August 2016 Minutes

August 19, 2016 11:40 PM | Deleted user

I. Conversation w/ Meredith Fenton –

Earlier in the week, Board Members met w/ Meredith to discuss steps toward developing a petition with clear, concise messaging that encourages members to participate in a larger dialog with CAMFT. Meredith facilitated a guided discussion to solidify our objectives and refine our content. We established goals and timeframes in which to achieve them. Board members had the opportunity to perceive and strategize the ways to bridge member’s understanding and engagement in the subject matter with the larger “asks” the Board is requesting.

II. Administrative Report

There are currently 756 chapter members.

III. Treasurer report

Overall income from dues was down several thousand dollars from the previous year. It was asked that Galina check in with Veronica to make sure funds had been transferred from the paypal account.

There is a total of: in the checking account (I didn’t hear the number reported and it’s not on the report Galina gave so I sent an email out to ask, I will email you with the numbers).

IV. Social

3000 Hour Club: No update. Next event is tomorrow.

V. Workshops

Craig reported that Casey Truffo is tentatively on the books to do a presentation on October 22nd, 2016 from 9am to 4pm. A venue is still needed. Craig will get information from Casey to send out a save the date. A venue still needs to be decided (Peter reported having resources to share with Craig).

VI. Items not reviewed

Galina’s report on social media options for the organization to better reach current and potential members.


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