November 2015 Minutes

November 20, 2015 8:37 PM | Deleted user

Present: Holly Forman, Craig Toonder, Kelly Sharp
Late Arrival: Claire-Elizabeth DeSophia, Leslie Bandle
Absent: Ben Jones, Laura Friedeberg, Caiti Crum

1. Approval of October minutes: 5 ayes

2. Admin Report    

     i. Clinical: 555

     ii. Intern: 142

     iii. Student/Pre-Intern: 29

     iv. Associate: 27

     v. Community Partner: 2

     vi. Honorary: 1

     vii. Retired: 7

     viii. E-Tree Subscription Only: 42

     ix. Total: 805

     x. E-Tree Subscription members: 970

b. Board voted to add Jürgen and Vivian as Honorary Members, 5 ayes. 

    Veronica will change them to Honorary Members.

3. Treasurers Report
     a. Gross Profit: $3791.65

     b. Total Expenses: $2,604.32

     c. Net Operating Income: $1,187.33

     d. Checking: $15,047.88

     e. Savings: $71,061.42

     f. PAYPAL: $2,291.96 was already transferred and is included in total checking number.

4. Holiday Party Update

     a. Holly and Claire-Elizabeth said the food is going to be amazing.  Claire-

     Elizabeth bought the Plaque and has most of the details figured out. 

     Veronica will email Caiti to get the updated contract and send out a check

     for deposit.

5. Single Payer Donation:

     a. Holly sent the response from Single Payer about what our donation is

     going to go to. All present saw it and said it looked good.  Claire-Elizabeth

     passed out a postcard with information about the Benefit for Therapists for

     Single Payer on November 22, 2015 at 6:30pm.

     b. There were 5 ayes to donate $1,500 to single payer. Veronica will send

     them a check.

6. E-Tree emails and member concern:

     a. Holly suggested sending out a friendly reminder about the terms and

     conditions of the E-Tree and what should and should not be posted. Holly

     will send it out to the board for approval.

7. Member Services Update (eg hikes, 3000 hour club, mentorship program, etc):

     a. Laura said Cheryl maybe interested in taking over the Mentorship

     b. Craig said the hike schedule will be up soon and Lawn Bowling will be

     rescheduled for 2016. 

8. CEU Update
     a. Veronica will complete the CEU Application. 

     b. Caiti has contacted Peter who mentioned he is interested in being the CEU

     Coordinator and is waiting to hear back from him. 

9. Board Transition
     a. Caiti for President

     b. Holly for Past President

     c. Jenny for Secretary

     d. Craig for Member-at-Large

     e. Ben for Member-at-Large

     f. Hopefully at the holiday party we can recruit more board members. 

10. Chapter Agreements

     a. Holly will send out the Agreement from Mariam once she receives it to

     b. Kelly suggested sending out a survey to ask our members if they think we

     start a discussion about the details in the agreement.

     should sign the chapter agreements or become our own organization like

     we initially were.  Possibly have an explanation of Pro’s and Con’s to

     inform our members.

11. Misc.
     a. Holly checked in around End of Year Board Dinner during the first few

     weeks of January.  Holly asked for suggestions for places to eat.


Meeting closed 6:00pm

Minutes Submitted by Veronica Macina, Administrator


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