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  • November 24, 2014 1:26 PM | Admin EBCAMFT


    Meeting Minutes

    Present: Kelly Sharp, Laura Friedeberg, Peter Carpentieri, Holly Forman, Claire-Elizabeth DeSophia, Ben

    Jones, Leslie Bandle

    Absent: Craig Toonder

    Guest: Caiti Crum

    1. Approval of July minutes (tabled)

    2. Admin Report: Caiti Crum

    -Membership: 835 total, 751 active, 91 overdue, 27 lapsed, 13 new, 4 clinical, 4 intern, 1 associate, 751

    e-tree active

    -44 renewals

    -Archiving lapsed members (400 archived members)

    -Four advertisements in newsletter

    -Clarified how to receive e-tree mail due to members reporting they are not receiving mail promptly

    -CEU program: August presentation in Orinda with Cindy Rasicott on Attachment Theory (15


    -Working with Cindy to lengthen CEU Program from 2 hours to 4 hours

    -No Berkeley CEU program

    -Claire-Elizabeth proposed starting up a Berkeley program (tabled)

    -Caiti asked for a volunteer to help with September 13th CEU; Kelly will follow up with Caiti

    -Peter proposed that Caiti prepare a job description for marketing/recruiter position in newsletter

    (under the supervision of a board member) with an estimate of hours

    -Kelly proposed a salary of $100.00 per month and a $500.00 initial incentive

    3. Treasurer’s Report: Peter Carpentieri

    -40,411 checking

    -51,054.63 in savings account

    -347.45 PayPal

    -91,813.62 total

    4. Therapist for Single Payer: Claire-Elizabeth DeSophia

    -Motion for EBCAMFT to donate $1,500.00 to Therapist for Single Payer toward educating MFT’s and

    other mental health professionals (7ayes)

    5. President: Kelly Sharp

    -e-mail invitation will go out regarding September 19th social from 5:00-6:00PM at the Claremont Hotel;

    all board members excluding Laura Friedeberg (out of town) scheduled to attend

    -September board meeting re-scheduled from 4:00-6:00PM to 3:00-4:37PM on September 19th

    -Social on September 20th from 4:30-8:00PM at St. Clements Church

    -Holly will provide food, wine, beer, water, and soda

    -Claire-Elizabeth proposed hiring a pianist for the social; Peter will contact EBCAMFT member, Robert

    Schnitzius who may volunteer

    -Holly wrote letter in opposition of Chapter agreement

    -October 5th hike/picnic from 10:00-11:15AM in El Sobrante; Leslie volunteered to set up at 11:15AM

    -Discussed false advertising allegations; Kelly agreed to speak to Gadi regarding concerns

    6.   Mentoring Program Update-Laura Friedeberg

    -Updated board on Mentor Appreciation Brunch on August 10th (11 participants)

    7. Child Pornography Law-Ben Jones

    -Spoke with Kathy Atkins regarding clinical repercussions of law

    -Downloading/possession of child pornography is mandated reporting

    -Motion to draft a letter to CAMFT proposing changes to mandate for MFT’s to report child pornography

    (5 ayes)

    Meeting Closed 6:00PM.  Minutes submitted on 08-26-2014

    Laura R. Friedeberg, Secretary, Mentorship Program Chair

  • November 24, 2014 1:20 PM | Admin EBCAMFT


    Meeting Minutes

    Present: Kelly Sharp, Laura Friedeberg, Peter Carpentieri, Holly Forman, Claire-Elizabeth DeSophia, Ben

    Jones, Craig Toonder, Leslie Bandle

    Absent: None

    Guests: Caiti Crum, Jurgen Braungardt

    1. Approval of minutes (8 ayes)

    2. Admin Report: Caiti Crum

    -721 active members, 506 clinical, 124 intern, 35 students, 27 associates, 23 e-tree only

    -Continuing to develop social media marketing including Facebook and LinkedIn

    -Developing a calendar of promotions

    -Proposed working with transgender community in promoting cultural competency and suggested

    honorarium (proposal tabled)

    3. Treasurer’s Report: Peter Carpentieri

    -38,195.15 checking

    -51,054.20 savings

    -2774.41 PayPal

    -92,023.76 total

    4. President: Kelly Sharp

    -General Membership Meeting October 17th

    -Addressed September 19th or 20th Social after meeting-difficult to find an affordable place to rent so

    Claire-Elizabeth and Holly will continue to look.

