October 2015 Minutes

October 23, 2015 10:00 PM | Deleted user

Present: Holly Forman, Claire-Elizabeth, Ben Jones, Laura Freideberg, Craig Toonder, Caiti Crum
Late Arrival: Leslie Bandle
Guest: Veronica Macina, John Hurley, Jenny Ireland
Absent: Kelly Sharp

1.     Approval of minutes: 4 ayes

2.     Admin report
i.        Clinical: 548
ii.       Intern: 147
iii.    Student/Pre-Intern: 29
iv.     Associate: 28
v.      Community Partner: 2
vi.    Honorary: 1
vii.   Retired: 7
viii. E-Tree Subscription Only: 40
ix.    Total: 802
x.    E-Tree Subscription members: 957

b. Veronica and John have gathered a list of over 2,000 people who are members of CAM FT in our geographic
area, but are not members of East Bay CAMFT.  We will be printing around 2,000 postcards to send out to these individuals so they are made aware of the benefits of joining our chapter. 
c. Loli has called the IRS and we are waiting to hear if they will refund our money for the fees of 2012 taxes.  The IRS has refunded us over $1,800. 

3.     Treasurers report
a. Checking $15,340.18
b. Saving $71,060.84
c. Leslie passed out the Handout for the General Meeting. 
d. Leslie looked into usernames and the information she was given was incorrect. 

4.     Holiday party
a. Moving forward with Summer Summer to figure out menu and pricing, etc.  Caiti will complete that this week.   Caiti looked into multiple quotes and they were not better than Summer Summer.  Caiti will draft up an E-Tree post about the Holiday Party. 
b. Claire Elizabeth suggested making a plaque and getting bouquet of flowers for Vivian.  Claire-Elizabeth will look into plaques that are up to $100.

5.     Single Payer Donation
a. CE says that if we donate that it be used to create a professionally produced PowerPoint presentation and for training materials. 
b. Holly will email Kelly and Vivian to inquire about more information about previous donations and this year’s donation.  Holly will ask to see if they have a specific proposal for what they are using the money for.  Craig suggested that they provide estimates from professionals showing what they would use the money for. 

6.     Board composition next year
a. Claire-Elizabeth said No.
b. Craig confirmed yes.
c. Laura said no.
d. Ben said yes.
e. Caiti said yes.
f. Leslie said she will not continue as treasurer but is willing to support someone. 
g. Get the ballots out by Nov 13th and returned by December 4th. 
h. Board will get together Sunday Nov 8th at 12:00pm at Caiti’s House to stuff ballots and will order pizza. 
i. Email Holly if you have any food restrictions.
j. Veronica will send out blurbs from last year to see if anyone wants to update their blurb.
k. Veronica will send the ballots to copy near Caiti for her to pick it up.
7.     General membership meeting
a. Discussed what Veronica, Leslie, Holly and Ben would present at the meeting.

8.     Member services update (eg hikes, 3000 hour support group, mentorship program, etc.)
a. Ben reported that at the 3000 Hour Support Group in Berkeley no one showed up.  Kate had a 3-person panel (one panel member didn’t show up) Only one intern showed up.  Caiti suggested collaborating with the schools where the meetings are hosted to get more people interested in 3000 Hour Support Group.  Ben is thinking about revamping the name and or how they market the Support Group.  Claire-Elizabeth suggested contacting supervisors to suggest to their interns attend the groups.
b.     Laura reported there are currently 32 mentorships. 36 mentees 32 mentors (3 or 4 people who have two mentees) and about 6 people on a waitlist.  Holly expressed interest in possibly taking over for Laura.

9.     CEUs
a. Veronica will email Holly to ask about CEUs application. 
b. Veronica will finish the CEU provider application. 
c. Continuing to look for an applicant to be CEU coordinator.

10. Misc

Meeting Closed at 5:34pm
Submitted on 11/09/2015
Submitted By Veronica Macina


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