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  • June 26, 2015 10:39 AM | Deleted user

    Present: Holly Forman, Craig Toonder, Ben Jones

    Late Arrival: Leslie Bandle, Caiti Crum

    Guests: Veronica Macina, Claire-Elizabeth DeSophia, John Hurley, Jürgen Braungardt

    Absent: Aaron Foster, Laura Freideberg, Kelly Sharp


    I.  Approval of May minutes
    1. Not enough people at the meeting for a quorum to approve minutes.


    II.  Admin Report

    1. Veronica reported current membership totals as follows: 557 clinical, 160 intern, 31 student/pre-intern, 33 associate for a total of 841 active members and 912 with E-tree. Veronica reported 74 overdue renewals and 12 new members in the last 30 days. 
    2. John reported that he has gone through all but around 100 members on the E-Tree to make sure they are still active members. John will finish this up and remove all non-active members from the E-Tree. He has gone through 700 of the member so far.
    3. Veronica reported that she has still not heard back from Connie about sending the last and final letter to the IRS about the 2013 taxes.  After discussion with the board, Veronica will call Connie and report back what happens. 


    III.  Treasurers Report
    1. Leslie reported current bank account totals are as follows: Checking $40,503.04, Savings $51, 058.61, PayPal $0 ($3,995.88 transferred to checking 6/18). As of today’s date, profit and losses are as follows: gross profit $4,068.83, total expenses $2,307.71, net operating income $1,761.12. Leslie stated that due to tax preparation costs of $650.00, we did earn much over our previous deficit over 2014 year to date numbers.  However in looking at June’s partial numbers, we will gain momentum by the end of the month.
    2. Veronica will call Jury from Mechanics Bank to set up different Log in profiles for Holly, Veronica and Leslie. 
    3. Leslie researched non-profits and reserve balances.  Jürgen and Leslie discussed having approx. 12-15 months of operating expenses as a reserve.  The board discussed having a CD (4%) to be able to invest money for a safe return (Mechanics Bank), index funds, and/or fixed bonds.  Jürgen suggested that if we have questions we could call CAMFT for guidance. Leslie will talk to Mechanics Bank about investments.  Leslie reported that there is such a thing as having too much profit, and that the better business bureau says that having surplus of 3 times the annual budget, is too much. Leslie suggested that when we reach $130,000-$140,000, we look at spending more money.  Holly mentioned that this year our operating expenses will be a bit higher since we have John Hurley, as Web Administrator, and our new Newsletter Editor, Kathrine Schoolland.  
    4. Jürgen suggested we set a goal for increasing membership to more than 1,000 members and possibly spend some money to develop a membership campaign to recruit more members.  When we have that many members, we make more money, and once we achieve this goal, can hire more contractors to make EBCAMFT a stronger organization.  Leslie suggested we spend some money to obtain a list of individuals in our area of newly licensed MFTs and registered Interns.  Leslie will investigate if BBS has a list.  Veronica will look into a monthly e-blast that is sent by CAMFT to all CAMFT members in our area.  Caiti stated that we have over 3,000 contacts in our database.  We will use this list to send the call to a member meeting with CAMFT.  Claire-Elizabeth also suggested we have a membership committee, it was attempted before but it did not last long. 

    IV.  Newsletter

    1. Holly reported that our goal is to have the newsletter out on July 1st.   It is going to be informative and well put together so we will have it go out bimonthly instead of every month to see how it goes. Holly said she is very excited about the new design that has a nice light and fresh look. The newsletter is redesigned and will be distributed every other month.  Katherine Schoolland is our new editor and we are focused on refining content areas and receiving submissions from other members.
    V.   Member Services Update (e.g. hikes, 3000 hour club, mentorship program, etc.)
    1. Craig inquired if we could send an e-blast out about a post that Katherine, the newsletter editor, posted on the E-Tree about inviting people to the movie “Inside Out”.  On Wednesday night (6/24) at 7pm you can but a ticket on  Veronica will send out an e-blast about the event to the members.
    2. Craig talked with Katherine about how to promote the hikes and provide members with the entire calendar year of hikes
    3. Holly stated that bad traffic prevented her from attending the Albany Tap Room Happy Hour event.  Kelly Sharp and a few other members were at the Happy Hour. Holly will send Veronica info about a social on Friday July 3rd
    4. Craig is going to look into Lawn bowling in August for a social/networking event.
    VI.  Steven Vernon- talking about the Medicare March
    1. Steven was not able to attend the meeting to discuss the Medicare March.   Holly asked him for information and he may want us to send out an e-blast to educate our members.  Once he sends Holly the info she will send it to the Board to be approved.
    VII.  Claire-Elizabeth

    1. Holly asked Claire-Elizabeth to explain what has changed, since she did not apply to be on the board this past year.  Claire-Elizabeth stated that what has changed is CAMFT is still a big issue, hoped it had gone away by now but it has gotten worse and she wants to address this issue with CAMFT. She wants to be involved in more clinical presentations (CEU)s, but she does not want to manage them. Claire-Elizabeth wants to be on the board, so she can vote, but if Leslie’s friend would bring something good to the board, she is open to being a committee member. Holly will send out an email asking the board what the options are for Clare-Elizabeth and see what happens.  Leslie stated that she will have the person she knows write something up to send to the Board about why she wants to be on the Board.  The Board could not vote because there was no quorum.
    2. Leslie knows someone who is interested in the Member-at-Large Position, and Claire-Elizabeth is also interested in the Member-at-Large Position. Jürgen suggested that we can have both of the people interested in the Member-at-Large Position and have them explain why they want the position and then the board votes.  He also said we can make someone a committee member.  A Committee member is on the board, but cannot vote. 
    VIII.  CEUs
    1. Holly stated that we have extra money now and for a few years we have been discussing paying someone to work as our CEU Coordinator for about 10 hours a month. As a CEU Coordinator they would need to show up to the CEU events.  Veronica mentioned that now that we cannot renew our CEU Provider status with BBS, we will go with CAMFT and they require more information on a yearly basis.  Holly stated that she looked at the list of CEU Providers and it is best to go with CAMFT if we decide to renew.  Leslie inquired about teaming up with individuals or organizations that are already CEU Providers, so we do not have to get our own.  Leslie mentioned that it was discussed at the retreat to just connect with others that are already CEU providers instead of doing it on our own since we do not offer that many CEUs.  Holly is hesitant about coordinating with other people.  Holly suggested that we figure out when we have CEUs scheduled until and then possibly not renew after that.  Holly wants to inquire with Caiti to see if she has scheduled any CEUs.  Holly also mentioned that some of the board members may have a CEU license and we could use theirs to still provide CEUs to our members.
    IX.  Misc.
    1. Jürgen – He came to help answer some questions about the CAMFT turmoil. 
    2. When someone emails, all the board members get an email. Claire-Elizabeth is hoping that we send an e-blast to send to other chapters to get them on board about the call for a member meeting.  If enough members send CAMFT an email asking for a member meeting, Claire-Elizabeth believes that CAMFT may make changes without a meeting.  


