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  • April 15, 2016 9:30 PM | Deleted user

    Present: Holly Forman, Caiti Crum, Craig Toonder, Jenny Miller, Peter Carpentieri, , Ben Jones

    Absent: Sorrenta Stuart

    Guests: Veronica Macina

    I. March Minutes Approved- 6 Ayes

    II. Admin Report

    a) Total members: 820, E-Tree Total: 973, Total Members without the E-Tree Only Subscription: 774

    b) Clinical: 558, Intern: 147, Students: 28, Associate: 31, Community Partner: 2, Honorary Member: 3, Retired: 5, E-Tree Subscription Only: 46

    c) All new members will now recieve a personal message from Caiti when they join EB CAMFT.

     III. Treasurer Report

    a) YTD total income: $16,682.83, YTD gross profit: $16,682.83, YTD total expenses: $12,666.41, YTD net operating income: $4,016.42

    b) March 2016: total income $4,143.71, gross profit $4,143.71, total expenses $712.70, net operating income $3,431.01

    c) April's net income does not include the $3,000 that Veronica recently deposited into PayPal account.

    d) Newsletter administrator is now being paid $200 per month.

    e) Veronica brought postcards so that every board member can take some to hand out.

    IV. 3000 Hour Club

    a) There were three RSVPs for last 3000 Hour Club.  No participants attended.  There is another meeting next week and there are no RSVPs yet.

    b)  Holly suggested sending out a survey to see what interns would like to see in the 3000 Hour Club.

    c) Caiti suggested having the meeting over the internet so it is more accessible to more participants.

    V. Socials/Hiking Group

    a) Lawn Bowling is next Sunday.  13 people are signed up and there are 36 spots.  The event is $20 and will be from 12:30-3:30.

    b) The May hike is scheduled for Saturday 5/28.  Craig may not be able to lead the hike so it might be led by Ben .

    c) Members are starting to sign up for the A's game social on August 12th.  The deadline to sign up for the A's game is June 30th.  Emily (newsletter administrator) will be asked to feature the A's game more prominently in the newletter.  Veronica will send out E-blasts leading up to the deadline.

    VI. CEU Program

    a)  Caiti and Peter have been discussing how to shift the focus more on training as opposed to gaining CEU credits.

    b)  Peter is considering taking on a role that will shift the program's focus.

    c)  Caiti will reach out to the Redwood Empire Chapter due to their successful CEU/training program.  Caiti will continue to communicate with the presidents of various chapters to see if there is a possibility of sharing resources and collaborating on the CEU program.

    d)  Veronica and Caiti will continue to work toward completing the CEU application that will be sent in to CAMFT.

    VII.  Chapter Agreement Updates

    a)  Jill Epstein reached out to Caiti and will be able to meet with her in late June or early July.

    b) Holly suggested having the meeting during a board meeting via Skype call.

    c) The board discussed how to create an educational campaign in order to increase the membership's knowledge regarding our relationship with CAMFT.

                i) Holly suggested sending a poll to the membership regarding what they would     like to see discussed in the upcoming conversation with Jill.  This poll could also           give members a chance to share their thoughts on what they would like to see             occur if CAMFT is not interested in working with us.

                ii)  The board will work on creating this poll.  Board members will come up            with 1-2 questions in the next week for the poll and e-mail them to the group.

    VIII.  Topics from the Board Retreat 

    a) Board members shared topics from the board retreat that they would like to take action on.  The board will continue to keep these goals in mind throughout the year.

    b)  Craig suggested hiring someone to facilitate a workshop on networking skills.  Craig will contact Lynn Garzawksi and Casey Truffo to see if they would be willing to support us in creating this workshop.

    IX.  Simple Practice Partnership

    a) The board discussed how to better utilize this partnership.  Simple Practice might be able to support us in funding a larger event (such as a networking skills workshop).

    b) Caiti brought up the idea to have Howard Spector, from Simple Practice, be interviewed in the newsletter in order to increase the member's knowledge of what Simple Practice is.

    X.  Education Campaign Update

    a)  Caiti has two contacts she will reach out to in order to begin solidying a plan for the education campaign.

    XI.  Website Refresh

    a)  Caiti would like board members to look at the website to get ideas about what needs to be changed.

    b)  John sent out an e-mail about what can be improved on our website.

    c)  John will make changes on the website. It was agreed that if he has used all of his hours, they can be extended.

    XII. Revising Board Descriptions

    a) Board members will review their job descriptions and edit as needed.

    XIII.  New Board Member/Open Positions

    a)  Galina would like to join the board and take on the treasurer role.  Galina has a background (outreach through social media) that would allow her to do this job well.

    b)  5 ayes, 1 abstained to vote Galina in as treasurer. Galina will start next month in the position.

    c)  Craig gave his thoughts on becoming president elect.  Craig will meet with Caiti/Holly prior to the board taking a vote.

    IX.  Therapist of Color

    a)  Therapist of Color is a Bay Area organization that we do not yet have a relationship with.  Caiti reached out to them to see if we can open up communication and figure out a way to support one another.

