March 2016 Minutes

March 18, 2016 8:00 PM | Deleted user

Present: Holly Forman, Caiti Crum, Craig Toonder, Jenny Miller, Peter Carpentieri, Sorrenta Stuart

Absent: Ben Jones

Guests: Galina Litvin

I. Introduction of Guest

a)  Galina Litvin introduced herself and expressed why she is interested in working on the board.

b)  Galina will stay for the board meeting and board members and Galina will decide the following month if she will be joining the board.

II. February Minutes Approved- 6 ayes

III. Admin Report 

a) Total members: 811, E-Tree Total: 974, Total Members without the E-Tree Only Subscription: 767

b) Clinical: 552, Intern: 145, Students: 29, Associate: 31, Community Partner: 2, Honorary Member: 3, Retired: 5, E-Tree Subscription Only: 44

 IV. Treasurer Report

a) YTD total income: $14,819.33, YTD gross profit: $14,819.33, YTD total expenses: $8,628.55, YTD net operating income: $6,190.78

b) February 2016: total income $4,492.60, gross profit $4,492.60, total expenses $4,423.51, net operating income $69.09

V. 3000 Hour Club

a) No updates, Ben not present

VI. Socials/Hiking Group

a) The hike on Sunday will be held despite rain in the forecast

b) Lawn bowling has been announced and people are starting to sign up.  Craig encouraged board members to attend.

c) Members are starting to sign up for the A's game social in August.

VII. Chapter Agreements

a) Board discussed responses from other CAMFT chapters

b) Board discussed responses from EB CAMFT members.  

c) Board discussed how to respond to state CAMFT regarding the chapters agreements

i.  Discussed priorities to communicate with CAMFT.  The board will think of one or two specific items that we want to see change. (i.e. transparency around finances and nomination procedures).  The board will look at the polls from last year to see what the membership is most interested in changing with regards to our affiliation with CAMFT.

ii.  Board discussed the importance of being transparent in our response

iii) Board will draft a response to state CAMFT 

d) Board discussed drafting a message to other chapter presidents in order to build open communication and camaraderie with other chapters.

e) Board discussed the possibility of launching an education campaign for members. Discussed how the board and members can have a larger online presence in order to educate others about EB CAMFT and state CAMFT.

f) Craig will come up with a poll for the membership to gain information on how interested chapter members are in changing our relationship with state CAMFT.

g) Board discussed the possibility of hiring a consultant to discuss effective means of creating better communication to inform members about CAMFT and EBCAMFT activities to increase membership awareness of and involvement in both organizations.

VIII. CEU Program

a)  Board discussed the history of the chapter providing CEUs

b) Board members discussed the relevance and benefits of being a CEU provider

i.  An opportunity for members to network and connect

ii.  Providing CEUs is something we can do to provide support to our licensed members

iii.  Importance of having both online and in person opportunities

iv.  This would be a way to work with and network with other chapters

c)  The board discussed finding a member to run the CEU program

d)  The board discussed how to adertise CEU events to members 

i.  Increasing our use of social media and hiring someone to run our social media pages

ii.  E-Blasts and E-Tree

IX.  Board Retreat

a) Board members will review minutes and retreat notes prior to the next board meeting and pick topics to re-visit 


Meeting Closed at 6:03 pm 3.18.2016

Submitted by Jenny Ireland Miller


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