    -Motion for EBCAMFT to draft a letter to CAMFT encouraging them to adopt a ban on SOCE (8 ayes)

    -Soce bill in review

    5. Hiking Club-Craig Toonder

    -Discussed cost of three hour social (tabled)

    6. Board discussed bill requiring therapist mandate to report downloading/child pornography

    7. Chapter Agreement discussion

    Meeting Closed 6:00PM.  Minutes submitted on 08-14-2014

    Laura R. Friedeberg, Secretary, Mentorship Program Chair

  • August 02, 2014 5:11 PM | Admin EBCAMFT


    Meeting Minutes

    Present: Kelly Sharp, Laura Friedeberg, Peter Carpentieri, Holly Forman, Claire-Elizabeth DeSophia, Ben Jones, Craig Toonder, Leslie Bandle

    Absent: None

    Guest: Caiti Crum

    1. Approval of minutes

    1. Admin Report: Caiti Crum

    -721 active members, 419 overdue memberships, 354 lapsed memberships

    -Continuing to develop social media marketing as a strategy to extend membership

    -EB Chapter in need of facilitator for Monday networking luncheons

    -Plenty of CEU presenters for Wednesday presentations

    -Reminded board of protocol for CEU’s

    -Requested updates on hiking club, mentoring program, ect, for newsletter

    3. Treasurer’s Report: Peter Carpentieri

    -40,000 in checking account

    -51,053 in savings account

    -839.00 in paypal

    -91,915 total

    -Initiated discussion on consulting with financial advisor (fee only)

    4. President: Kelly Sharp

    -EBCAMFT to come up with an agreement and proposal to state CAMFT

    -Suggested collaboration with other boards to construct document

    -Motion to NOT sign agreement or counter-agreement as is (agreed)

    -Will provide CAMFT feedback on what EB CAMFT would like included in agreement.

    5. September CAMFT Board Meeting/ BACC Update-Claire Elizabeth DeSophia

    -Recommended EBCAMFT host social and invite folks attending CAMFT Meeting

    -Board in agreement to pursue planning of social by July meeting

    -Discussed venues and cost to allocate for this event

    -Due to several chapters not being interested, BACC is not moving forward

    6.   Mentoring Program Update-Laura Friedeberg

    -Program appreciation brunch for mentors scheduled on August 10th at 11:00AM, Dona Tomas in Oakland

    -Molly Merson, LMFT will be assisting with the mentoring program

    7. General Membership Meeting: Kelly Sharp

    -Initiated conversation on E-Tree ethics

    -EBCAMFT member expressed concerns around “false claims in advertising”

    -EBCAMFT will ask for specific details around this claim

    -General membership meeting on October 17th from 4:00-6:00PM

    8. Hiking Club-Craig Toonder

    -Planning hike for October 5th

    -Possibility of organizing picnic on October 5th with hike

    Meeting Closed 6:00PM.  Minutes submitted on 07-11-2014

    Laura R. Friedeberg, Secretary, Mentorship Program Chair

  • June 30, 2014 11:38 PM | Admin EBCAMFT


    Meeting Minutes

    Present: Kelly Sharp, Laura Friedeberg, Peter Carpentieri, Holly Forman, Claire-Elizabeth DeSophia, Ben Jones, Craig Toonder, Leslie Bandle

    Absent: None

    Guests: Caiti Crum

    1. Approval of minutes

    1. Admin Report: Caiti Crum

    - in the process of removing newly lapsed members -675 e-tree, 728 active, 506 clinical, 106 interns, 36 students, 29 associates, 7 retired, and 1 honorary member.