    Meeting Closed at 6: 00pm

    Submitted June 27th, 2015

    Veronica Macina, Administrator

  • May 15, 2015 8:00 PM | Deleted user

    Present: Holly Forman, Kelly Sharp, Caiti Crum, Aaron Foster,

    Late Arrival: Craig Toonder, Ben Jones, Leslie Bandle

    Guest: Veronica Macina

    Absent: Laura Freideberg


    I. Approval of April minutes: 6 ayes


    II. Admin Report:

    a) Veronica reported current membership totals as follows: 560 clinical, 161 intern, 34 student/pre-intern, 32 associate for a total of 847 active members and 903 with E-tree. It was also reported 58 overdue renewals and 15 new members in the last 30 days. There was a discrepancy noted due to some members having more than one email address associated with their membership.


    b) Veronica expressed having inquired from Loli, new CPA, about whether the late filing for 2013 will reflect poorly for EBCAMFT if fee is paid. Loli indicated it would not and it can also be abated. Veronica stated that Connie, previous CPA, has claimed responsibility for the late filing and will pay the fee though it has not been paid as of yet. All taxes for 2014 have been signed by Holly and filed.  


    c) Veronica reported having paid Wild Apricot a yearly fee for services of $2000 as opposed to monthly in order to save 10% for EBCAMFT website servicing. It was discussed by the board whether to pay for next year’s services to avoid an upcoming increase in pricing. Kelly inquired whether there may be a platform change in the future and whether Wild Apricot would be able to support that change. It was decided that a platform change would not take place this year or next.


    III. Treasurers Report

    a) Leslie reported current bank account totals are as follows: Checking $40,411.10, Savings $51, 058.45, Paypal $0 ($3,633.83 transferred to checking 5/14). As of today’s date, profit and losses are as follows: gross profit $3,156., total expenses $4,297., net operating income -$1,141.65. Leslie stated larger expenditures of Wild Apricot and liability insurance impacted current profit and loss figures.


    b) Leslie inquired whether administratively it would be difficult to manage offing lifetime memberships. Caiti and Veronica indicated it would not be difficult to manage. Leslie then inquired for what benefit would exist for the chapter. It was discussed that offering a lifetime membership at a discounted rate to members would eliminate some difficulties related to renewals. The only downside for members would be if they left the area after having paid for a lifetime membership. Other alternatives were discussed such as utilizing an automatic renewal system to lessen the loss of money and eliminating member’s hassle with renewing. Leslie suggested calling the local chapter in San Jose to consult and possibly offering life time memberships on a trial run basis. Craig suggested offering a 5 year membership at a discounted rate. Veronica expressed from an administrative perspective this could easily be achieved as the system would flag renewals based on parameters set for individual members. Caiti suggested it might be a good idea to average member’s length of continued membership, lapsed membership, and non-renewed memberships to aid in the decision process. The board displayed mixed feelings about how much to discount memberships and whether to offer lifetime vs. 5 year memberships. It was decided at this time to poll members for feedback. 


    IV. Newsletter Update: Caiti reported that Katherine Schoolland has signed a contract with EBCAMFT and has been given access to Wild Apricot. Katherine is currently organizing the newsletter and testing a variety of platforms to aid access for members. Caiti continued to report  a sampling of sections to be added such as: how to get involved, what’s going on, summary of board meetings, interns section, how to access the E-tree, move & book reviews, new member’s welcome section, newly licensed section, and volunteer section. Katherine is also creating a linkable table of contents and plans to offer members the ability to write and submit articles for the newsletter. Katherine has indicated she will deliver a new newsletter to the board in June.


    V. Polls Update: Veronica reported that 159 members responded to the Membership Benefits Poll out of 900 emails sent out to membership. The board reviewed results and took a sampling of comments made related to suggested improvements. For the sake of time only one topic was selected for current discussion. Poll results presented membership concerns and difficulties with use of the E-tree. The board discussed providing an E-tree instructional support post detailing how to use the E-tree at the beginning of each month. Results from the Membership Benefits Poll will be added to the EBCAMFT website for membership review. The board will continue to utilize information gained to address and make benefit improvements.


    VI. Events/Social/Club Updates:

    a) Craig reported next hiking event is Saturday 5/16 in San Leandro at Anthony Chabot Regional Park: Clyde Woolridge Staging Area. Craig also reported that the upcoming A’s game event on July 31st currently has 49 members/non-members interested in attending. June 1st the offer will be opened up to nonmembers for purchase. Holly suggested increasing exposure of the event by e-blast, e-tree, and email in order to increase attendance. Aaron to send event information for June state CAMFT E-blast.


    b) Ben reported having zero attendees during yesterday’s 3000hour group meeting at the Wright Institute. Ben related tomorrow 5/16 is the next 3000hour group meeting at BAPTI in Lafayette. Caiti inquired whether there any non-members are present at 3000hour group meetings. Ben reported there are. Caiti expressed interest in presenting to nonmembers in the future.


    c) Though Laura was not present during this board meeting, she had emailed updated Mentor Program information to the board. Holly reported for Laura that the June 6th Coffee Social will be held from 1-3pm at Powderface in Oakland. Attendees will be able to order a beverage of their choice from the coffee bar and Powederface pastries will also be provided. Emails to be sent out to participants by Laura today. Also, the Mentor Appreciation Brunch is scheduled for 9/20 at noon, location TBA.


    d) Kelly inquired about offering more social events for networking purposes, suggesting they be less formal and non-sponsored events such as a Friday happy hour. Holly suggested to plan different types of events or venues such as Rockwall Food Truck Friday. Craig suggested scheduling these summer month festivities each month in Albany, Oakland, and Walnut Creek. Kelly expressed a need to include the Tri-Valley area. Aaron suggested holding events in Danville or San Ramon to include the Tri-Valley area with greater ease for all. It was decided to e-blast the first event for Friday June 29th at the Albany Tap Room from 5-7pm.

