September 2015 Minutes

September 18, 2015 9:21 PM | Deleted user

Present: Holly Forman, Kelly Sharp, Ben Jones, Claire-Elizabeth DeSophia
Late Arrival: Caiti Crum
Guest: Veronica Macina
Absent: Laura Freideberg, Craig Toonder, Leslie Bandle

I. Approval of minutes: 
5 ayes

II. Admin Report:

Clinical          545
                Intern        149
                Student/Pre-Intern 29
                Associate       30
                Community Partner    3
                Honorary        1
                Retired           8
                E-Tree Only        42
                Total Members        807
                E-Tree Total        944

a.)  Veronica reported details around IRS Fee payment and communication with the current CPA and previous CPA.  
b.)  Veronica will talk to John Hurley about adding Simple Practice to the main page of the website.  

III. Treasurers Report

a.) Checking Account: $11,604.00

b.) Savings Account: $71,060.26
c.) Net Operating Cost: -$7,879.71
d.) The Board discussed continuing to look into what to do with the money in our savings and checking accounts.
i. Claire-Elizabeth will talk to Jürgen about finances and if he has any suggestions.

IV. Holiday party

a.) Claire-Elizabeth proposed a Thai restaurant for the holiday party.  Need a minimum of 92 people to take over the place.  Claire-Elizabeth presented a handout of the details of the food, drinks, amount, etc.  Board discussed allowing spouses but having them pay to come (full amount).  Discussed details around food and drinks.  
b.) Caiti will look into two other places in two different areas to get an idea of other prices.  Holly will also look into a Thai place.  If we do not find a better place (in 2 weeks), Claire-Elizabeth will go ahead with Summer Summer (Thai).  

V. Chapter membership meeting
a.) Discussed details (introductions, food, drinks, etc.)
i. Holly will look into catering from La Medeteranee and picking up Urban Legend wine and soft drinks.   ii. Discussed reports to hand out for the meeting (admin and treasurer).  

VI. Member Services Update (eg hikes, 3000 hour club, mentorship program, etc). 

a.) The 3000 Hour Support Group is tomorrow, two people have RSVP’d.
i. Ben reported that there was more interest because a topic was posted.
ii. Ben hosted the 3000 Hour Support Group in Berkeley and two people showed up.
iii. Claire-Elizabeth suggested that Ben talk to Jerry Fagoga from San Gabriel Valley because they have a strong 3000 Hour Support Group.
b.) AB1775.  
i. Ben wrote a letter and EBCAMFT survey results to the CAMFT Board on behalf of the Board of East Bay   CAMFT.  
a. He will send it to Jill, Kathy and the Board.  
c.) Veronica will put together a report of the New Year membership survey. (Include charts and short summary) and will present it at the general membership meeting.


a.) Caiti had two people that were possibly interested in being a CEU coordinator. 

i. They both backed out.

ii. They suggested that if someone sets up the speakers, they can lead the group from within.  

iii. Caiti has a colleague that is interested in possibly facilitating CEU events. 

vi. Board discussed paying CEU coordinator/facilitator.  Caiti and Holly will continue to discuss this.  

b.) Claire-Elizabeth discussed asking the membership who they want to see as a presenter.  For the weekly (one hour) CEU not paying but for the longer (3 hours or more) EBCAMFT could pay. Caiti and Holly will continue the discussion later when they meet.   

VIII. Electronic Voting

a.) The Board discussed electronic Voting.
i. Holly will send an email out with information about electronic voting.  
ii. Starting Nov 1st everything will be switched
iii. Veronica will find a list of the members who are not on the e-tree but are members.

IX. Board Next Year:
a.) Ben agreed he wants to be a Member at Large.
b.) Jenny (member who came to a meeting) wants to be a Member at Large.
c.) Craig expressed interest in being a Member at Large.
d.) Claire-Elizabeth expressed interest in continuing to be a Member at Large.
e.) Holly expressed possible interest in taking over the Mentorship program.
f.) The Board asked about any interest in other positions.  Holly asked everyone to think of one person who could be a good addition to the board.  
g.) The Board plans on getting Ballots out by Nov 13th and returned by Nov 27th.  

X. Misc
a.) Claire-Elizabeth is going to CAMFT Connects (Nov 7th).  
i. Holly will send an email to Jill about details regarding CAMFT Connects.
b.) John will be receiving more money this month because he spent time doing PayPal and other member lists.  
XI. Meeting Closed at 6:00pm


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