    Meeting Closed at 5:50pm 4.15.2016

  • March 18, 2016 8:00 PM | Deleted user

    Present: Holly Forman, Caiti Crum, Craig Toonder, Jenny Miller, Peter Carpentieri, Sorrenta Stuart

    Absent: Ben Jones

    Guests: Galina Litvin

    I. Introduction of Guest

    a)  Galina Litvin introduced herself and expressed why she is interested in working on the board.

    b)  Galina will stay for the board meeting and board members and Galina will decide the following month if she will be joining the board.

    II. February Minutes Approved- 6 ayes

    III. Admin Report 

    a) Total members: 811, E-Tree Total: 974, Total Members without the E-Tree Only Subscription: 767

    b) Clinical: 552, Intern: 145, Students: 29, Associate: 31, Community Partner: 2, Honorary Member: 3, Retired: 5, E-Tree Subscription Only: 44

     IV. Treasurer Report

    a) YTD total income: $14,819.33, YTD gross profit: $14,819.33, YTD total expenses: $8,628.55, YTD net operating income: $6,190.78

    b) February 2016: total income $4,492.60, gross profit $4,492.60, total expenses $4,423.51, net operating income $69.09

    V. 3000 Hour Club

    a) No updates, Ben not present

    VI. Socials/Hiking Group

    a) The hike on Sunday will be held despite rain in the forecast

    b) Lawn bowling has been announced and people are starting to sign up.  Craig encouraged board members to attend.

    c) Members are starting to sign up for the A's game social in August.

    VII. Chapter Agreements

    a) Board discussed responses from other CAMFT chapters

    b) Board discussed responses from EB CAMFT members.  

    c) Board discussed how to respond to state CAMFT regarding the chapters agreements

    i.  Discussed priorities to communicate with CAMFT.  The board will think of one or two specific items that we want to see change. (i.e. transparency around finances and nomination procedures).  The board will look at the polls from last year to see what the membership is most interested in changing with regards to our affiliation with CAMFT.

    ii.  Board discussed the importance of being transparent in our response

    iii) Board will draft a response to state CAMFT 

    d) Board discussed drafting a message to other chapter presidents in order to build open communication and camaraderie with other chapters.

    e) Board discussed the possibility of launching an education campaign for members. Discussed how the board and members can have a larger online presence in order to educate others about EB CAMFT and state CAMFT.

    f) Craig will come up with a poll for the membership to gain information on how interested chapter members are in changing our relationship with state CAMFT.

    g) Board discussed the possibility of hiring a consultant to discuss effective means of creating better communication to inform members about CAMFT and EBCAMFT activities to increase membership awareness of and involvement in both organizations.

    VIII. CEU Program

    a)  Board discussed the history of the chapter providing CEUs

    b) Board members discussed the relevance and benefits of being a CEU provider

    i.  An opportunity for members to network and connect

    ii.  Providing CEUs is something we can do to provide support to our licensed members

    iii.  Importance of having both online and in person opportunities

    iv.  This would be a way to work with and network with other chapters

    c)  The board discussed finding a member to run the CEU program

    d)  The board discussed how to adertise CEU events to members 

    i.  Increasing our use of social media and hiring someone to run our social media pages

    ii.  E-Blasts and E-Tree

    IX.  Board Retreat

    a) Board members will review minutes and retreat notes prior to the next board meeting and pick topics to re-visit 


    Meeting Closed at 6:03 pm 3.18.2016

    Submitted by Jenny Ireland Miller

  • February 28, 2016 5:28 PM | Deleted user

    Present: Holly Forman, Ben Jones, Caiti Crum, Craig Toonder, Jenny Miller, Peter Carpentieri

    Guests: Veronica Macina, Sorrenta Stuart

    I. January Minutes Approved­ 6 ayes

    II. Introduction­ Sorrenta Stuart

    a) Interested in joining the board

    b) Board discussed open positions available

    III. Admin Report

    a) Total members: 804, E­Tree Total: 975, Total Members without the E­Tree Only Subscription:


    b) Clinical: 550, Intern: 143, Students: 29, Associate: 30, Community Partner: 2, Honorary

    Member: 3, Retired: 5, E­Tree Only: 42

    c) Reviewed new postcards. Each board member will take postcards to distribute to community.

    d) Our CPA got us back all of the penalties that we paid to the IRS. The CPA is paid off

    currently. Veronica will contact the CPA to provide information for 2015 tax filing.

    e) Veronica is now getting e­mails from Wild Apricot saying who has lapsed in paying dues

    IV. Treasurer Report

    a) YTD total income: $8,046.52, YTD gross profit: $8,046.52, YTD total expenses: $8,260.20,

    YTD net operating income: ­$213.68

    b) Net Income Jan 2015: $7,225.60. Net Income Jan 2016: $3,905.92. . Net Income in Feb 2015:

    $4,108.31, Net Income 2016: $­4,119.60. Reasons for these discrepanicies include the Board

    dinner held in January instead of December, recently paying our CPA and Business license

    renewal. Numbers reported do not reflect the money that we have in the Paypal account.