    VII. Miscellaneous:

    a) Kelly reported having spoken with Ken Braslow who conducts online marketing and paperless practice workshops about providing a 4-5 hour workshop sometime in the fall. Kelly shared extensive information about topics that would be discussed during the workshop. Kelly inquired for whether the board felt the workshop could be open to both members and non-members. It was discussed the need to locate a venue first then decide if there would be enough room for both members and nonmembers. It was also discussed including the offer of CEUs and charging a lower fee for members (such as $10) and a higher fee for nonmembers (such as $60) for attendance.  Kelly indicated she would follow up with Ken to determine if he is a CEU provider and on specific dates. The board to consider possible venues.


    b) Caiti reported meeting with the president of SFCAMFT, Lilly Sloan, about some of EBCAMFT’s goals from the retreat to brainstorm for cross oriented goals such as outreach. Caiti explained she is attempting to coordinate with JFK and the Wright institute to present for outreach and asked for support from board members with contact information etc. The board offered to support Caiti in this goal. Leslie suggested outreaching to students who gain their BBS intern numbers and newly licensed therapists for the purposes of outreach. Leslie inquired for how to gain this public information. The board was uncertain so Leslie offered to look into this possibility.


    c) Leslie shared that she received an invitation to attend a networking event at St. Mary’s for mental health professionals for the purposes of connecting staff with outside therapists for referrals. Leslie expressed EBCAMFT might consider coordination with other school campuses who work with intern therapists or school counselors in efforts to offer therapists with sliding scales to students. Kelly related concerns for how this might work. Leslie indicated she will attend the event at St. Mary’s and report back further information.


                                                     Meeting Closed at 6:01pm

                                                         Submitted 6/1/2015

                                                      Aaron Foster, Secretary

  • April 17, 2015 7:17 PM | Deleted user

    Present: Holly Forman, Kelly Sharp, Craig Toonder, Laura Freideberg, Aaron Foster, Ben Jones,

    Late Arrival: Caiti Crum

    Absent: Leslie Bandle, Guest: Veronica Macina



    I. Approval of March minutes: 6 ayes


    II. Admin Report:

    a) Holly reported for Veronica due to her absence.  Current membership totals are as follows: 558 clinical, 160 interns, 34 student/pre-intern, 33 associate for a total of 842 active members with 882 E-tree only members. It was also reported that there are 61 overdue memberships with 10 past due for 30 day or more. Holly reported that Veronica had found a discrepancy in membership totals between last month and this month due to the conversion of non-active members when EBCAMFT's database management software was switched to Wild Apricot. Veronica intends to resolve this issue. Lastly, 20 new E-tree members joined since last month based on sending out clarification for how to post on the E-tree. As a result, the board discussed and decided to distribute a monthly email reminder of how to post on the E-tree to members going forward.


    b) Holly continued to report for Veronica who expressed newly hired CPA, Loli Cremat, will be completing and mailing 2014 taxes for signatures/ filing and has put everything together very quickly.


    c) Another letter was received regarding 2013 taxes being filed late. Veronica and Caiti are discussing what next steps will be.


    d) Information was received from ACE, new insurance provider, and a payment of approx. $1600. has been sent.


    e) New membership survey will be emailed by Veronica to membership tomorrow morning.


    III. Treasurers Report

    a) Holly reported for Leslie due to her absence. Current bank account totals are as follows: Checking $37,716.18, Savings $51, 058.03, Paypal $0. As of today’s date, profit and losses are as follows: gross profit $2,516., total expenses $4,620., net operating income $2,104.


    b) Holly continued to report that Leslie arrived at a cost for life time memberships at approx. 6-8x the yearly membership fee. Kelly inquired about offering a lowered rate for long time members who have been with EBCAMFT since the 80's in aid of continuity of membership. Concerns among the board arose around how to manage lifetime members if they let their membership with state CAMFT lapse. It was decided that a lifetime member would default to E-tree only membership if they allow their state CAMFT membership to lapse. Then concerns were discussed around chapter agreements and how this might impact the policy of offering life time memberships. It was decided to table further discussion about life time memberships until next month.


    IV. Newsletter: Caiti announced that member, Katherine Schooland, has been selected as our newsletter editor who holds cross skill sets related to technology and mobile accessibility. Caiti continued to share that Katherine has great ideas about incorporating social media and that she will begin within the next month. The board discussed costs associated for the revamping of the newsletter and it was decided that Caiti would write up a 3 month contract to be revisited there after.  


    V. Chapter Agreements:

    a) There was much discussion by the board around concerns and issues related to the state CAMFT proposed Chapter Agreements. Primary concerns discussed were the verbiage contained in many items and needs for clarification, financial burdens over legal actions being placed on local chapters, state dictation of local membership categories, state access to local chapter(s) membership database and financials. It was clarified that at this time the state CAMFT board is looking for feedback from other chapters before it officially becomes policy in June.


    b) The board reviewed the San Fernando Valley Chapter’s letter to CAMFT with itemized concerns and proposed changes. The board further discussed and decided to support the itemized concerns and proposed changes contained in the letter with the additional concerns and proposed changes of access to local chapter(s) membership database and financials. It was highlighted that chapter financials are public record and already provided for via chapter minutes posted online.


    c) Kelly proposed an alternative idea of a joint membership between local chapters and state CAMFT membership, where state CAMFT membership would include membership in a local chapter. State CAMFT would then pay a percent of the membership fee back to perspective local chapters. Kelly offered to write a response letter to CAMFT, agreeing with San Fernando’s listed concerns and proposed changes along with EBCAMFT additions stated above and with this alternative proposal. The board agreed with this response of feedback to state CAMFT.


    VI. Santa Clara Valley CAMFT- Events and Cross Advertising: It was agreed upon to engage in cross advertising and events with SCVCAMFT in efforts to promote both local chapters.