    -Launching and promoting EBCAMFT on social media sites including Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn

    -Promoting 3000 Club

    -Update on postcard marketing =25 responses

    -Promotion of Orinda CEU’s in August, September, and October

    -Member, Cynthia Pastor will facilitate Wednesday CEU presentations beginning June 4, 2014.

    -Application for Chapter Advisory Counsel denied-board members strategized ways to dispute denial.

    3. President’s Report: Kelly Sharp

    -Discussed Chapter name change; East Bay Therapist Association vs. East Bay CAMFT

    -Use of time in board meetings; Member services vs. big picture issues

    4. Hiking Club Update: Craig Toonder

    -hikes will be scheduled bi-monthly

    -Walkie talkies for safety will be purchased

    5. Treasurer Report: Peter Carpentieri

    -Initiated conversation on investing chapter funds

    -$38,283 in checking account

    -$51, 053 in savings account

    -$265 in PayPal

    -$89,701 Total

    6. Inter-Chapter Counsel Update: Claire-Elizabeth DeSophia

    -Some interest from regional

    -Chapter agreements; EBCAMFT board agreed to have CAMFT incoming board re-examine. EBCAMFT Board does not want to sign at this time as the agreements are currently written.

    7. General Membership Meeting: Holly Forman

    -Kelly Sharp recommended having the meeting in September 2014.

    -Kelly proposed that EBCAMFT host 50th anniversary party with state CAMFT funds.

    Meeting Closed 6:00PM. Minutes submitted on 06-16-2014

    Laura R. Friedeberg, Secretary, Mentorship Program Chair

  • May 19, 2014 11:39 PM | Admin EBCAMFT

    Meeting Minutes

    Present: Kelly Sharp, Laura Friedeberg, Peter Carpentieri, Holly Forman, Claire-Elizabeth DeSophia, Ben

    Jones, Craig Toonder

    Absent: Leslie Bandle

    Guests: Caiti Crum, Elenore Leu

    1. Approval of minutes

    2. General membership meeting in May

    3. President Report: Kelly introduced illegitimate SaveCAMFT website and request for investigation.

    -proposed inviting CAMFT board to attend EB CAMFT meeting.

    -board discussion around CEU program/program coordinator (CEU’s are not currently valid due to

    coordinator not on board of directors or currently communicating with chapter)

    -Claire-Elizabeth volunteered to speak with coordinator about resigning and volunteered to attend

    next CEU presentation

    4. Admin Report: Caiti updated website with quick links, cleaned up format, refined placement of

    pages, and removed template.

    -recently launched post card mailing/requested more post cards

    -coordinated with John Hurley (intern) to remove lapsed members from chapter

    -676 on google groups

    -737 active, 474 renewal overdue, 411 lapsed

    -still seeking newsletter editor

    -Kelly proposed posting volunteer opportunities and formal application for CEU presenter on


    -Caiti’s goal for the following month: Social Media Accounts

    5. Treasurer Report: Peter reported the following: $39494.55 checking, $5152.93 savings, and


    -pay pal empty

    -expenses for board retreat and liability

    7. Mentoring Program Report: Laura reported on upcoming social on May 18th

    Oakland from 1:00-3:00PM for all program participants.

    8. Ben reported on 3000 Hour Club meeting in Orinda on Wednesday mornings

    -board discussion around interns receiving low cost therapy

    -proposal to organize Berkeley meeting

    9. Craig reported on hike

    -proposal to organize hike every two months

    -board discussion around whether or not to have participants register on line/sign-in sheet for


    -Laura proposed communication devices on hikes for safety

    -next hike planned for June 8th

    10. Claire-Elizabeth proposed 50th

     -volunteered to draft letter of interest to counsel

    Meeting Closed 6:00PM. Minutes submitted on 04-29-2014

    Laura R. Friedeberg, Secretary, Mentorship Program Chair

  • April 25, 2014 1:04 AM | Admin EBCAMFT
    Present: Kelly Sharp, Laura Friedeberg, Peter Carpentieri, Holly Forman, Claire-Elizabeth DeSophia, Ben Jones, Craig Toonder