    V. 3000 Hour Club

    a) One meeting was held this month and three people attended. Attendees were interested in

    supervision issues. Attendees were not members of EBCAMFT and Ben directed them to the

    website for membership.

    b) One meeting was canceled because JFK wants to charge us $30/hour to use a room. Craig will

    look in to reserving a room free of charge at JFK. We will continue to use the Wright Institue

    because they do not charge.

    c) Craig will contact the Counseling Center in Oakland to see if we can use rooms there

    d) Board members will reach out to JFK, Wright Institute, CIIS, Cal State East Bay and USF

    alumni groups to promote membership. Each board member will research other programs to


    VI. Hiking Group

    a) All of the hikes for the year are planned. The May hike date will be rescheduled.

    b) Thought to have a bay bridge hike this year.

    c) A's game is planned (looking in to how we will charge guests/members)

    d) Craig is continuing to look in to the lawn bowling event in May (will fields be open)

    VII. Mentorship Program

    a) Caiti will check in with Cheryl around the mentorship program.

    VIII. Miscellaneous Items

    a) Board members had an idea to create a webpage for interns to post job opportunities etc.

    b) Board members will poll agencies they work with to see if they would want to post job

    opportunities on the webpage.

    IX. Upcoming Socials

    a) Re­visit having events in various areas and collaborating with other chapters

    b) Upcoming happy hour at Drake's on March 18th

    X. New Board member

    a) Sorrenta is iterested in joining the board. Provided information about herself and


    b) Board members discussed Sorrenta joining the board. A motion was made to accept Sorrenta as

    Board Member at Large position. There was a second to the motion and 6 members voted aye.

    c) Sorrenta Stuart will join the board as a member-­at-­large position.

    d) The treasuerer position remains open

    Meeting Closed at 11:22 am 2.28.2016

    Submitted by Jenny Miller

  • January 15, 2016 9:30 PM | Deleted user

    Present: Holly Forman, Ben Jones, Caiti Crum, Craig Toonder, Jenny Miller

    Guests: Betty Blanc, Peter Carpentieri, John Hurley, Jovan Yglecias

    I. December Minutes Approved- 4 ayes, 1 abstained

    II. Board Position-Treasurer

    a) Discussed the potential for Peter Carpentieri to step in to the treasurer position on the board.

    b) 5 board members voted to welcome Peter to the board as a member-at-large position.  The board will re-visit him taking on role of treasurer the following month.

    III. Admin Report

    a) Total members: 797 (down from 803 in December).

    b) Clinical: 546, Intern: 140, Students: 31, Associate: 28, Community Partner: 2, Honorary Member: 3, Retired: 6, E-Tree Only: 41

    c) Discussed feedback around how to report admin numbers

    d) We will be receiving a reimbursement form the IRS from the 2012 taxes.  This check will total $1,8400.

    e) Caiti and Veronica will be completing the CEU application to send in to CAMFT

    f) Three members have given up their EBCAMFT membership and have opted to not be members but to subscribe to the Etree only subscription. These past members have also decided not to be state CAMFT members anymore. 

    g) Renewal of insurance: Caiti will review the policy and Veronica will send a check once the policy is reviewed and approved.

     IV. Treasurer Report

    a)  Total expenses: $6,223 Total income $3,895.68 Net operating loss: $2,327.91.  The loss is mostly due to the holiday party.

    V. 3,000 Hour club

    a) A meeting was scheduled for this week. There were two RSVPs but nobody showed.  This might be explained by there being no reminder e-mail sent prior to the meeting.  Another meeting is scheduled for 1/16 and there are six RSVP'd participants.

    b) Discussed the idea to get schools (JFK and Wright Institute) involved in finding a facilitator for Tuesday meetings.  Discussed going in to classes to share what EB CAMFT offers to interns and students.  Caiti will follow up with Ben's contacts at the schools.

    c) There is a need to survey the interns in EB CAMFT to see what they are needing in terms of support

    VI. Socials

    a) The hike was rescheduled this month to January 31st due to rain.

    b) The lawn bowling event is scheduled tentatively for April/May. 

    c) A's game social is planned.

    d) Ideas for future socials: super bowl party, indoor miniature golf, Oakland restaurant week (next year), Livermore Wineries (in order to reach out to further areas of the Bay Area).

    i. For the next meeting, each board member will brainstorm social event ideas in the area they live.

    e) Discussed the idea of having joint social events with SF CAMFT, Redwood Empire, Solano CAMFT, etc. 

    f) Discussed sending mailing and follow up mailings to CAMFT members who are not a member in a local chapter.  Board members discussed sending non-members invitations to social events in order to recruit more members.

    g) John Hurley will think about taking on the role of Recruitment Chair.

    VII. Mentorship Program

    a) Cheryl is reaching out to current mentors and mentees to see how each match is going.  Cheryl will update the board at a later date.

    VIII. Board Retreat

    a) Rescheduled the board retreat.

    b) Retreat will be held at Craig's house

    c) Board members will think about potential topics to discuss at the retreat.  Topics brainstormed in the meeting were: recruitment, managed care, internal politics of CAMFT, networking education for members, CEU, board vision statement, 3,000 hour club.

