February 2016 Minutes

February 28, 2016 5:28 PM | Deleted user

Present: Holly Forman, Ben Jones, Caiti Crum, Craig Toonder, Jenny Miller, Peter Carpentieri

Guests: Veronica Macina, Sorrenta Stuart

I. January Minutes Approved­ 6 ayes

II. Introduction­ Sorrenta Stuart

a) Interested in joining the board

b) Board discussed open positions available

III. Admin Report

a) Total members: 804, E­Tree Total: 975, Total Members without the E­Tree Only Subscription:


b) Clinical: 550, Intern: 143, Students: 29, Associate: 30, Community Partner: 2, Honorary

Member: 3, Retired: 5, E­Tree Only: 42

c) Reviewed new postcards. Each board member will take postcards to distribute to community.

d) Our CPA got us back all of the penalties that we paid to the IRS. The CPA is paid off

currently. Veronica will contact the CPA to provide information for 2015 tax filing.

e) Veronica is now getting e­mails from Wild Apricot saying who has lapsed in paying dues

IV. Treasurer Report

a) YTD total income: $8,046.52, YTD gross profit: $8,046.52, YTD total expenses: $8,260.20,

YTD net operating income: ­$213.68

b) Net Income Jan 2015: $7,225.60. Net Income Jan 2016: $3,905.92. . Net Income in Feb 2015:

$4,108.31, Net Income 2016: $­4,119.60. Reasons for these discrepanicies include the Board

dinner held in January instead of December, recently paying our CPA and Business license

renewal. Numbers reported do not reflect the money that we have in the Paypal account.

V. 3000 Hour Club

a) One meeting was held this month and three people attended. Attendees were interested in

supervision issues. Attendees were not members of EBCAMFT and Ben directed them to the

website for membership.

b) One meeting was canceled because JFK wants to charge us $30/hour to use a room. Craig will

look in to reserving a room free of charge at JFK. We will continue to use the Wright Institue

because they do not charge.

c) Craig will contact the Counseling Center in Oakland to see if we can use rooms there

d) Board members will reach out to JFK, Wright Institute, CIIS, Cal State East Bay and USF

alumni groups to promote membership. Each board member will research other programs to


VI. Hiking Group

a) All of the hikes for the year are planned. The May hike date will be rescheduled.

b) Thought to have a bay bridge hike this year.

c) A's game is planned (looking in to how we will charge guests/members)

d) Craig is continuing to look in to the lawn bowling event in May (will fields be open)

VII. Mentorship Program

a) Caiti will check in with Cheryl around the mentorship program.

VIII. Miscellaneous Items

a) Board members had an idea to create a webpage for interns to post job opportunities etc.

b) Board members will poll agencies they work with to see if they would want to post job

opportunities on the webpage.

IX. Upcoming Socials

a) Re­visit having events in various areas and collaborating with other chapters

b) Upcoming happy hour at Drake's on March 18th

X. New Board member

a) Sorrenta is iterested in joining the board. Provided information about herself and


b) Board members discussed Sorrenta joining the board. A motion was made to accept Sorrenta as

Board Member at Large position. There was a second to the motion and 6 members voted aye.

c) Sorrenta Stuart will join the board as a member-­at-­large position.

d) The treasuerer position remains open

Meeting Closed at 11:22 am 2.28.2016

Submitted by Jenny Miller


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