    Absent: Leslie Bandle, Jurgen Braungardt

    Guest: Caiti Crum

    1. Kelly introduced a motivational quote and invited the board to verbalize two goals to improve EB CAMFT this year.

    2. Claire-Elizabeth facilitated introductions amongst members.

    3. Approval of Minutes (7 ayes)

    4. President Report: Kelly discussed ballots, attendance at Leadership Conference, and SOCE. EB CAMFT does not endorse SOCE practices.

    5. Admin Report: Caiti agreed to send out postcards to folks who’s membership has lapsed, Caiti seeking editor for newsletter/ administration help, she announced membership numbers as follows; 665 e-tree/members, 759 active, 530 clinical, 126 intern, 34 student, 34 associate, 7 retired, 27 e-tree only

    6. Treasurer Report: $317.02 increase, $88,337.67 assets, $5,126.00 PayPal

    7. Mentorship Program Report: Laura announced that there are currently 30 Mentorships in the chapter and 7 mentees on the waiting list, program social will be May 18th at Grand Fare Café in Oakland, program didactic will be coordinated either in July or August and ideas/presenters were discussed, Appreciation Program for Mentors was introduced, Laura reminded board that she would be representing EB CAMFT at the upcoming CAMFT sponsored Law and Ethics workshop.

    8. Kelly discussed chapter policy verses procedure in decision making.

    9. A calendar of events/socials/CEU’s was discussed. It was determined that there would be 6 structured events scheduled for members.

    10. Caiti will be CEU coordinator for smaller events (1-2 CEU’s)

    11. Ben will coordinate 3000 Hour Club beginning in April

    12. Craig will coordinate hike on April 13th

    13. Holly will coordinate speed networking social on April 27th

    14. The following themes/ideas were brought up for socials/events (3 socials this year); happy hour, book sale, art/poetry/dance/coffee, multi-chapter social, intern placement fair

    15. CEU/Workshop Ideas: Sex addiction and Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction

    16. Kelly asked for a volunteer from EB CAMFT for Chapter Advisory Counsil

    Meeting Closed 3:45PM. Minutes submitted on 04-07-2014

    Laura R. Friedeberg, Secretary, Mentorship Program Chair

  • March 15, 2014 4:17 PM | Admin EBCAMFT


    Present: Claire-Elizabeth DeSophia, Peter Carpentieri, Craig Toonder, Ben Jones, Leslie Bandle, Holly Forman, Jurgen Braungardt.

    Guests: John Hurley, MFTI

    1. January Minutes Approved.

    2. Treasurer’s Report: Checking - $34,055.24

                 Savings -   $51,050.79

                 Pay Pal -      $2,014.62

                 Total    -      $88,020.65

       Net gain for the month: $3,123.17

    3. Chapter Agreement discussion - Consensus to not sign the agreement or take any action at               this time and discuss further at the upcoming Board retreat after more information is available.

    4. Administrator’s Report:      762 Current Active Members

                    (536 Clinical Members

                    127 Intern Members   

                    34 Student Members

                    31 Associate Members

        2 Community Members

        7 Retired Members

        1 Honorary Member

        22 E-tree Subscriptions)

    Chapter tax information for 2013 has been provided to Tax Accountant.

    Board will discuss adding additional administrative support at Board Retreat. John Hurley expressed interest in providing this support.

    Membership drive aimed at  local CAMFT members was discussed. No action taken.

    5. Review of Barbara Griswold’s Health Care Reform Workshop - Overall event was a tremendous success. 88 attended. Event was very crowded. Uncomfortable for some. More time could have been offered for event activities. Many participant questions left unanswered. Claire-Elizabeth recommends we do another event soon, maybe in two parts. Better management of registration and venue selection for events is needed in the future. Chapter is transitioning from sparsely attended events where people show up unannounced and are admitted without problem to greater attendance where room occupancy limits become an issue.