    IX. Presentation on Town House and BACS:  Guest, Jovan Yglecias (BACS Director of Programs)

    a) Presented information regarding the new board member meeting building, Town House.

    b) Presented information on BACS

    c) He agreed to allow EB CAMFT to use the space at no charge for board meetings during the 2016 year.

    X. CEU program

    a) We have a potential coordinator.  Caiti will speak further with the potential candidate and update the board. 

    b) Two potential partnerships around upcoming CEUs:

    i. Susan Fuderman reached out from La Heim and the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.  Board members discussed EB CAMFT hosting the training "Suicide Bereavement for Clinicians" presented by John Jordan, PhD in order for the training to be CEU eligible.  Ideally EBCAMFT members would get a discounted rate on the training.  The training will be held on February 26th and 27th. Ben, Caiti and Peter are available to attend.  There is a potential to promote EB CAMFT at the event.

    ii. Caiti has a contact on the board of the Center for Harm Reduction (organization based in NY, has an office in Oakland).  They provide trainings, research, etc.  Caiti has reached out to see if we could partner with them to organize a large training opportunity.  Caiti will follow up.

    XI. EBCAMFT booth at the Somatic Psychotherapy Conference

    a) On Friday, Feb. 26th there is a Somatic Psychotherapy Conference.  Craig has a contact who might be willing to provide a free booth to promote EB CAMFT and/or offer discounted fees for the conference.  Craig will follow up with his contact and update the board.

    XII. Board vision statement

    a) Board members to review the board vision statement prior to the next board meeting.


    Meeting Closed 5:52 pm 1.15.2016

    Submitted by Jenny Miller

  • December 11, 2015 8:49 PM | Deleted user

    Present: Kelly Sharp, Holly Forman, Ben Jones, Caiti Crum, Claire-Elizabeth DeSophia, Craig Toonder

    Late Arrival: Leslie Bandle

    Guests: Jenny Miller, Veronica Macina

    Absent: Laura Freideberg 

    I. November Minutes Approved- 5 ayes, 1 obstained

    II. Ballot Counting- Election

    a) Caiti (President)- 134 votes

        Holly (Past-president)- 130 votes 

        Jenny (Secretary)- 133 votes

        Ben (Member at Large)- 132 votes

        Craig (Member at Large)- 132 votes

    b) Write in votes: 

    i. 1 vote for Claire Elizabeth, 1 vote for Barbara Peterson and 1 vote for Stephen Vernon for Member at Large position

    ii.  1 vote for Julie Tennenbaum for President Elect position

    iii.  1 vote for Kate White for Treasurer position

    III. Admin Report

    a) Member Numbers

    i. 803 current members (including pending and over due)

    ii. 970 ETree members

    iii. 550 Clinical, 143 Intern, 29 Student/Pre-intern, 27 Associate, 2 Community partner, 3 Honorary, 7 Retired, 42 ETree only

    b) Board members discussed how many days members are given to renew their membership after they get their renewal notice.  Discussed whether or not to increase number of days members have to renew.  

    Claire-Elizabeth made a motion to give members 30 days to renew their membership after they get their notice.  Motion to have a 30 day reminder and a 10 day reminder.  5 in favor, 1 opposedMotion was passed.

    IV. Treasurer ReportMeeting

    a)  $13,480.36 in checking, $71,062.02 in savings, $2,341 in paypal.

    b) Total income: $2,651.96 Gross Profit: $2,651.96 Total Expenses: $3,983.47

    c) Elections cost the board $1,200 

    d) Spent more money this last year on new benefits to the members (e.g. newsletter, switching tax advisors) than in previous years.

    V. Holiday Party

    a) Discussed the holiday party occuring later in the day, including structure and speeches.

    VI. CE Program and Newsletter

    a) CE program: Caiti spoke with Peter Carpentieri who is thinking about being the CE coordinator. Peter will get back to Caiti.  The CE program with continue interfacing with Orinda group and there will be quarterly CE events. 

    b) Claire-Elizabeth suggested a CE workshop around over-prescription of medications and how MFTs can work with psychiatrists.  She received a response from a medical doctor who might be willing to do a workshop around this issue.  Board showed interest in this issue and having a workshop around it.  There were suggestions to include Kaiser Psychiatrists, nurses and nurse practitioners. Claire-Elizabeth will follow up.

    c) Newsletter: Katherine is giving her notice and cannot continue working on the newsletter.  Caiti and Kathrine will meet the following week to discuss the transition.  Board will think about people who might be a good fit and there will be a post for the position.

    VII. Educating members about Single Payer 

    a) The Chapter survey about Single Payer showed that members have a strong interest in learning more about this topic. 

    b) It was proposed that an interdisciplinary group, including PNHP (Physicians for a National Health Plan), the Nurses union in Oakland, Therapists for Single Payer, Health Care for All, and others be contacted to do a workshop for members. Claire-Elizabeth volunteered to find out more. 

    VIII. Board Transition

    a) Caiti suggested an alternative location for next year's board meetings, which would be free to use: Townhouse, 629 Oakland Ave.  Board approved.  Caiti will finalize the following week.

    b) Board discussed possible dates/times/location for next year's board retreat 

    IX.  Member Services

    a) Cheryl is taking over mentorship program. 

