May 2016 Minutes

May 20, 2016 9:30 PM | Deleted user

Present: Holly Forman, Caiti Crum, Craig Toonder, Jenny Miller, Ben Jones, Sorrenta Stuart, Galina Litvin, Peter Carpentieri

Guests: Veronica Macina, Jurgen Braungardt

I. April Minutes Approved- 5 Ayes

II. Admin Report 

a) Membership Numbers

i) Total members: 811, Clinical: 559, Intern: 143, Students: 26, Associate: 31, Community Partner: 2, Honorary Member: 3, Retired: 5.

b) Subscription Numbers

i) E-Tree only: 42, E-Tree Total: 980

c) Reasons for members ending their membership: Usually due to moving far away or no longer being a therapist.

III. Treasurer Report

a) YTD total income: $22,396.60, YTD gross profit: $22,396.60, YTD total expenses: $14,799.01, YTD net operating income: $7,597.59.

b) April 2016: total income $2,731.35, gross profit $2,731.35, total expenses $3,617.60, net operating income $-886.25.

IV. 3000 Hour Club

a) Ben reported that there were no RSVPs for the Wright Institute this month. Kate is hosting the 3,000 hour club tomorrow.

b) The 3000 Hour club will be taken off of the automatic event list and it will only be listed if we formally set up a meeting.

c) Caiti suggested allowing members to join the 3000 Hour Club meetings as webinars. The board will survey the members who are interns to get feedback of how they would like 3000 Hour Club meetings to be offered.

d) Veronica will research different platforms that the 3000 Hour Club could potentially use for virtual meetings.

V. Marketing Workshop 

a) Craig is looking into creating a marketing workshop for members.

b) Craig provided two different options for facilitators to conduct this workshop (Lynn Grodzki and Casey Truffo).

c) The board discussed advertising this workshop through E-Blasts to the membership and invite other chapters to also participate. In an effort to grow our membership, CAMFT can advertise for us to allow non-EBCAMFT members to participate and hear about what our chapter does.

d) Caiti suggested reaching out to Howard from Simple Practice to support us in putting on this event.

e) Ben suggested reaching out to schools to get lists of therapists who are not a part of EBCAMFT.

f) Holly suggested creating a sub-committee to work on building this event. The sub-committee will consist of Sorrenta and Craig. Sorrenta and Craig will create a proposal for the board the following month.

VI. Mentorship Program

a) Cheryl will send an update.

VII. Admin position

a) Veronica will be leaving as administrator on December 31st. We will be hiring a new administrator for 2017. Veronica offered to provide support in the transition.

VIII. Fenton Proposal- Educational Campaign

a) Caiti asked for feedback around the Fenton Proposal.

b) The objective is to have Fenton support EBCAMFT in facilitating communication with CAMFT around advocating for issues members want addressed and to educate EBCAMFT members around this.

c) Different ideas were discussed around utilizing Fenton's services.

d) The board discussed possible next steps for the educational campaign and it was agreed that more information is needed. Caiti reviewed that she would provide this at the next board meeting. 

Meeting Closed at 6:04pm 5.20.2016


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