September 2016 Minutes

September 16, 2016 11:20 PM | Deleted user

09.16.2016 Minutes

Present: Holly Forman, Ben Jones, Caiti Crum, Craig Toonder, Jenny Miller, Sorrenta

Stuart, Galina Litvin, Peter Carpentieri

Guests: Veronica Macina, Jurgen Braungardt

I. Admin Report

a) Membership Numbers:

i. Total members: 762, Clinical: 552, Intern: 143, Students: 27, Associate: 32, Community Partner: 2, Honorary   Member: 3, Retired:3

b) Subscription Numbers:

i. E-Tree Only: 52, E-Tree Total: 997

c) Veronica is waiting to send out the postcards. 3,000 postcards will be sent out.

d) Board discussed the reason that members do not renew or end their subscription with EBCAMFT. Veronica will send out a survey to ask what is beneficial to members about being a member of EBCAMFT.

e) Caiti would like to do a member drive after the petition goes out.

f) Veronica will stay on as our administrator next year.

g) Sorrenta will send Veronica an e-mail about what statistics would be helpful to

gather from Wild Apricot.

h) The CEU application is almost complete. Sorrenta will research CEU


II. Treasurer Report

a) YTD Total Income: $33,930.54, YTD Gross Profit: $33,930.54, YTD Total

Expenses: $26,545.37, YTD Net Operating Income: $5,385.17

b) Membership payments are down this month.

c) Income for the year is down by $2,100 from last year.

d) In August: Net income of $2,181.

III. Social Update

a) Hiking group occurred and Craig discussed the CAMFT petition with members

who attended. Four members attended the event.

b) Marketing workshop will be held Saturday, February 4th in the

Goldman Theatre in Berkeley (presented by Casey Truffo). A second workshop

will be held in the Fall of 2017. Veronica will send out a save the date.

c) There will be a discounted price for interns and students (members) for

the marketing workshop and there will be an incentive for non-member interns

and students to join EBCAMFT (still need to work out details).

d) Caiti suggested asking Casey to include advertising for EBCAMFT in her

personal advertising.

IV. 3,000 Hour Club

a) Meeting was held and four interns attended. Three of the attendees were not

members and showed interest in joining EBCAMFT.

b) Ben has not yet used Zoom to hold the meeting.

c) Marie Hopper will be presenting to the 3,000 hour club about how to set up a


V. Mentorship Program Update

a) No mentorship program update.

b) Caiti will reach out to Cheryl for an update on how the program is going.

VI. Petition Discussion

a) Board members provided general feedback and asked questions about the


i. Ben and Peter provided formatting suggestions.

ii. Jurgen provided editing comments.

b) Board members discussed the content of the petition and made decisions

regarding what content to add or edit.

c) Goal for 1,000 signatures on the petition in order to make change.

d) Craig made a motion to release the petition. Holly seconded the motion. Six

board members approved the motion. The motion was passed and the petition

will be released through

e) The board discussed how to communicate the message of the petition to the


VII. General Membership Meeting

a) The membership meeting will occur at St. Clements in Berkeley. The date will

be October 21st following the board meeting, from 6-8pm. The board meeting

will also be held at St. Clements.

b) There will be an admin report and a treasurers report. The board members

will present on other activities and actions we have taken over the year.

c) Board members will invite colleagues to increase the attendance at the

meeting. Caiti will invite other chapter presidents. Veronica will create a PDF

invitation for board members to send out to MFTs.

VIII. 2017 EBCAMFT Board

a) Who is interested in being on the 2017 EBCAMFT board.

i. Discussed board positions available.

i. Board members gaged interest in sitting on the state CAMFT board.

IX. Miscellaneous

a) There is a CAMFT symposium in the Bay Area on November 12th. The board

discussed how to create a presence at the symposium

Meeting Closed 6:10 pm 9.16.2016

Submitted by Jenny Miller


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