    X. Socials

    a) Hikes will be taking place on odd number months

    b) A's game social will be in August, Lawn Bowling will take place in April.  Other even months will be happy hours.

    c) Suggestion to widen locations of happy hours

    d) The board brainstormed  ideas for socials and 3,000 hour club events

    Meeting Closed 5:31 pm 12.11.2015

    Submitted by Jenny  Miller

  • November 20, 2015 8:37 PM | Deleted user

    Present: Holly Forman, Craig Toonder, Kelly Sharp
    Late Arrival: Claire-Elizabeth DeSophia, Leslie Bandle
    Absent: Ben Jones, Laura Friedeberg, Caiti Crum

    1. Approval of October minutes: 5 ayes

    2. Admin Report    

         i. Clinical: 555

         ii. Intern: 142

         iii. Student/Pre-Intern: 29

         iv. Associate: 27

         v. Community Partner: 2

         vi. Honorary: 1

         vii. Retired: 7

         viii. E-Tree Subscription Only: 42

         ix. Total: 805

         x. E-Tree Subscription members: 970

    b. Board voted to add Jürgen and Vivian as Honorary Members, 5 ayes. 

        Veronica will change them to Honorary Members.

    3. Treasurers Report
         a. Gross Profit: $3791.65

         b. Total Expenses: $2,604.32

         c. Net Operating Income: $1,187.33

         d. Checking: $15,047.88

         e. Savings: $71,061.42

         f. PAYPAL: $2,291.96 was already transferred and is included in total checking number.

    4. Holiday Party Update

         a. Holly and Claire-Elizabeth said the food is going to be amazing.  Claire-

         Elizabeth bought the Plaque and has most of the details figured out. 

         Veronica will email Caiti to get the updated contract and send out a check

         for deposit.

    5. Single Payer Donation:

         a. Holly sent the response from Single Payer about what our donation is

         going to go to. All present saw it and said it looked good.  Claire-Elizabeth

         passed out a postcard with information about the Benefit for Therapists for

         Single Payer on November 22, 2015 at 6:30pm.

         b. There were 5 ayes to donate $1,500 to single payer. Veronica will send

         them a check.

    6. E-Tree emails and member concern:

         a. Holly suggested sending out a friendly reminder about the terms and

         conditions of the E-Tree and what should and should not be posted. Holly

         will send it out to the board for approval.

    7. Member Services Update (eg hikes, 3000 hour club, mentorship program, etc):

         a. Laura said Cheryl maybe interested in taking over the Mentorship

         b. Craig said the hike schedule will be up soon and Lawn Bowling will be

         rescheduled for 2016. 

    8. CEU Update
         a. Veronica will complete the CEU Application. 

         b. Caiti has contacted Peter who mentioned he is interested in being the CEU

         Coordinator and is waiting to hear back from him. 

    9. Board Transition
         a. Caiti for President

         b. Holly for Past President

         c. Jenny for Secretary

         d. Craig for Member-at-Large

         e. Ben for Member-at-Large

         f. Hopefully at the holiday party we can recruit more board members. 

    10. Chapter Agreements

         a. Holly will send out the Agreement from Mariam once she receives it to

         b. Kelly suggested sending out a survey to ask our members if they think we

         start a discussion about the details in the agreement.

         should sign the chapter agreements or become our own organization like

         we initially were.  Possibly have an explanation of Pro’s and Con’s to

         inform our members.

    11. Misc.
         a. Holly checked in around End of Year Board Dinner during the first few

         weeks of January.  Holly asked for suggestions for places to eat.


    Meeting closed 6:00pm

    Minutes Submitted by Veronica Macina, Administrator

  • October 23, 2015 10:00 PM | Deleted user

    Present: Holly Forman, Claire-Elizabeth, Ben Jones, Laura Freideberg, Craig Toonder, Caiti Crum
    Late Arrival: Leslie Bandle
    Guest: Veronica Macina, John Hurley, Jenny Ireland
    Absent: Kelly Sharp

    1.     Approval of minutes: 4 ayes

    2.     Admin report
    i.        Clinical: 548
    ii.       Intern: 147
    iii.    Student/Pre-Intern: 29
    iv.     Associate: 28
    v.      Community Partner: 2
    vi.    Honorary: 1
    vii.   Retired: 7
    viii. E-Tree Subscription Only: 40
    ix.    Total: 802
    x.    E-Tree Subscription members: 957

    b. Veronica and John have gathered a list of over 2,000 people who are members of CAM FT in our geographic
    area, but are not members of East Bay CAMFT.  We will be printing around 2,000 postcards to send out to these individuals so they are made aware of the benefits of joining our chapter. 
    c. Loli has called the IRS and we are waiting to hear if they will refund our money for the fees of 2012 taxes.  The IRS has refunded us over $1,800. 

    3.     Treasurers report
    a. Checking $15,340.18
    b. Saving $71,060.84
    c. Leslie passed out the Handout for the General Meeting. 
    d. Leslie looked into usernames and the information she was given was incorrect. 

