October 2016 Minutes

October 21, 2016 11:26 PM | Deleted user

Present: Holly Forman, Caiti Crum, Craig Toonder, Jenny Miller, Sorrenta Stuart, Ben Jones

Absent: Peter Carpentieri, Galina Litvin

Guests: Veronica Macina, Micaela Teixeira

I.    Admin Report

a) Membership Numbers:

i. Total members:  840, Clinical:  621, Intern:  145, Students:  29, Associate: 36, Community Partner: 2, Honorary Member:  3, Retired:4

b) Subscription Numbers:

i.  E-Tree Only:  54, E-Tree Total: 1007

c) Discussed responses regarding the petition — Mostly positive feedback

d)  Veronica will offer memberships to the previous members whose membership has lapsed.

e)  The petition will not go out again until after our conversation with Jill and Patricia.

f)  440 people have signed the petition — Veronica will check to see how many people who have signed the petition are members of EBCAMFT.

g)  There is a presentation ready to give at universities to promote EBCAMFT.

h) Postcards will be sent out before Thanksgiving — Prior to sending these out, we will update the main page of our website.  Craig will write up a summary about the petition for the main page.

i)  Twitter account: Sorrenta suggested to add the widget to every social media page.  John will do this.

i.  Discussed having a social media coordinator to work with Veronica on the social media pages.

II. Treasurer Report (Veronica/Caiti will send)

a)  YTD Total Income: $36,501.67, YTD Gross Profit: $36,501.67 YTD Total Expenses: $30,297.07, YTD Net Operating Income: $6,204.60

III. Social Update

a) Hike in November is on the 13th.  Craig will be out of town.  Ben will fill in for Craig and Caiti might be able to join as well.

b)  Casey Truffo event is set and 9 or 10 people have signed up.  There will be availability for around 200 people to attend.

                        i.  Advertising: twitter, EBlast, main web page, newsletter

                        ii.  In Decemeber, this will start going out twice a month.

                        iii.  Invitations will go out to other chapters

                        iv.  Casey will advertise for this as well

IV. 3,000 Hour Club

            a)  Met last weekend.  One person attended (a member of EBCAMFT).

            b)  Ben discussed what he will present on in the General Membership Meeting,

            c)  Ben surveyed the attendees who said they would be interested in having an online forum for the 3,000 hour club.  Kate Leyva might be able to facilitate these group online. Holly will coordinate sending Kate flowers for all of her hard work on the 3,000 hour club.


V. Elections for 2017 Board

            a) Ben might be interested in Member at large position

            b)  Sorrenta will run for President Elect

            b)  Peter declined to continue on the board

            c)  Galina would like to continue on the board

            d)  Other members have emailed Caiti to say whether or not they would join the board next year.

            e)  Each board member will reach out to three people and talk to them about joining the board.

            f)  Elections will be done mostly electronically (four people want to paper vote).

            g)  By Friday November 4th, those who are interested in being on the board should send statements to Veronica.


VI. Holiday Party

            a) Board discussed dates for the holiday party.  December 9th will be the last 2016 board meeting and the holiday party.

            b)  Board discussed location for the party.

            c)  Board members will research locations for the party (that can fit 80-100).

            d)  Veronica will send out a save-the-date for the party.

VII. General Membership Meeting

            a) Board members discussed what they are presenting at the General Membership meeting and how to structure the meeting.


Meeting Closed 5:10 pm 10.21.2016

Submitted by Jenny Miller


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