    VII. Follow up Items from the Retreat:

    a) Revamping website/ Mobile optimization: Leslie absent


    b) CEU program: Kelly expressed having contacted providers to affiliate for CEUs workshops, such as Cross Country but has not heard back as of yet. Caiti proposed Saturday member inclusive thematic workshops and presentations. Holly expressed concern over who would be available to coordinate and facilitate the day of presentations. The board discussed the possibility of hiring someone. It was decided to table this topic until membership survey results are in next month.  


    c) Promotional Marketing Materials: Aaron provided a rough proof of developed postcard promoting EBCAMFT’s online therapist finder. Feed back was given and it was decided for Aaron to move forward.  Caiti and Holly reported waiting for original graphics specks from graphic artist to complete postcard for general outreach use. Caiti reported that JFK University has agreed to allow presentations and PPT in classes or events providing EBCAMFT membership information. It was suggested that postcards may be advantages for these purposes.



    d) Workshop Series/internet and paperless practice: Kelly related having been in contact with private practice online software company Simple Practice. It was proposed to engage in an affiliate program with Simple Practice offering ECAMFT members a free 2 month trial and Simple Practice would pay $100 per EBCAMFT member who sign up. It was also discussed the possibility of allowing advertising in the newsletter as well as E-tree to generate more revenue. Kelly inquired for whether the board felt offering a workshop or event around "going digital" could be part of website 101 and marketing online. Kelly made a motion for an affiliate relationship with Simple Practice. The board agreed with 7 ayes.


    VIII. Member Services Update: (eg hiking, 3000 hour club, mentorship program, etc)

    a) Ben reported a 3000 hours club sponsored meeting was held yesterday at JFK where 2 people attended though the outcome was positive. Next scheduled meeting to be held at BAPTI in Lafayette this Saturday.  


    b) Craig reported the next hiking group is scheduled for Saturday May 16th at Anthony Chabot Regional Park: Clyde Woolridge Staging Area, San Leandro.


    c) Laura reported that 1 person is currently wait listed for the mentorship program. The next event is a coffee social (location TBD) that is scheduled for June 6th from 2-3. The Mentor Appreciation Brunch is scheduled in September and will possibly be held in Walnut Creek. 





                                                     Meeting Closed at 5:51pm

                                                         Submitted 5/14/2015

                                                      Aaron Foster, Secretary


  • March 20, 2015 8:07 AM | Deleted user

    Present: Holly Forman, Kelly Sharp, Caiti Crum, Craig Toonder, Ben Jones, Aaron Foster; Late arrivals-Leslie Bandle, Laura Freideberg

    Guests: Admin: Veronica Macina, Brian Campaney MFTI

    Absent: none



    -Welcoming of Guest Brian Campaney MFTI, who shared he was in attendance for an assignment from North Central University. Brian also shared he is currently a Substance Abuse Counselor at New Bridge.


    - Holly indicated today’s board meeting will end about a half hour earlier than usual due to a scheduled Membership Social immediately following at 6pm.


    I. Approval of February Minutes: 6 ayes


    II. Treasure's report: Leslie reported current account totals as follows: Checking $40,032.89, Savings $51,057.58, and all funds in Paypal account have been transferred to checking.



    -Leslie provided a spreadsheet displaying tracking of income and expenses year-to-date with month to month comparisons from 2014. Gross profit for the month of February was reported as $5,376. and expenses as $1,268.  Holly inquired if Leslie could also add month to month comparisons for 2013. It was agreed upon to add quarterly totals for 2013 instead. 


    -Leslie inquired for what is EBCAMFT's goal related to finances. Discussion amongst board members ensued related to the history of finances that had led to focusing more on savings. Now that this goal has been met, the board feels it is time to highlight member services in addition to membership growth. Holly requested for the board to consider this goal further once results are gained from a member’s poll regarding services later this month. Holly also requested that Leslie consider the cost of offering lifetime memberships.



    III. Admin Report: Veronica reported current membership totals for March thus far as follows: Clinical 559, Intern 159, Student 34, associate 35 for a total of 846 active members/ 867 e-tree only members. This includes the addition of 5 new members in the last 30 days and 64 overdue renewals. Veronica indicated she is sending out direct emails to members whose membership has lapsed.


    - Veronica expressed having received an invoice from EBCAMFT’s previous CPA regarding her fee for writing a letter to IRS about her late filing for 2013 in efforts to avoid penalty. The board discussed drafting a letter in response to the invoice stating we will not be paying for her letter writing services due to her negligence of filing EBCAMFT taxes late when she received all the information in a timely fashion. Veronica added she is having consistent communications and coordination with newly hired CPA, Loli Cremat, and all requested information and documents are in process for timely filing of 2014 taxes.


    -Veronica also offered new liability insurance recommendations with quotes she had collected. The Board reviewed recommendations and costs, deciding on an insurance company by the name of ACE.



    IV. Follow up from retreat:

    -Aaron developed survey poll questions addressing member’s services via email prior to today’s board meeting and it was decided to move forward with said questions. Veronica to submit poll questions to members via survey monkey.


    -Laura reported that she is still in the process of developing the poll for new numbers.


    -Kelly discussed speaking to Jackie Brookman about creating a series of workshop offerings. The first being “Website 101” with attendee follow up sessions for three months. Kelly inquired for board members to consider providing referrals for a web developer who would be interested in participating in the series and could create websites for members at a discounted rate. Craig added he would consider developing a niche market workshop for the series.


    -Leslie shared having followed up with Wild Apricot (Database Software Management Co.) and they are unable to offer services to optimize our website. She will continue to look into options for website optimization. Veronica highlighted the possibility of saving 10% if we pay annually rather than paying $200 per month with Wild Apricot. The board agreed to pay annually.



    V. Mentorship program Update: Laura reported that the Internet Marketing Seminar on the 1st of March had 15 attendees out of 25 who had RSVP’d. She indicated that the information shared was great and it appeared members were pleased. It was suggested to provide handouts or place PDFs on the website for members to have access to for Seminars or Workshops of this kind.