    4.     Holiday party
    a. Moving forward with Summer Summer to figure out menu and pricing, etc.  Caiti will complete that this week.   Caiti looked into multiple quotes and they were not better than Summer Summer.  Caiti will draft up an E-Tree post about the Holiday Party. 
    b. Claire Elizabeth suggested making a plaque and getting bouquet of flowers for Vivian.  Claire-Elizabeth will look into plaques that are up to $100.

    5.     Single Payer Donation
    a. CE says that if we donate that it be used to create a professionally produced PowerPoint presentation and for training materials. 
    b. Holly will email Kelly and Vivian to inquire about more information about previous donations and this year’s donation.  Holly will ask to see if they have a specific proposal for what they are using the money for.  Craig suggested that they provide estimates from professionals showing what they would use the money for. 

    6.     Board composition next year
    a. Claire-Elizabeth said No.
    b. Craig confirmed yes.
    c. Laura said no.
    d. Ben said yes.
    e. Caiti said yes.
    f. Leslie said she will not continue as treasurer but is willing to support someone. 
    g. Get the ballots out by Nov 13th and returned by December 4th. 
    h. Board will get together Sunday Nov 8th at 12:00pm at Caiti’s House to stuff ballots and will order pizza. 
    i. Email Holly if you have any food restrictions.
    j. Veronica will send out blurbs from last year to see if anyone wants to update their blurb.
    k. Veronica will send the ballots to copy near Caiti for her to pick it up.
    7.     General membership meeting
    a. Discussed what Veronica, Leslie, Holly and Ben would present at the meeting.

    8.     Member services update (eg hikes, 3000 hour support group, mentorship program, etc.)
    a. Ben reported that at the 3000 Hour Support Group in Berkeley no one showed up.  Kate had a 3-person panel (one panel member didn’t show up) Only one intern showed up.  Caiti suggested collaborating with the schools where the meetings are hosted to get more people interested in 3000 Hour Support Group.  Ben is thinking about revamping the name and or how they market the Support Group.  Claire-Elizabeth suggested contacting supervisors to suggest to their interns attend the groups.
    b.     Laura reported there are currently 32 mentorships. 36 mentees 32 mentors (3 or 4 people who have two mentees) and about 6 people on a waitlist.  Holly expressed interest in possibly taking over for Laura.

    9.     CEUs
    a. Veronica will email Holly to ask about CEUs application. 
    b. Veronica will finish the CEU provider application. 
    c. Continuing to look for an applicant to be CEU coordinator.

    10. Misc

    Meeting Closed at 5:34pm
    Submitted on 11/09/2015
    Submitted By Veronica Macina

  • September 18, 2015 9:21 PM | Deleted user

    Present: Holly Forman, Kelly Sharp, Ben Jones, Claire-Elizabeth DeSophia
    Late Arrival: Caiti Crum
    Guest: Veronica Macina
    Absent: Laura Freideberg, Craig Toonder, Leslie Bandle

    I. Approval of minutes: 
5 ayes

    II. Admin Report:

    Clinical          545
                    Intern        149
                    Student/Pre-Intern 29
                    Associate       30
                    Community Partner    3
                    Honorary        1
                    Retired           8
                    E-Tree Only        42
                    Total Members        807
                    E-Tree Total        944

    a.)  Veronica reported details around IRS Fee payment and communication with the current CPA and previous CPA.  
    b.)  Veronica will talk to John Hurley about adding Simple Practice to the main page of the website.  

    III. Treasurers Report

    a.) Checking Account: $11,604.00

    b.) Savings Account: $71,060.26
    c.) Net Operating Cost: -$7,879.71
    d.) The Board discussed continuing to look into what to do with the money in our savings and checking accounts.
    i. Claire-Elizabeth will talk to Jürgen about finances and if he has any suggestions.

    IV. Holiday party

    a.) Claire-Elizabeth proposed a Thai restaurant for the holiday party.  Need a minimum of 92 people to take over the place.  Claire-Elizabeth presented a handout of the details of the food, drinks, amount, etc.  Board discussed allowing spouses but having them pay to come (full amount).  Discussed details around food and drinks.  
    b.) Caiti will look into two other places in two different areas to get an idea of other prices.  Holly will also look into a Thai place.  If we do not find a better place (in 2 weeks), Claire-Elizabeth will go ahead with Summer Summer (Thai).  

    V. Chapter membership meeting
    a.) Discussed details (introductions, food, drinks, etc.)
    i. Holly will look into catering from La Medeteranee and picking up Urban Legend wine and soft drinks.   ii. Discussed reports to hand out for the meeting (admin and treasurer).  

    VI. Member Services Update (eg hikes, 3000 hour club, mentorship program, etc). 

    a.) The 3000 Hour Support Group is tomorrow, two people have RSVP’d.
    i. Ben reported that there was more interest because a topic was posted.
    ii. Ben hosted the 3000 Hour Support Group in Berkeley and two people showed up.
    iii. Claire-Elizabeth suggested that Ben talk to Jerry Fagoga from San Gabriel Valley because they have a strong 3000 Hour Support Group.
    b.) AB1775.  
    i. Ben wrote a letter and EBCAMFT survey results to the CAMFT Board on behalf of the Board of East Bay   CAMFT.  
    a. He will send it to Jill, Kathy and the Board.  
    c.) Veronica will put together a report of the New Year membership survey. (Include charts and short summary) and will present it at the general membership meeting.

