June 2016 Minutes

June 17, 2016 8:00 PM | Deleted user

Present:  Ben Jones, Caiti Crum, Jenny Miller, Peter Carpentieri

Guests: Veronica Macina, John Hurley

Absent:  Holly Forman, Craig Toonder, Galina Litvin, Sorrenta Stuart

I. May Minutes Approved- 5 ayes (Holly called in for the vote)

II. Admin Report 

a)  Membership Numbers:

i. Total members: 802, Clinical: 552, Intern: 141, Students: 26, Associate: 31, Community Partner: 2, Honorary Member: 3, Retired: 5

b)  Subscription Numbers:

ii.  E-Tree Only: 36, E-Tree Total: 977

c)  Once the postcards are completed, they will be sent out to a list of 3,000 people.  Veronica will get in touch with Mariam to see if we can get an updated list from CAMFT with e-mails and addresses in Excel format.  The purpose of the postcard mailing will be to increase our membership numbers.

III. Treasurer Report (Veronica will send these numbers out post-meeting)

a)  YTD Total Income: $25,858.66, YTD Gross Profit: $25,858.66, YTD Total Expenses: $17,523.61, YTD Net Operating Income: $8,335.05

b)  May 2016 Total Income: $3,002.06, May 2016 Gross Profit: $3,002.06, May 2016 Total Expenses: $1,939.60, May 2016 Net Operating Income: $1,062.46

IV. 3,000 Hour club

a)  Kate and Ben hosted the 3,000 hour club last month and it went well.  Three people attended.

b)  Ben will host the 3,000 hour club the following day.  There are two RSVPs so far.

c)  Ben will ask the group if they would like to create an online profile to utilize a service to have the 3,000 hour club meetings remotely.

V. Social Report

a)  There are 14 members and 20 guests signed up for the A's game so far.

VI. Mentorship Program Update 

a)  Cheryl's June goals are to market through Twitter and LinkedIn, organize a coffee social, follow-up with Caiti about reimbursement protocol and follow-up with waiting list.

b) The group of mentees have grown.  Private practice is the most in demand focus for mentees.  There are 8 mentors and 12 mentees waiting to be matched (currently they are not ideal for one another).  Many people have specific requests for matches.

VII. Craig- President Elect

a) Peter made a motion to vote Craig in as President Elect.  Ben second the motion. - The board voted 5 ayes (Holly called in to vote).  Craig will be President Elect.

b)  This will be announced in the next newsletter, the website will be updated and an E-Tree post will be put out to the members.  CAMFT will also be notified.

VIII. Effective Communication Subcommittee

a) Craig and Caiti have met a few times in order to discuss the future of the chapter.

b)  The board needs more member engagement in order to make decisions regarding the future of the chapter.  Chapter members also need to be educated on our options as a chapter.

c) Craig and Caiti met with Jurgen to discuss more details regarding the future of the chapter.

d) A subcommittee will be developed and include Caiti, Jurgen, and Craig.  Other chapter members will be invited (through the E-Tree) to join this subcommittee.  Board members will reach out to their network to see if anyone would be interested in joining this committee. 

IX. Fenton Proposal

a)  This will be discussed next meeting in order to include more board members.

X. Town hall meetings

a)  The chapter can utilize more technology to engage members. Caiti had an idea to schedule online and in person meetings that chapter members can participate in.

b)  John and Veronica presented on the platform, Zoom:

i.  Members would have to create a profile which is free to set up, up to 100 members can participate and participants can join with video or audio.  Screen sharing is available and "hosts" can be identified for each meeting.

ii.  EBCAMFT will be provided with demographics of all participants.

iii.  This subscription would cost EBCAMFT $55 per month.

iv.  Recording capabilities are available and these videos could be posted to the website

c)  Veronica will download a free trial of Zoom in order to test it out with the board.

d)  Caiti wants to be sensitive to the diverse ways that members prefer to communicate and we want to engage the entire membership (regardless of preferred communication styles).

e)  Ben suggested looking into Vsee as another option.  

f)  Potential topics for townhall meetings:  Giving updates about what is going on in the chapter, allowing people a space to ask questions to the board and to one aonother, asking chapter members what they are wanting etc.  Ben suggested the topic of "health insurance companies".

g)  Board members will think about when they can host in person and online meetings.  Veronica will send an e-mail out to the board to see when members can volunteer time to host.

h)  By the next board meeting, board members will have tested out Zoom and will come up with a lisof questions/topics for the town hall meetings.

XI. Miscellaneous Items

a)  Website Review- Peter will start an email thread to the board around discussing what we can update on the website.

b)  Board position descriptions.  Caiti will send out an e-mail to the board asking board members to review their position descriptions by the next board meeting.

X.  Follow up Regarding Orlando Shooting

a)  Board to send out a post on E-Tree in order to acknowledge the event.

b)  EBCAMFT to co-host a blood drive at BACS on two different occasions.  This could also be a forum for people to process their feelings about the event.

c)  Peter brought up an idea that EBCAMFT could offer free therapy to the community for those affected by the shooting and need help to process it.

Meeting Closed 5:53 pm 6.17.2016

Submitted by Jenny Miller


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