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  • November 24, 2013 11:26 AM | Admin EBCAMFT

    10.18.2013 Minutes


    Present: Kelly Sharp, Holly Forman, Vivian Nelson, Peter Carpentieri, Duncan Bennett

    Guest: Laura Friedeberg

    Absent: Sandy McQuillen, Jurgen Braungardt and Donna Long

    I.  September Minutes Approved- 5 ayes


    II. Admin Report

    a)  Caiti reviewed that Laura Strom had sent a thank you letter around the donation made.

    b) After a request from a member, the gender field was updated on the on-line therapy finder to be more inclusive.

    c) Caiti reported that overall 142 chapter members responded to the bylaws survey. Results can be found on the EBCAMFT website.

    d) Caiti inquired around the organization obtaining a yearly membership for survey monkey due to there being a cap on the number of responses for a survey with the free version. It was agreed to obtain the membership ($250.00 a year).

    e) The EBCAMFT PO Box was renewed.

    f) There are currently 736 active EBCAMFT members, with 731 having signed up for the Etree.


    III. Treasurer’s Report

    a) Currently $26,509 in checking and $51,045 in savings


    IV. General Membership Meeting

    a) The board members discussed the pros and cons of keeping the current date for the general membership meeting or moving it to a later date.

    b) The idea of combining the general membership meeting with the annual holiday party was discussed and agreed upon. The date of 12/20/13 was decided for the holiday party.


    V. Elections

    a)  The need for new board members was discussed in lieu of several members retiring

    b) It was agreed that each board member would reach out to several other chapter members to encourage participation.

    c) Ballot mailing was discussed and it was agreed that board members would meet at Holly’s house to complete the ballot mailings on 11/10/13.


    VI. CEU/Mentoring Program

    a) Peter reviewed interest in organizing the new CEU program, including utilizing Jurgen’s idea around the theme “What Heals”.

    b) A discussion was had around a potential structure of the CEU presentations and pay for the presenters.

    c) Peter agreed to take the ideas discussed and put together a presentation at an upcoming board meeting around the new CEU program.


    Meeting Closed 5:56 pm 10.18.13

    Respectfully submitted 11.12.13

    Holly Forman, Secretary

  • September 03, 2013 6:48 AM | Admin EBCAMFT

    07.19.2013 Minutes

    Present: Kelly Sharp, Duncan Bennett, Holly Forman, Donna Long, Sandy McQuillin, Jurgen Braungardt, Caiti Crum

    Guest: Claire-Elizabeth DeSophia , Yo-at Esther Silverman, Laura Friedeberg

    I. June Minutes Approved- 5 ayes

    II. President’s Report

    a)      Kelly reported that she had a conversation with Guillermo Alvarez around chapter member concerns.

    b)      She reviewed having e-mailed the chapter and encouraged them to complete the survey that CAMFT posted around the election.

    c)       She shared that the chapter had received several e-mails from different members offering to volunteer and that they will be compensated with a paid annual EBCAMFT membership.

    d)      She reported that CAMFT has requested to do a chapter spotlight. It was agreed that Laura would draft a spotlight around the mentorship program.

    e)      She reported having received a quote from a law firm around assisting with advocating for fair insurance reimbursements for therapists. It was agreed that the cost was too high.

    III. Administrator’s Report

    a)      Currently 752 active members.

    b)      678 members subscribed to the etree .

    c)       Caiti reviewed that she is currently adding event registration via internet for the CEU events.

    d)      Caiti shared that the amount of content being received for the newsletter has increased.

    IV. Treasurer’s Report

    a)      Currently $23,799 in checking, $51,041 in savings and $4,055 in the Paypal account.

    b)      Discussion around if research had been done about how to invest chapter money occured. Kelly reviewed that it had been on hold while Jurgen was away and that they would look into different avenues soon.

    V. CEU Program Update

    a)      No overall updates. Holly and Jurgen agreed to meet to discuss the CEU program for 2014.

    VI. Mentoring Program

    a)      Laura reviewed the current program, including having slightly more mentees than mentors.

    b)      She discussed marketing for the program and it was agreed that an eblast could be sent out.

    c)       She requested that the chapter pay for a meeting place for the upcoming presentation geared towards the members involved in the mentor program. The board agreed.

    d)      She shared wanting to soon offer more presentations for members involved in the program.