    VII. CEU's

    a.) Caiti had two people that were possibly interested in being a CEU coordinator. 

    i. They both backed out.

    ii. They suggested that if someone sets up the speakers, they can lead the group from within.  

    iii. Caiti has a colleague that is interested in possibly facilitating CEU events. 

    vi. Board discussed paying CEU coordinator/facilitator.  Caiti and Holly will continue to discuss this.  

    b.) Claire-Elizabeth discussed asking the membership who they want to see as a presenter.  For the weekly (one hour) CEU not paying but for the longer (3 hours or more) EBCAMFT could pay. Caiti and Holly will continue the discussion later when they meet.   

    VIII. Electronic Voting

    a.) The Board discussed electronic Voting.
    i. Holly will send an email out with information about electronic voting.  
    ii. Starting Nov 1st everything will be switched
    iii. Veronica will find a list of the members who are not on the e-tree but are members.

    IX. Board Next Year:
    a.) Ben agreed he wants to be a Member at Large.
    b.) Jenny (member who came to a meeting) wants to be a Member at Large.
    c.) Craig expressed interest in being a Member at Large.
    d.) Claire-Elizabeth expressed interest in continuing to be a Member at Large.
    e.) Holly expressed possible interest in taking over the Mentorship program.
    f.) The Board asked about any interest in other positions.  Holly asked everyone to think of one person who could be a good addition to the board.  
    g.) The Board plans on getting Ballots out by Nov 13th and returned by Nov 27th.  

    X. Misc
    a.) Claire-Elizabeth is going to CAMFT Connects (Nov 7th).  
    i. Holly will send an email to Jill about details regarding CAMFT Connects.
    b.) John will be receiving more money this month because he spent time doing PayPal and other member lists.  
    XI. Meeting Closed at 6:00pm

  • August 21, 2015 11:13 AM | Deleted user

    Present:  Holly Forman, Kelly M. Sharp, Caiti Crum, Laura Friedeberg, Claire Elizabeth DeSophia, Ben Jones, Leslie Bandle

    Guest:  Jenny Ireland

    I.  Approval of Minutes: Minutes approved 7

    II.  Admin Report:
        a.  July Membership Numbers:  
            i. Total Active: 818
            ii. Clinical: 544
            iii. Intern: 155
            iv. Student: 28
            v.  Associate: 32
            vi. Etree only: 41
            vii. Etree Members:  921

    III.  Treasurer's Report:
        a.  July:
            i.   Income: $4080.31
            ii.  Expenses: $5833.81
            iii. Net Operating Cost:  -$1753.49
            iv. Veronica transferred $20k from checking into savings
                 $10770.50 checking including PayPal transfer
                          $71,059.74 Savings Acct.
            v.  We are down $5000 from last year at this time most likely do to Tax  

        b.  Tax Issue:  Veronica sent a check to the IRS (that they have already
          deposited) of $4,076.76.  She emailed Connie Tritt to let her know not to    
        send the letter to the IRS and that we sent in a check.  Veronica also sent
        her an invoice for the amount we sent to the IRS and calculated that we had
        to send in that amount because we owed $1816.76 that was due on April
        14, 2015.  $20.00 a day for 113 days (from April 14 to August 5th) is
        $2,240.  Total is $4,076.76.  It was sent on August 5th.  
            i.  Caiti will consult w/new CPA (Loli) about how to proceed

    IV.  General Membership Meeting and Holiday Party
        a.    General Membership Mtng:
            i.   C/E:  Honor Vivian Nelson at the General Membership Meeting
            ii.  Kelly: Possibly invite other CAMFT Board members as guests
            iii. Location: St. Clements, Berkeley
            iv. Holly will facilitate meeting
            v.  Date of General Membership Mtng:  Oct 23rd.  6-8
            vi. October Board Meeting moved to Friday Oct 23rd 4-6
        b.  Holiday Party:  
            i.  December 11, 2015
            ii. Caiti will organize location
            iii.December Board Meeting will be on December 11th from 4-6 before         the Holiday Party

    V.  Intern Job Fair
        a.      CAMFT contacted us regarding idea of an inner chapter Intern Fair.
            i.  EBCAMFT interest to collaborate with other chapters but focus    
            more promoting existing job fairs
        b.  Veronica will have Katherine post in newsletter that we are looking for
        info regarding intern/job fairs to promote.

    VI.  Simple Practice
        a.     Affiliation in action, webinar happened, continued discussion around
        ways to advertise affiliation w/o endorsing product, will put SimplePractice
        in the newsletter.