    6. Professional needs survey was administered at event. Results will be presented at Board Retreat March 16. Yolo-Solano Chapter expressed interest in partnering with EBCAMFT around events and exchanging other resources.

    7. Newsletter - Caiti would like someone else to take over the Newsletter Editor position. Html familiarity needed. Caiti will contact potential volunteers from workshop.

    8. A local attorney has offered to give a free workshop to Chapter members on avoiding civil and licensure complaints. Board will look further into this.

    9. Peter announced that he can no longer head up the “What Heals” Clinical Training Program and that the response, both in terms of overall interest and organizing and presenting has been minimal. The program has essentially not gotten off the ground. Board will consider other possibilities for events and presentations in 2014 at the upcoming Board Retreat.

    10. Upcoming CAMFT Board Elections - Jurgen requested a statement from the EBCAMFT Board in support of the SAVCAMFT slate of candidates for the election. The slate’s primary areas of focus are greater overall transparency, more financial accountability, more advocacy for MFT’s and more effective legislative lobbying on behalf of our profession.

    Motion to endorse SAVCAMFT candidates in a statement to local CAMFT membership passed 4-1 with 1 abstention. Caiti will prepare the statement with input from other Board members and send out electronically on March 2.

    Meeting adjourned at 6:00 PM.

    Submitted by Peter Carpentieri.

  • January 17, 2014 4:15 PM | Admin EBCAMFT

    01.17.2014 Minutes

    Present: Kelly Sharp, Peter Carpentieri, Holly Forman, Claire-Elizabeth DeSophia, Leslie Bandle

    Absent: Laura Friedeberg

    Guests: Craig Toonder, Ben Jones, Caiti Crum, Victoria Campbell

    I.       Approval of Minutes

    ·         January Minutes were approved, 5 ayes.

    II.    Craig discussed his interest in being a member at large on the board. A motion was proposed and he was voted in (5 ayes). Ben discussed his interest in being a member at large on the board. A motion was proposed and he was voted in (6 ayes).

    III. Distribution of Bylaw Packets

    ·         Kelly gave out packets of the 2009 bylaws for the board members to have.

    IV.  Admin Report.

    ·         Caiti reviewed that there has been a large increase in membership renewals over the month. With there being: 764 etree members, 751 active members (531 are clinical, 120 interns, 32 students, 31 associates, and 7 retired). There are additionally 19 e-tree only members and two ads were purchased during the month.

    ·         The board discussed strategies around reminding lapsed members to renew. It was agreed that another postcard mailing would be sent out.

    ·         Thirty nine individuals had signed up for the Healthcare workshop that Claire-Elizabeth had been working on organizing.

    ·         Caiti shared that she will be presenting about chapter membership at the CAMFT Leadership Conference in February.

    V.    Treasurer’s Report

    ·         Currently there is $31,617.91 in checking, $51,049.49 in savings and $2,230.08 in the Paypal account.

    ·         A discussion was had around the cost of the annual board member dinner in December. It was determined that the cost was not significantly different than in previous years.

    VI. Mentorship program

    ·         This item was taken off of the agenda due to Laura being unexpectedly absent. .

    VII.                       CEU Program Update

    ·         Peter reviewed his current ideas around the program, including continuing the What Heals theme, with a 3-4 hour time frame.

    ·         He shared concern around not having enough time/energy to solely spearhead the program and discussion around a subcommittee was had. Leslie agreed to assist with helping with the subcommittee.

    VIII.                   Healthcare Workshop

    ·         Claire-Elizabeth discussed her work around organizing the workshop and asked for more board members to assist in the day of tasks. Craig agreed to assist as will Caiti..

    ·         Specific details around the event were reviewed, including who had what tasks, etc.

    IX.             Board Retreat

    ·         A date was scheduled for March 16th for the annual Board Retreat.

