December 2015 Minutes

December 11, 2015 8:49 PM | Deleted user

Present: Kelly Sharp, Holly Forman, Ben Jones, Caiti Crum, Claire-Elizabeth DeSophia, Craig Toonder

Late Arrival: Leslie Bandle

Guests: Jenny Miller, Veronica Macina

Absent: Laura Freideberg 

I. November Minutes Approved- 5 ayes, 1 obstained

II. Ballot Counting- Election

a) Caiti (President)- 134 votes

    Holly (Past-president)- 130 votes 

    Jenny (Secretary)- 133 votes

    Ben (Member at Large)- 132 votes

    Craig (Member at Large)- 132 votes

b) Write in votes: 

i. 1 vote for Claire Elizabeth, 1 vote for Barbara Peterson and 1 vote for Stephen Vernon for Member at Large position

ii.  1 vote for Julie Tennenbaum for President Elect position

iii.  1 vote for Kate White for Treasurer position

III. Admin Report

a) Member Numbers

i. 803 current members (including pending and over due)

ii. 970 ETree members

iii. 550 Clinical, 143 Intern, 29 Student/Pre-intern, 27 Associate, 2 Community partner, 3 Honorary, 7 Retired, 42 ETree only

b) Board members discussed how many days members are given to renew their membership after they get their renewal notice.  Discussed whether or not to increase number of days members have to renew.  

Claire-Elizabeth made a motion to give members 30 days to renew their membership after they get their notice.  Motion to have a 30 day reminder and a 10 day reminder.  5 in favor, 1 opposedMotion was passed.

IV. Treasurer ReportMeeting

a)  $13,480.36 in checking, $71,062.02 in savings, $2,341 in paypal.

b) Total income: $2,651.96 Gross Profit: $2,651.96 Total Expenses: $3,983.47

c) Elections cost the board $1,200 

d) Spent more money this last year on new benefits to the members (e.g. newsletter, switching tax advisors) than in previous years.

V. Holiday Party

a) Discussed the holiday party occuring later in the day, including structure and speeches.

VI. CE Program and Newsletter

a) CE program: Caiti spoke with Peter Carpentieri who is thinking about being the CE coordinator. Peter will get back to Caiti.  The CE program with continue interfacing with Orinda group and there will be quarterly CE events. 

b) Claire-Elizabeth suggested a CE workshop around over-prescription of medications and how MFTs can work with psychiatrists.  She received a response from a medical doctor who might be willing to do a workshop around this issue.  Board showed interest in this issue and having a workshop around it.  There were suggestions to include Kaiser Psychiatrists, nurses and nurse practitioners. Claire-Elizabeth will follow up.

c) Newsletter: Katherine is giving her notice and cannot continue working on the newsletter.  Caiti and Kathrine will meet the following week to discuss the transition.  Board will think about people who might be a good fit and there will be a post for the position.

VII. Educating members about Single Payer 

a) The Chapter survey about Single Payer showed that members have a strong interest in learning more about this topic. 

b) It was proposed that an interdisciplinary group, including PNHP (Physicians for a National Health Plan), the Nurses union in Oakland, Therapists for Single Payer, Health Care for All, and others be contacted to do a workshop for members. Claire-Elizabeth volunteered to find out more. 

VIII. Board Transition

a) Caiti suggested an alternative location for next year's board meetings, which would be free to use: Townhouse, 629 Oakland Ave.  Board approved.  Caiti will finalize the following week.

b) Board discussed possible dates/times/location for next year's board retreat 

IX.  Member Services

a) Cheryl is taking over mentorship program. 

X. Socials

a) Hikes will be taking place on odd number months

b) A's game social will be in August, Lawn Bowling will take place in April.  Other even months will be happy hours.

c) Suggestion to widen locations of happy hours

d) The board brainstormed  ideas for socials and 3,000 hour club events

Meeting Closed 5:31 pm 12.11.2015

Submitted by Jenny  Miller


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