November 2016 Minutes

November 18, 2016 10:51 PM | Deleted user

Present: Caiti Crum, Craig Toonder, Jenny Miller, Ben Jones, Galina Litvin, Peter Carpentieri

Absent: Sorrenta Stuart, Holly Forman-Patel

Guests: Veronica Macina, Don Matthews, John Hurley

I.     Approval of Minutes

            a)  Minutes will be approved via special vote over e-mail due to not having enough board members at this meeting.

II. Admin Report

            a) Membership Numbers:

                        i. Total members:  845, Clinical:  626, Intern:  144, Students:  28, Associate: 37, Community Partner:  2, Honorary Member:  3,                             Retired: 5

            b) Subscription Numbers:

                        i.  E-Tree Only:  53, E-Tree Total: 1019 e-mail addresses

c) Discussed having a special member rate ($20 discount) and/or reminding members that they can subscribe to ETree only in order to encourage people to renew their membership with EBCAMFT. This was approved by board members.

d) 3,000 postcards were sent out over last two weeks.  The board is hoping this will increase recruitment.  Some postcards have been sent back due to labels being in portrait position rather than landscape.  The board discussed the possibility of printing more postcards with landscape labels to replace the ones                        that were returned.

e) Paid first part of the deposit for Casey Truffo, the next deposit installment is due in January.

f)  38 members have voted online.  Four paper ballots were sent out.  On Monday, Veronica will send out another E-Blast to the membership and board discussed schedule for further E-Blasts around the ballots.

III. Treasurer Report

            a) YTD Total Income: $36,501.67, YTD Gross Profit: $36,501.67 YTD Total Expenses: $30,297.07, YTD Net Operating Income:       $6,204.60

            b)  $900 for Casey Truffo deposit will be added to the November expenses

            c)  Veronica will change the payment schedule for liability insurance to just one payment as opposed to monthly payments (this will save us $5 a month in fees)

            d)  Board members discussed missing financial reports from previous years.  Veronica and Caiti are looking into this.  2016 financial statements are up to date.

IV. Introductions

            a) Board members introduced themselves to guest, Don Matthews.  Don is interested in joining the board next year.  Don was president of the board in 2000.

V. Social Update

            a)  No updates.

VI. 3,000 Hour Club

            a) Will occur tomorrow morning and there is one RSVP. 

            b) Zoom has not yet been offered to the group. 

            c)  Veronica will set up an automatic reminder via social media and E-Blasts to remind of 3,000 Hour Club.

            d)  Discussed outreach to schools and how we can recruit more members to the 3,000 Hour club.

            e) Fran Wickner will donate time to present at the 3,000 Hour Club


VII. Elections/Electronic Ballot Process

            a) Feedback around interface for the electronic voting

            b)  Veronica changed the settings on Survey Monkey so that members do not have to cast a vote for everyone

            c)  There has been positive feedback from members around the electronic voting

            d) Veronica will post this on the E-Tree (currently it just has gone out as an E-Blast)


VIII.  Feelings Regarding Fenton Consulting Group

            a)  The board discussed thoughts around the support we received from Fenton Consulting and whether it would be something we would do again. 

            b) Craig discussed the valuable aspects of the information provided by Fenton

            c)  Meredith Fenton was instrumental in helping us produce the petition

            d) Galina discussed concerns around the rate that we paid for Meredith

            e) Ben is concerned about next steps the board can take to continue to momentum that we started with the petition

IX. General Membership Meeting Feedback

            a) The board received positive feedback from members regarding the meeting. Members reported that the petition that was sent out reinvigorated their interest in participating.

            b) Don shared his views on the General Membership Meeting and how it motivated him to join the board in 2017.

X.  Simple Practice

            a)  Veronica has been receiving emails from Simple Practice.  We have not received text from Simple Practice to send out to membership.

XI. Meeting with State CAMFT

            a) Discussed upcoming meeting on December 9th.  Board members discussed the potential to postpone the meeting to the new year so that the incoming board can participate in what they would like to discuss with State CAMFT.

            b) The board voted on whether or not to postpone the meeting.  Craig made a motion to postpone the meeting until next year, Ben will second the motion.  6 board members agreed to postpone.

            b)  Caiti will reach out to Patricia and let her know we will postpone the meeting.

            c)  Incoming board members will be invited to the December board meeting so that they can discuss an agenda for this meeting.

            d) There will be an e-mail sent out around when the December board meeting will occur.

XII.  Caiti Announcement

            a) Caiti resigned as president effective immediately

            b)  Board discussed who will take on tasks that Caiti had signed up for and the logistics of this change

XIII.  Board Transition

            a)  The board discussed how to move forward in the transition and create positive changes on the board

            b)  Board discussed what the structure of the board will look like next year and how to encourage more participation from board members

Meeting Closed at 5:57pm 11.18.2016

Submitted by Jenny Miller


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