    VI. 3000 Hour Club Update: Ben reported Natasha can no longer facilitate the Berkeley group meetings thus will be looking for a new facilitator. Ben expressed good news that at both the Berkeley locations, the Wright Institute and JFK, will now be providing refreshments for the 3000 hour meetings. He reminded the board that this Saturday’s meeting will be held at BAPTI in Lafayette.


    -Ben discussed the offering of low-cost therapy for therapist’s interns and indicated many licensed therapist’s had offered to participate. Ben inquired whether we would provide a resource list of therapist who participate on our website. The board discussed and it was decided to not maintain responsibility for such a list. Kelly indicated for Ben to contact member, Sarah Crain, who coordinated and gathered this information to discuss the status. 


    VII. Hiking and Other Socials update: Craig reported a low turnout at the March 8th hike. He reminded the board that all hikes have been scheduled for the year and are on the website’s calendar.


    -Craig updated the board regarding “the Oakland A's Social” on July 31st, relating the guest list thus far is also low though members have until June 1st for priority seating. Veronica offered to send email reminders to members in efforts to increase attendance.




    -AB1775 Survey Poll:  Ben provided printed copies of survey poll results to the board. In general, according to poll results membership overwhelmingly opposes the new law and feel it will not accomplish its original intended goal (Poll results will be posted on EBCAMFT website). It was reported that CAMFT currently plans not to oppose the new law but instead to educate staff members about the new law. In light of poll results, Ben inquired from the board whether it would be a good idea to write a letter to CAMFT encouraging them to amend the law to gain more clarity for people who mandated reporters working with offenders. The board agreed to draft a letter; Ben and Craig offered to collaborate for its completion.


    -Holly related that previous board member Claire-Elizabeth DeSophia had inquired about follow up regarding offering reciprocal membership between chapters. Kelly indicated having attempted contact with Laura Strom who originally brought this idea to the EBCAMFT board, though she has not received a response from Laura. Kelly expressed she would attempt contact again.



    To be continued due to short meeting—follow up from retreat and other topics:


    -Revamping website/ Mobile optimization

    -Marketing Post Cards

    -Financial Goals

    -Web Developer recommendations for workshop series






     Meeting Closed at 5:27pm

                                                     Submitted 4/1/2015

                                                       Aaron Foster, Secretary

  • February 20, 2015 8:22 AM | Deleted user

    Present: Holly Forman, Leslie Bandle, Kelly Sharp, Laura Freideberg, Caiti Crum, Craig Toonder, Ben Jones, Aaron Foster

    Guests: none

    Absent: Admin: Veronica Macina and Website Admin: John Hurley


    I. Approval of January Minutes: 7 ayes


    II. Admin report: Membership report submitted in writing by Admin: Veronica (not present) as follows: total of 861 active members (570 clinical, 165 intern, 35 student, 34 associate, 18 new memberships, and 92 overdue memberships). Total E-tree only memberships 849.


    III. Treasurers report:

    a) Due to login difficulties, Caiti reported account balances as follows: $38,446 in checking, $51,500 in savings, and $1,955.71 in Paypal.

    b) New treasurer, Leslie, reported wanting to utilize printed reports during board meetings to submit and be archived. Leslie also stated desire to display more transparency via month to month profit and loss statements in efforts to also watch costs as EBCAMFT expands. Leslie provided current profit and losses as follows: January income $9,991.49, expenses $2,963.29, net operating income $7,028.20.


    IV. Updates around CEUs, Mentorship, 3000 Hour Club activities:

    a) No CEU updates reported at this time.

    b) Laura reported updated membership numbers for the Mentorship Program as follows: 35 matched mentorships with 72 active members. Laura stated that all events for 2015 have been scheduled and will be posted to the EBCAMFT website calendar by John. The first event will be Internet Marketing Didactic on Sunday March 1st from 2-4:30 in Berkeley. Aaron to send all EBCAMFT events for March to Mariam, Outreach Coordinator for CAMFT, to be added for CAMFT E-Blast.

    c) Ben reported no current updates for the 3000hr club other than January attendance as follows: East Bay 1 attendee and possible new volunteer, Berkeley 7 attendees.


    V. Miscellaneous:

    a) The board reviewed and discussed the EBCAMFT newsletter, considering possible format and graphic changes to increase readability and readership. Ben suggested adding a community calendar of events to the newsletter.

    b) Holly reported receiving feedback regarding renewals from membership. It was suggested to have email notifications look differently or stand out more from other emails sent by EBCAMFT. Caiti reviewed the subject lines for renewal notices and reported to board as follows: 1st and 2nd notices are titled Renewal Dueand 3rd/ final notice is titled "Renewal due today". The board discussed that this should be sufficient.

    c) Kelly proposed to provide a lifetime membership to Jurgen Braungardt, past president of EBCAMFT for his instrumentally paving the way to help EBCAMFT move forward.  The board voted: 8 ayes.

    d) Ben followed up from the January board meeting by providing a draft of survey monkey questions for polling membership regarding AB1775 to Caiti, pending further review.


                                                    Meeting Closed at 3:52 pm

                                                         Submitted 2/6/2015

                                                     Aaron Foster, Secretary



  • January 16, 2015 6:00 PM | Deleted user

    Meeting Minutes 1/16/15

    Present: Holly Forman, Craig Toonder, Laura Freideberg, Aaron Foster, Ben Jones, Leslie

    Bandle (late arrival) Caiti Crum (late arrival)

    Guests: Veronica Macina-- Admin, John Hurley-- Website Admin

    I. Approval of December minutes: 3 ayes

    II. Treasurer’s report: New treasurer, Leslie, reported problems with access to the accounts,

    thus no report provided. Leslie and Veronica indicated coordination of gaining account(s) sign-in

    information. The board also discussed and agreed to printing reports for records during board

    meetings as opposed to verbal presentation alone.

    a) Membership is reported by Veronica as follows: 568 Clinical, 168 interns, 35 student, and 36

    associate members totaling 862.  Etree only reported as 842.

    b) It was discussed that moving forward with posting minutes to the EBCAMFT website, Aaron

    is to send completed minutes to Veronica for archives and John for posting. 

    c) Ben expressed continued problems of members reporting that they are not getting their emails

    through the E-tree. Veronica indicated having worked this issue out with SBCglobal recently to

    find E-tree emails being sent to member’s spam folder. Ben related problems of his own through

    Comcast and indicated that he would review his spam folder.