    VII.  AB1775
        a.  Ben will continue to do a follow up and summarize the results of the poll
        about AB 1775 and will report back in 2 wks.
        b.  Ben will also draft letter to CAMFT regarding the membership poll results

    VIII.  CAMFT Special Meeting
        a.  C/E proposed sending eblast detailing our request to CAMFT for a
        special meeting and the outcome/response from CAMFT
        b.  C/E made motion:  7 yes, 1 Abstain
        c.  Holly will put together etree message

    IX.  Electronic Voting
        a.  Holly provided script for informing membership about transition to online
        b.  Kelly will look into bylaw req's for initiating online voting

    X.  CEU Coordinator
        a.  Caiti proposed stipend for CEU coordinator(s) Berkeley and Orinda
        E-tree message to request interest.

    XI.  3000 hr club
        a.  2 recent mtngs
        b.  Idea of Intern Symposium was brought to Ben, he will continue to gather
        details in Marin this Oct

    XII.  Socials
        a.  Craig 8 attendees at recent Happy Hour
        b.  Sept:  Hike and Food/Truck and Art
        c.  Oct: Lawn Bowling and Happy Hour
        d.  Nov: hike

    XIII.  Mentoring Program
        a.  Laura is coordinating with potential new chair of program as Laura
        retires. Discussion around splitting the responsibilities of Mentoring Chairs
        and creating Co-Chairs.  Laura will explore options further and assess
        interest in  Co-Chair and Chair positions.

    XIV.  E-tree
        a.  Ben will email Board with his thoughts/ideas
        b.  Ben brought up issues of members not receiving emails and proposes
        consideration of finding a new e-tree provider

    XV.  Closing of Meeting
        a.  6:00 PM Meeting Closed.

  • July 20, 2015 10:00 PM | Deleted user
    Present: Holly Forman, Craig Toonder, Ben Jones, Leslie Bandle

    Late Arrival: Laura Freideberg

    Guests: Veronica Macina, John Hurley

    Absent: Kelly Sharp, Caiti Crum


    Approval of May and June minutes: Minutes approved.


    Admin Report

        Veronica reported current membership totals as follows: 544 clinical, 155 intern, 28 student/pre-intern, 32 associate for a total of 818 active members and 921 with E-tree. 


        26 lapsed memberships were removed this month.


        Ben requested revision of admin report for clarity purposes. Holly and Veronica will meet to discuss this issue.


        Veronica reported that she has contacted the accountant twice about the IRS issue. She has not received a response. Board discussed concerns over liability. Veronica will continue to contact the accountant.


        Leslie proposed creating a member growth report. Veronica will send Leslie data for report.


        Veronica reported that outside entity advertisement rose this month. Leslie was interested in tracking that income. Veronica reported having a log. 


    Treasurers Report

        Leslie reported profit and losses are as follows: gross profit $ 3995.88, total expenses $ 1795.13, net operating income $ 2200.75.


        Leslie proposed moving money from checking to savings account. Board approved $25,000 transfer. Veronica will handle the transfer.


        Veronica reported not being able to create separate ID’s for the board members to have access to the bank account because she lacked Caiti’s security information. Caiti will need to address this.



    •     HA discussion of the idea of a physical office starting 2016 will be continued next meeting.


    •      Several members of the board proposed systems where faxes could be connected to a computer. e.g.: s-fax or e-fax.


    •      August 1st is the deadline to renew with Wild Apricot. Board decided to renew for one year.




        The board discussed the format of the new news letter. A change shall be made to connect the “Meet the Team” section to bio’s instead of e-mail. Katherine Schoolland will be contacted about change request.


    Member Services Update (e.g. hikes, 3000 hour club, mentorship program, etc.)


        Veronica reported that she will look into a host sight to create auto announcements to the membership about events.


        Craig reported that Katherine will include the year’s hike schedule to help with promotions.


        Craig reported that all tickets for the A’s social have been distributed. Craig will create plan for tailgating social next week.


        Holly reported that members requested an additional social at Trader Vics. Craig will organize the next social. Veronica will send out e-blast.


        Ben reported that would be hosting the 3,000-hour Support Group tomorrow. Ben is moved the Tuesday evening 3,000 Hour Support group to Tuesday morning.


        Laura reported all mentees are still being matched with mentors. New mentors are still needed. Veronica offered to send an e-blast. Mentor appreciation brunch will be Sept. 26th. (Location TBA)


        Holly reported for Kelly that we need to find a venue for the Marketing event she is spearheading. Board members offered suggestions for locations including trying to team up with JFKU for the use of their annex


        Holly reported for Caiti that she is working on a stipend idea for the CEU coordinator position. Caiti will report next month. 


        Leslie proposed organizing meet and greets events. Topic will be revisited.





    Board discussed possibility of introducing e-voting. Board discussed possible options to implement change. Topic will be revisited.




    Board discussed options of voting Claire-Elizabeth in as a Member-at-Large or as a Committee Chairperson. The Board voted her in as a Member-at-Large.





        Leslie reported on possibility of receiving a quote for a mailing list of new interns and newly licensed therapists in our area.


        Ben will report on AB1775 next meeting.


        Board will revisit member surveys to discuss what they reveal about member needs.






    Meeting Closed at 6: 00pm

    Submitted July 20th, 2015

    Craig Toonder, Member-At-Large


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