or as a Committee Chairperson. The Board voted her in as a Member-at-Large.





    Leslie reported on possibility of receiving a quote for a mailing list of new interns and newly licensed therapists in our area.


    Ben will report on AB1775 next meeting.


    Board will revisit member surveys to discuss what they reveal about member needs.






Meeting Closed at 6: 00pm

Submitted July 20th, 2015

Craig Toonder, Member-At-Large


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