    IV. Taxes and CPA: Veronica reported that due to our current CPA not filing our taxes on time,

    EBCAMFT received a fine of $1800. She also reported that Connie (current CPA) is

    corresponding with the IRS to see if the fine can be reduced due to nonprofit status. John,

    Veronica, and Aaron offered to locate and coordinate referrals for new CPA with nonprofit

    V. Spotlight in The Therapist magazine: Holly reported that EBCAMFT will be highlighted in

    the May issue of the Therapist magazine due to receiving a business award known as the Best of

    a) Laura reported the mentoring program as doing very well with 33 active/matched mentorships

    and 70 overall involved Mentors/Mentees.

    b) Laura inquired about what kind of training would be advantageous for her upcoming Program

    Didactic Training, stating Cathy Hanville conducts trainings on the topic of Starting a Private

    Practice as well as practice development such as Internet Marketing. However, in accordance

    with BBS rules and regulations, CEUs are allowed to be granted for the former (Starting a

    Private Practice) but not for the latter (Internet Marketing). Also, Cathy has requested to receive

    some form of compensation for conducting a 2 hour training. The board discussed varies ideas

    and means to make the training a win-win for the members and the presenter. It was noted that

    many of the mentor and mentees are not in private practices, thus Internet Marketing would be a

    more applicable topic. Concerns were raised around development of a protocol for presenter

    honorariums. It was decided to discuss further a policy around benefits for presenters at the

    board retreat next month. In the meantime, it was also decided to move forward with Cathy to

    provide a 2 hr training about Internet Marketing at a rate of $50 per hour. Craig offered to

    consult further with JFK University and Earth Circles to illicit what is customarily paid to

    presenters. The board voted: 5 ayes.

    c) Laura coordinated tentative “Save the Dates” as follows:

    Internet Marketing Didactic, Sunday March 1st from 2:00-4:30 (Berkeley)

    Coffee Social, Saturday June 6th at 1:00pm (location TBA)

    Mentor Appreciation Brunch, Sunday September 20th at 12:00pm (location TBA)

    VII. Discussion around upcoming board retreat: Holly addressed the board with agenda topics

    for next month’s board retreat. The board highlighted topics and volunteered, where applicable,

    Holly—precedents for workshop/presentation and volunteer benefits/compensation policies,

    increasing survey polling, online balloting.

    Leslie—East Bay therapist member directory optimization and bringing in 3rd party sponsors.

    Craig and Aaron—Monthly social outings for members.

    Board Retreat scheduled for Feb 1st 10-4 at the Inn at Jack London Square in Oakland.

    a) John indicated he is gaining orientation related to his duties such as updating the website,

    posting Monthly meeting minutes, and updating the Etree. Caiti reported she has been reviewing

    template information from the website to see what could be revised or refreshed.

    b) Veronica and Caiti reported concerns over lapsed memberships such as how much advance

    notice is needed, how many days to allow for lapsed memberships and renewal check processing.

    The board discussed and arrived at 30-45 days advance notice with an allowance of 35 days past

    due before terminating membership.

    c) Ben informed the board that in the Oct-Nov issue of the Therapist magazine, among the

    disciplinary section, he read that someone received a disciplinary action for use of the EFT

    technique known as “Tapping” due to this technique not being an approved theory or practice by

    CAMFT. He noted that this infraction was also connected to the more serious infraction of a dual

    d) Holly polled the board to see who was able to attend the Chapter Leadership Conference

    scheduled for Feb 20th in Costa Mesa. Ben reported he plans to attend, Caiti and Holly reported

    e) Ben stated the Association of Social Workers is suing the state over AB1775 in efforts to not

    uphold the ruling. The question arose over whether EBCAMFT may desire CAMFT to take a

    position to defend or not to defend. A possible need to consult with CAMFT lawyers to request

    that they not use funds to support the new ruling was also expressed. Craig suggested surveying

    membership. Ben assessed opinions amongst the board to find board members in conflict of

    opinion. Holly inquired whether Ben would draft a poll through survey monkey and send the

    draft out to the board, to be followed by a membership wide survey. Ben agreed.

    f) Leslie provided the room rental agreement for Dahlia Therapy Center where this year’s board

    meetings are to be held. Leslie expressed needs for a deposit of $20 to be held for the year. Caiti

    to prepay rent for the year by check in the amount of $240 and a check in the amount of $20 for

    g) Holly stated one of her goals as president is to reach the 1000 member mark and is requesting

    the list of CAMFT members who are not EBCAMFT members. Further discussion occurred

    around contacting other internship and school sites to engage students in EBCAMFT programs

    such as the Hiking Club, the 3000hr club, and the Mentor/Mentee Program.

    h) Ben reported good news that could be helpful to membership in that the 3000hr club has

    received an offer to hold their meetings at JFK University and the Wright Institute. Ben indicated

    coordination of dates for upcoming meetings to be staggered between the two locations. As part

    of the Secretary’s duties, Aaron is to email Mariam, the Outreach Coordinator at CAMFT, by the

    3rd week of each month indicating the following month’s EBCAMFT event dates, locations, and

    i) Holly and Caiti reported needs to identify a new person to write monthly newsletters due to the

    previously identified person falling out. It was decided to post on the E-tree to find someone who

    would be willing to write for the year. Caiti agreed to draft this month’s newsletter.

    j) Craig reported the Hiking Club will be scheduling hikes for the year starting in January (24th)

    and follow every other month thereafter. Craig to send information to Veronica for E-blast.

    k) Caiti was voted in as president elect with 5 ayes.

    l) The board had a discussion around Save CAMFT, including their title changing to CAMFT

    United. It was agreed that at the next meeting a follow up discussion would be had around

    CAMFT United’s current progress in the elections.