    X.               Misc

    ·         Claire-Elizabeth reviewed the positive changes she has seen in the chapter over the last few years and thanks Kelly for being part of this.

    ·         Kelly reviewed that she had been contacted by Sarah Crane, who wanted to pass along information to the members around what she had learned from a financial advisor recently around retirement and private practice. Kelly will contact the financial advisor to see if the information may be useful for members.

    ·         Victoria Campbell, from the state CAMFT board was present. She reviewed that CAMFT was exploring ways in which they could help local chapters, specifically around member involvement in the local CAMFT boards. She shared that she was present because CAMFT wanted her to visit local chapters and explore this.

    ·         Dinner with Victoria after the meeting was reviewed and Holly, Craig, Ben, Claire-Elizabeth and Kelly agreed to attend.

    Meeting Closed 5:58 pm 01.17.14

    Respectfully submitted 02.10.14

    Holly Forman, President-Elect

  • January 16, 2014 4:16 PM | Admin EBCAMFT

    12.20.2013 Minutes

    Present: Kelly Sharp, Holly Forman, Vivian Nelson, Peter Carpentieri, Duncan Bennett, Caiti Crum

    Guest: Laura Friedeberg, Claire-Elizabeth DeSophia

    Absent: Donna Long, Jurgen Braungardt, Sandy McQuillen

    I.  November Minutes Approved- 5 ayes


    II. Treasurer’s Report

    a) Currently $27,605 in checking, $51,049 in savings, $50 in Paypal

    III. Counting of ballots/Ratify Vote

    a) The board members opened and counted the ballots for the 2014 Board Elections

    b) The vote was ratified- 5 votes

    c) Results along with vote count:

               Kelly Sharp- President-                                               130 votes

               Holly Forman- President-Elect-                                  125 votes

               Peter Carpentieri- Treasurer-                                     126 votes

               Laura Friedeberg- Secretary-                                     125 votes

               Claire=Elizabeth DeSophia- Member-At-Large-        128 votes

               Leslie Bandle- Member-At-Large-                              124 votes

    IV. Prep for general membership meeting

    a)  Reviewed the general membership that would occur after the board meeting, including who would be talking/presenting.

    V. Follow up re: Barbara Griswold, ACA and Insurance and DSM 5 training

    a) Claire-Elizabeth reviewed having talked with Barbara Griswold around presenting and that she agreed. EBCAMFT will pay her $400 for the presentation.  

    b) Kelly reviewed having contacted Angela Khan around completing the DSM 5 training. It was agreed that the Board would continue looking for a presenter with a more moderate price point.

    Meeting Closed 5:45 pm 12.20.13

    Respectfully submitted 01.13.14

    Holly Forman, Secretary

  • January 15, 2014 10:09 AM | Admin EBCAMFT

    11.15.2013 Minutes

    Present: Kelly Sharp, Holly Forman, Vivian Nelson, Peter Carpentieri, Duncan Bennett, Jurgen Braungardt, Sandy McQuillin, Caiti Crum

    Guest: Laura Friedeberg

    Absent: Donna Long

    I.  October Minutes Approved- 5 ayes       

    II. Treasurer’s Report

    a) Currently $24,141.59  in checking, $51,046.93 in savings and $2,028.52 in paypal

    III. Holiday Party/General Membership Meeting

    a) Discussed ideas around how to structure the Holiday Party/Membership meeting. It was agreed that the General Membership meeting would be held either at the beginning or the middle of the holiday party.

    IV. Elections-strategize vote counting

    a)  Reviewed the ballot stuffing completed the week before. Holly, Peter and Vivian attended. Caiti completed and mailed the ballots.

    b) The board discussed that counting of the ballots would occur at the next board meeting in December.

    V. CAMFT Updates

    a) Jurgen reviewed the current petition from SaveCamft to put individuals on the upcoming ballots for state CAMFT.

    Meeting Closed 5:52 pm 11.15.13

    Respectfully submitted 12.19.13

    Holly Forman, Secretary


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