April 2016 Minutes

April 15, 2016 9:30 PM | Deleted user

Present: Holly Forman, Caiti Crum, Craig Toonder, Jenny Miller, Peter Carpentieri, , Ben Jones

Absent: Sorrenta Stuart

Guests: Veronica Macina

I. March Minutes Approved- 6 Ayes

II. Admin Report

a) Total members: 820, E-Tree Total: 973, Total Members without the E-Tree Only Subscription: 774

b) Clinical: 558, Intern: 147, Students: 28, Associate: 31, Community Partner: 2, Honorary Member: 3, Retired: 5, E-Tree Subscription Only: 46

c) All new members will now recieve a personal message from Caiti when they join EB CAMFT.

 III. Treasurer Report

a) YTD total income: $16,682.83, YTD gross profit: $16,682.83, YTD total expenses: $12,666.41, YTD net operating income: $4,016.42

b) March 2016: total income $4,143.71, gross profit $4,143.71, total expenses $712.70, net operating income $3,431.01

c) April's net income does not include the $3,000 that Veronica recently deposited into PayPal account.

d) Newsletter administrator is now being paid $200 per month.

e) Veronica brought postcards so that every board member can take some to hand out.

IV. 3000 Hour Club

a) There were three RSVPs for last 3000 Hour Club.  No participants attended.  There is another meeting next week and there are no RSVPs yet.

b)  Holly suggested sending out a survey to see what interns would like to see in the 3000 Hour Club.

c) Caiti suggested having the meeting over the internet so it is more accessible to more participants.

V. Socials/Hiking Group

a) Lawn Bowling is next Sunday.  13 people are signed up and there are 36 spots.  The event is $20 and will be from 12:30-3:30.

b) The May hike is scheduled for Saturday 5/28.  Craig may not be able to lead the hike so it might be led by Ben .

c) Members are starting to sign up for the A's game social on August 12th.  The deadline to sign up for the A's game is June 30th.  Emily (newsletter administrator) will be asked to feature the A's game more prominently in the newletter.  Veronica will send out E-blasts leading up to the deadline.

VI. CEU Program

a)  Caiti and Peter have been discussing how to shift the focus more on training as opposed to gaining CEU credits.

b)  Peter is considering taking on a role that will shift the program's focus.

c)  Caiti will reach out to the Redwood Empire Chapter due to their successful CEU/training program.  Caiti will continue to communicate with the presidents of various chapters to see if there is a possibility of sharing resources and collaborating on the CEU program.

d)  Veronica and Caiti will continue to work toward completing the CEU application that will be sent in to CAMFT.

VII.  Chapter Agreement Updates

a)  Jill Epstein reached out to Caiti and will be able to meet with her in late June or early July.

b) Holly suggested having the meeting during a board meeting via Skype call.

c) The board discussed how to create an educational campaign in order to increase the membership's knowledge regarding our relationship with CAMFT.

            i) Holly suggested sending a poll to the membership regarding what they would     like to see discussed in the upcoming conversation with Jill.  This poll could also           give members a chance to share their thoughts on what they would like to see             occur if CAMFT is not interested in working with us.

            ii)  The board will work on creating this poll.  Board members will come up            with 1-2 questions in the next week for the poll and e-mail them to the group.

VIII.  Topics from the Board Retreat 

a) Board members shared topics from the board retreat that they would like to take action on.  The board will continue to keep these goals in mind throughout the year.

b)  Craig suggested hiring someone to facilitate a workshop on networking skills.  Craig will contact Lynn Garzawksi and Casey Truffo to see if they would be willing to support us in creating this workshop.

IX.  Simple Practice Partnership

a) The board discussed how to better utilize this partnership.  Simple Practice might be able to support us in funding a larger event (such as a networking skills workshop).

b) Caiti brought up the idea to have Howard Spector, from Simple Practice, be interviewed in the newsletter in order to increase the member's knowledge of what Simple Practice is.

X.  Education Campaign Update

a)  Caiti has two contacts she will reach out to in order to begin solidying a plan for the education campaign.

XI.  Website Refresh

a)  Caiti would like board members to look at the website to get ideas about what needs to be changed.

b)  John sent out an e-mail about what can be improved on our website.

c)  John will make changes on the website. It was agreed that if he has used all of his hours, they can be extended.

XII. Revising Board Descriptions

a) Board members will review their job descriptions and edit as needed.

XIII.  New Board Member/Open Positions

a)  Galina would like to join the board and take on the treasurer role.  Galina has a background (outreach through social media) that would allow her to do this job well.

b)  5 ayes, 1 abstained to vote Galina in as treasurer. Galina will start next month in the position.

c)  Craig gave his thoughts on becoming president elect.  Craig will meet with Caiti/Holly prior to the board taking a vote.

IX.  Therapist of Color

a)  Therapist of Color is a Bay Area organization that we do not yet have a relationship with.  Caiti reached out to them to see if we can open up communication and figure out a way to support one another.

Meeting Closed at 5:50pm 4.15.2016


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