                                                     Meeting Closed at 5:54pm

           Submitted 1/28/14

      Aaron Foster, Secretary

  • December 26, 2014 7:42 PM | Deleted user

    Meeting Minutes 12/12/14

    Present: Kelly Sharp, Laura Freideberg, Holly Forman, Craig Toonder, Peter Carpentieri, Ben

    Jones, Claire-Elizabeth DeSephia, Leslie Band (arrived late)

    Guest: Aaron Foster, Caiti Crum

    I. November minutes approved:  7 ayes

    a) Membership is reported by Caiti as low due to approximately 130 renewals being due at the

    end of this month with 60 renewals being overdue. Membership is as follows: 426 clinical

    members, 152 intern members, 34 student members, 27 associate members, 30 E tree only

    members, and 14 new members in the last month for a total of 683 active members. Google

    b) Caiti also stated she is currently in the process of revising the manual for the position of admin

    and training new admin, Veronica. 

    a) Peter provided his final report as Treasurer, reporting currently there is $32,569.97 in

    checking, $51,056. 31 in savings, $1,539. 92 in PayPal account for a total of $85,166.20.

    b) Peter reported this year’s grand total is $200 more than last year’s grand total.

    c) Kelly thanked and offered her appreciation on behalf of the board to Peter for his services over

    d) Peter expressed his appreciation and indicated he would continue to be involved with the

    a) Ratified election results are as follows: out of 760 ballots sent, 132 ballots received, and 1

    disqualified due to lack of signature.

    Laura Freideberg received 121 votes for the position of  Board Member at Large.

    Craig Toonder received 118 votes for the position of Board Member at Large.

    Ben Jones received 122 votes for the position of Board Member at Large.

    Caiti Crum received 126 votes for the position of Board Member at Large.

    Leslie Bandle received 123 votes for the position of Treasurer.

    Aaron Foster received 120 votes for the position of Secretary.

    (Votes for past president and president elect were counted last year thus not counted during this

    b) Election results were approved: 8 ayes

    V. Board Meeting Location for 2015:

    a) Leslie reported speaking to the Dahlia Center in Oakland about renting space. They offered

    half price for nonprofit use, bringing rental cost to only $10. per hour. The board considered the

    Dahlia Center, though Holly expressed a possible conflict of interest. Laura suggested contacting

    CAMFT legal services to discuss the conflict of interest further.

    b) Craig offered to look into use of his office location on Grand Ave in Oakland.

    c) Other options were discussed and it was decided that due to the affordability and desire to

    support another therapeutic community, holding 2015 Board Meetings at the Dahlia Center

    would be in line with EBCAMFT goals.

    d) The board voted: 5 ayes, 1 abstention, 1 oppose. The next board meeting is scheduled at 4pm

    on the 3rd Friday of January (1/16) at the Dahlia Center in West Oakland.

    a) Holly reported EBCAMFT Board retreat is scheduled for Feb 1st from 10am-4pm at the Inn at

    Jack London Square in Oakland.

    b) Holly expressed having met with the coordinator of the Berkeley 3000 Hour Club, Natasha.

    Natasha presented the idea of changing the name from ‘club’ to something more mature due to

    concerns for interns of juvenility. The Board discussed that the word ‘club’ is the standard name

    given throughout the state of California. Holly asked Ben to share the history of the 3000 Hour

    Club with Natasha to help support her understanding.

    c) Holly continued to report discussion with Natasha about whether or not the coordinator

    position should be a paid position due to interns being paid for their work per new sanctions and

    expectations. The Board discussed the nature of volunteering amongst the board and board run

    programs. It was decided to offer to comp dues as compensation for ongoing volunteering

    though further discussion continued about creating a policy that states the board will decide on a

    case by case basis about comping membership dues for substantial volunteer efforts. Also

    discussed was providing a volunteer appreciation lunch as an offer for further support,

    appreciation, and a forum to address other concerns. The board voted: 7 ayes, 1 abstention.

    d) Ben reported a follow up from last meeting, he has secured space at BAPTI for the 3rd

    Saturday of every month for the 3000 Hour Club meetings.

    e) Kelly announced discussion with George, an EBCAMFT member, about the creation of a

    networking luncheon for clinicians only.

    f) Kelly expressed her appreciation and thanks for Member at Large, Claire-Elizabeth, for her

    role and involvement with the Board as this is her last meeting as well.

    g) Claire-Elizabeth offered her reciprocal thanks and appreciation to Kelly for her last 2 years as

    h) Kelly followed up with further appreciation and thanks to individual board members for their

    involved roles, hard work, and flexibility.  Kelly ended by stating her well wishes and excitement

    for Holly's presidency in 2015 and indicated she too would continue to be involved with

    i) The board as a whole further discussed where we were and how far we've come.

       Meeting Closed at 5:57pm

           Submitted 12/26/14

    Aaron Foster, Guest Volunteer

  • November 24, 2014 7:39 PM | Deleted user

    Present: Kelly Sharp, Holly Forman, Craig Toonder, Peter Carpentieri, Ben Jones

    Absent: Laura Freideberg, Claire-Elizabeth DeSophia, Leslie Bandle,

    I. September minutes approved: 5 ayes

    a) There are currently 791 Active EBCAMFT members, 28 E-tree only, 527 Clinical members, 158

    Interns member, 36 students members, 32 associate members, for a total of 824 total active/ E-tree

    b) Caiti elicited discussion around a transitional chapter satisfaction survey for interns being conducted

    yearly and offering a check box for new members to agree to electronic balloting. It was agreed upon to

    conduct yearly chapter satisfaction surveys for interns and providing a check box for electronic balloting

    c) Caiti reported receiving good feedback from members about recent CEU presentations. 

    a) Currently there is $37,270.26 in Checking, $51,055.82 in Savings, $762.56 in Paypal account, for a

    a) Caiti reported we are currently at max capacity with 61 confirmed attendees for Friday 12/12 at 7pm.

    b) Caiti to send during the 1st week of December an E-blast to confirm attendance as space is limited and

    only those who have confirmed/ RSVP’d will be allowed to attend.

    c) From 4-6 the same  day of the Holiday Party the board will meet at Claire-Elizabeth’s office for their

    final yearly board meeting where election ballots will be counted.

    d) “Year in Review” to be E-blasted following Holiday Party after submission to Kelly.

    a) The Board discussed that most members are in favor of contributing to the Save CAMFT donation

    where $6000 is needed. To date they have received $1800 of that goal.

    b) The Board voted for an EBCAMFT donation of $1500 at this time. To then discuss again closer to the

    end of CAMFT’s state election in March whether to increase EBCAMFT’s donation: 5 ayes in favor

    VI. Proposal to offer reciprocal benefits to other CAMFT chapter members

    a) The board discussed the need to figure out how to capture reciprocal members; how to verify

    membership, and determine what discounted costs to offer to members for CEU presentations.

    b) At this time, the board concluded to respond with agreement of interest in participation of reciprocity. 

