July 2016 Minutes

July 15, 2016 11:35 PM | Deleted user

Present:  Holly Forman, Ben Jones, Craig Toonder, Peter Carpentieri, Sorrenta Stuart, Galina Litvin

Guests: Veronica Macina, Jurgen Braungardt

Absent:  Caiti Crum, Jenny Ireland Miller

I. June Minutes Approved-  6 ayes 

II. Admin Report 

a)  Membership Numbers:

i. Total members: 758, Clinical: 553, Intern: 137, Students: 26, Associate: 31, Community Partner: 3, Honorary Member: 3, Retired: 5.

b)  E-Tree Subscription Numbers:

ii.  E-Tree Subscription Only: 46, E-Tree Total: 982

c)  Veronica reported that she will be printing more Post Cards to send out and recruit members once the final corrections are made.  

III. Treasurer Report 

a)  YTD Total Income: $ 7,971.58, YTD Gross Profit: $25,858, YTD Total Expenses: $17,889, YTD Net Operating Income:$7,969.26

b)  June 2016 Total Income: $1,011.27, June 2016 Gross Profit: $3,002.06, June 2016 Total Expenses: $1,990.79, June 2016 Net Operating Income:$1,011.27

IV. 3,000 Hour Support Group

a)  Ben shared that at last month’s meeting, two people showed up and it was a good meeting.  Those in attendance were receptive to Zoom, but would prefer in person meetings.  They think that coming in person is critical. Ben will continue to check in with those who attend the 3000 Hour Support Group about Zoom.  He will try Zoom in August.  Kate, who leads the 3000 Hour Support Group, had a baby, so she will most likely not be at the meeting tomorrow. No other updates.

V. Social Report/ hiking

a) The numbers of members attending the events/Socials are down this year.  There were only 4 or so in attendance at the last hike.  Some members reported that they didn’t even know the hike was going on.  Another member was saying that they get so many emails that they do not read many of their emails.  The lawn bowling and the A’s game have greater attendance rates.   

b) Someone suggested sending out more emails about socials.  Veronica will begin to send out Events E-Blast on the months that the newsletter is not going out.  The Board discussed that subject lines are very important for sending out emails and catching the eye of the reader.  What are other ways we can get our info out? Facebook, Instagram, or other social media outlets.  Look into changing it from Caiti’s personal account so a fake account and link it to EBCAMFT.  Need better marketing.  Veronica will looking into sending an Evite for hikes, A’s game, etc instead of sending out an E-Blast and then compare who opens it when it comes as an E-Blast and an Evite.  

c) Craig Suggested we schedule a September Social.  indoor miniature golf in Alameda? And a walnut Creek/Lafayette Event. Peter will look into leading a mini golf indoor in Alameda in September. Galina and Ben will look into socials in the Walnut Creek area.  Veronica will send out a list of zip codes of our members to the Board, so we can find out the geographic locations of our members and continue to change even locations. The Board discussed testimonials from what people got out of events, networking events, etc. to add some where.  

d) Sorrenta suggested that there be a clinical component to our socials to draw more people in.  A type of “soft topic” with “wine and cheese.” Sorrenta will begin planning an event with a clinical theme. She will send proposals to the Board (what the idea is, what it would cost, what we would charge members, etc.) on August 1st.

e) The website is not mobile friendly was discussed and our Simple Practice advertisement on our website that is the biggest thing members see.  

f) Jurgen suggested we get a non profit consultant that can help us find out how we can get our members more involved and activate them more.  Sorrenta will begin to research information about a non profit consultant. Craig suggests to do a proposal about researching a non profit consultant and they bring back a report about the consultant, the amount, and what the consultant can do for us) At the next board meeting there will be a vote about hiring a consultant to help us. 

g) Craig would like to form a subcommittee to find topics, location, to have a forum.

VI. Zoom testing update:

Ben suggested VC (a different kind of platform) is a good idea.  It goes Peer to Peer and it is very fast.  

Ben is willing to try Zoom with the 3000 Hour Support Group. The Board discussed why Zoom was picked other than other platforms and will continue to discuss other options.  

VII.  Planning town hall meeting:

The Board suggested, two in person and two virtual town hall meetings to have an open discussion with the membership about a few themes.  Caiti had themes in mind for the town hall meetings to get the membership more engaged and find out what members are thinking.  Craig suggested doing the 4 town hall meetings in September.  

For next month add to the agenda: under infrastructure, we need to clean up the communication between meetings and add follow up from the previous month at the beginning of the current meeting and accountability from the board. 

Jurgen suggests that there is a summary from the previous town hall meetings in order to provide some sort of structure and way to align all of the town hall meetings and also post to the website.

We should schedule one in person town hall meeting, have questions be the focus and report on it and then set up a second town hall meeting.  Once the meeting dates are confirmed with Caiti, Veronica will send out an evite to the membership.  The Location for the Town Hall meeting still needs to be chosen.  Do a  in person one first, then do two video ones and have them recorded  in order to get things moving before the state board meeting.  Have the last one in person after the State CAMFT Meeting.  The State CAMFT Meeting is Sept 24-25.Caiti and Craig will discuss topics and questions from the other board members and send them out to the Board before the next meeting and everyone will read it to discuss at the next meeting.  Craig will send a Doodle to make sure at least one board member can attend each meeting and the time of the meetings.

The dates picked for the town hall meetings are: (Veronica will send out with Evite): 

Sept 10th (Saturday) In Person  (10-1?) or early afternoon

Sept 16th (Friday) Online (One day time another evening) (2-4?)

Sept 20th (Tuesday) Online (One day time another evening)

Oct 2nd (Sunday) In Person 

Town hall meeting Save the date.  What our relationship with CAMFT looks like?  

VIII.  discuss workshops:

Craig discussed Lynn and Casey for the workshops. Craig suggests to do one next year and one this year.  Craig would like to hire Lynn this year and Casey next year.  Craig will Contact Lynn and Casey to figure out dates.  Board Approved - 6 ayes.

IX. Marin CAMFT:

Veronica will send out information about Marin CAMFT and the member who wants to be a speaker.

Meeting Closed 06:02pm 07.15.2016

Submitted by Veronica Macina, Administrator


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