    The board will revisit how they will participate or share discounts with other chapters once further

    information is received and upon changes to next year’s CEU’s have been recorded by the state CAMFT

    a) The end of year Board dinner is scheduled for 6pm Dec 5th at Bucci's in Emeryville. 

    a) Caiti reported on the Chapter Liaison Conference scheduled for Feb 20 and 21st in Costa Mesa.

    Content is expected to be more relevant to chapters and the State as opposed to previous years. There is

    also more collaboration among chapters expected.

    b) Holly reported that Jackie Brookman is envisioning a 5 hour CEU presentation to be offered on a

    Saturday in the spring of 2015. The selected topic is Private Practice discussing community building,

    referral origination, marketing, etc... The board discussed possibilities for a Panel or Breakout groups.

    Kelly and Caiti both expressed interest in participating and inviting other therapist from other chapters to

    c) Ben inquired about CEU Saturday morning workshops not currently being scheduled every month and

    explored how best to expand the program. Ben also wanted to coordinate use of the space for the 3000

    Hour program when not in use by CEU workshops.

    d) The board discussed utilizing E-Tree blast announcements and monthly updated lists of CAMFT

    members who are not EBCAMFT members about hosted EBCAMFT meetings and events targeting

    interns for mentoring and CEUs with membership. Caiti to blast 1st announcement in December or

    e) Caiti reported member’s difficulties with Google Groups such as emails disappearing or not being

    received. Ben offered to debug and provide a second set of eyes for google groups.

    Meeting Closed at 5:51pm 11/22/14

                     Aaron Foster, Guest Volunteer

    Submitted 12/1/14

  • November 24, 2014 5:00 PM | Admin EBCAMFT


    Meeting Minutes

    Present: Kelly Sharp, Laura Friedeberg, Peter Carpentieri, Holly Forman, Claire-Elizabeth DeSophia, Ben

    Jones, Leslie Bandle, Craig Toonder


    Guest: Caiti Crum

    1. Approval of July minutes

    2. Admin Report: Caiti Crum

    -Membership: 777 active, 532 clinical, 144 intern, 29 associate, 34 student

    -30 e-tree subscriptions

    -Three ads placed this month

    -CEU presentations through the end of 2014 and January booked. One more presentation needed for


    -Janet Natale taking over King Yen networking lunches

    -Evelyn Wu may be interested in coordinating CEU’s

    3. Treasurer’s Report: Peter Carpentieri

    -$38, 189 checking

    -$51,055.49 savings

    -197.85 PayPal

    4. General Membership Meeting

    -Discussed agenda for same date membership meeting

    5. Elections

    -Discussed open EBCAMFT board positions

    -Peter and Claire-Elizabeth resigning from EBCAMFT board

    -Laura, Craig, and Ben running for Member at Large

    -Leslie running for Treasurer

    -Secretary position open (will recruit during general membership meeting)

    -Agreed on two envelope stuffing days; November 14th and November 21st

    6.   Holiday Party (date and time chosen at September board meeting)

    -Holly reminded board that party would be at 7:00PM on December12th at Marc 49 in Oakland

    -reservations limited for holiday party

    -7:00-8:00PM cocktail hour

    -8:00-9:30PM dinner

    -Board meeting from 4:00-6:30 (before holiday party) on December 12th at Claire-Elizabeth’s office

    7. Misc

    -Peter will represent EBCAMFT at upcoming Greater Good Science Center conference

    -Caiti transitioning out of administrative position

    -Newsletter Editor-Jessica ($500.00 first month and $100.00 monthly after that)

    -No leads on web administrator position

    -Claire-Elizabeth discussed CAMFT Survey

    -Ben volunteered to call Google tech support to ask about problems with missing messages

    Meeting Closed 6:00PM.  Minutes submitted on 11-19-2014

    Laura R. Friedeberg, Secretary, Mentorship Program Chair

  • November 24, 2014 1:27 PM | Admin EBCAMFT

    Board Meeting 09.19.2014

    Present: Kelly Sharp, Holly Forman, Peter Carpentieri, Claire-Elizabeth

    DeSophia, Ben Jones, Craig Toonder

    Absent: Laura Friedeberg, Leslie Bandle

    1. Approval of Minutes.

    a. July minutes approved. 6 ayes.

    b. Agreed to wait to approve the August minutes as questions

    remained and Laura was not in attendance.

    a. The current accounts: checking - $40,091.55, Savings -

    $51,055.04, Pay Pal - $298.88, for a total - $91,445.47.

    a. Caiti discussed current chapter membership numbers, including

    4. Website Overhaul Discussion

    a. The board discussed ideas around revamping the website.

    b. Kellie proposed splitting Caiti’s job into two different jobs, one for

    membership numbers remaining consistent.

    c. The board discussed ideas around changing the website and

    admin/membership and the 2nd around revamping of the website

    and maintenance. This was agreed upon.

    therapist finder as well as what might be beneficial for the

    d. Agreed to continue the discussion.

    e. Craig agreed to follow up with a contact around pricing for the

    revamp and search engine optimization.

    a. Touched based around the social the following day.

    b. Agreed upon December 12th at 7pm being the time and date for the

    c. Holly is continuing to search for a venue.

    6. General Membership Meeting

    a. Discussed the upcoming general membership meeting.

    b. Agreed that it would be October 17th, from 7pm-9pm.

    c. The board discussed the agenda as well as what role each board

    d. Kelly Laura Strom agreeing to be a speaker.

    e. Kelly agreed to coordinate snacks and beverages for the event.

    7. Board composition for the next year.

    a. Peter undecided.

    b. Claire-Elizabeth social. member would play.

    a. Caiti shared that she will be leaving her position by the end of the year and that she is interested in joining the board.

    b. Kelly and Caiti will work on the job description in preparation of hiring a new administrator.

    c. Ben discussed 3000 mile club

    Meeting Closed 6:00 pm 09.19.14

    Respectfully submitted 11.20.14

    Holly Forman, President-Elect


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