    VII. CAMFT Chapter Bylaws

    a)      Claire-Elizabeth discussed the Save CAMFT group, including the on-line petition and a need to obtain the on-line signatures on paper.

    b)      An in-depth conversation was had around the bylaw changes and possible amendments. Concern was discussed around the August 1st deadline not allowing enough time.

    c)       The need to poll the membership around their thoughts/feelings around the change was discussed and it was indicated that this could occur at the annual chapter meeting.

    d)      Claire-Elizabeth requested that the board send out the Save CAMFT flyer to the chapter members.

    e)      Kelly agreed to re-send out an earlier e-mail to the chapter around the bylaws and add a small amount of information from the Save CAMFT flyer.

    f)       The board discussed and came to an agreement around the language to use from the flyer. Kelly agreed to complete the e-mail over the weekend.

    g)      Jurgen agreed to draft a letter to send to CAMFT from the board around the August 1st deadline being too short and requesting that the bylaw vote be nullified until proper dialogue can be had around the potential changes.

    Meeting Closed 6:15pm 07.19.13

    Respectfully submitted 08.12.13

    Holly Forman, Secretary

  • August 04, 2013 9:06 PM | Admin EBCAMFT

    06.21.2013 Minutes

    Present: Kelly Sharp, Peter Carpentieri, Holly Forman, Vivian Nelson, Donna Long, Sandy McQuillin, Caiti Crum

    Guest: Claire-Elizabeth DeSophia

    I. May Minutes Approved- 6 ayes

    II. President’s Report

    a)      Kelly reported that she e-mailed Jill Epstein around what the new chapter bylaws would look like.

    a.       Jill responded, reported that the chapters would be sent out the updated bylaws to sign at the end of the year/beginning of next year.

    b)      Kelly reviewed that CAMFT will be having a webinar around the new bylaws and encouraged each board member either to attend or watch the video once posted.

    c)       She reviewed currently continuing to look into a summer/fall social.

    d)      She reported that a test preparation company approached her around hosting an event geared towards chapter members around sharing the company’s services while hosting a lunch/dinner. It was agreed that the chapter could give the information for the event to members but would not sponsor it. Kelly agreed to again follow up with the company.

    III. Administrator’s Report

    a)      Currently 744 active members.

    b)      659 members subscribe to the etree .

    c)       Currently 1 new etree only subscriber.

    d)       Caiti is currently completing outreach to members who have lapsed membership.

    e)      She shared receiving e-mails from members around receiving too much or two little information around certain topics on the etree .

    f)       Caiti shared discovering, when renewing the EBCAMFT business license that it was not renewed the previous year due to having been sent to an old EBCAMFT address. She renewed it for the upcoming year and for the previous year.

    IV. Treasurer’s Report

    a)      Currently $25,623 in checking, $51,040 in savings and $2790.50 in the Paypal account.

    V. CEU Program

    a)      Holly shared that a member requested to re-present a topic due to having several individuals interested who were unable to attend the original event. It was agreed that a board member could be present to provide CEUs but that EBCAMFT would not supply a location or refreshments.

    b)      Reviewed communication around the CEU program, specifically around scheduling events and e-mail communication.

    VI. Mentoring Program

    a)      Kelly briefly discussed the current mentoring program, including matches having been made and an upcoming mentoring support group meeting.

    VII. Single Payer

    a)      Vivian reviewed the Therapists for a Single Payer is requesting a donation to continue progress around outreach to more therapists. The board had an in-depth conversation around how the donation would serve our members. It was agreed that it would serve the best interests of the members. A motion was approved to make the $1000 donation . 6 ayes.

    VIII. Guest- Claire-Elizabeth DeSophia

    a)      An in-depth conversation around the current approved bylaws was completed.

    b)      Claire-Elizabeth discussed the current SAVE CAMFT group and petition, as well as an ethics complaint being filed by another member against the CAMFT board.

    c)       Claire-Elizabeth shared her ideas around informing the overall CAMFT membership around the bylaw changes.

    d)      Kelly shared that there would be a meeting hosted by the Marin CAMFT chapter on July 27th that would be attended by several CAMFT board members. It was agreed that Kelly would send out an e-mail to the EBCAMFT membership sharing the date of the meeting for members who are interested in attending.

    e)      Claire-Elizabeth reported that she would also be sending out an e-mail to the etree, encouraging members to attend.

    f)       Claire-Elizabeth discussed reading about a supreme court decision that requires that individuals completing internships be paid for their services. Sandy agreed to look into the case.

    IX: Miscellaneous

    a)      Discussed the current newsletters and content of articles.

    b)      Reviewed the need to discuss the upcoming elections for EBCAMFT board members.

    Meeting Closed 6:00pm 03.15.13

    Respectfully submitted 07.16.13

    Holly Forman, Secretary

  • August 03, 2013 9:08 PM | Admin EBCAMFT

    EBCAMFT Board Meeting - May 17, 2013

    Present: Kelly Sharp, Sandy McQuillin, Jurgen Braungardt, Duncan Bennett, Vivian Nelson, Peter Carpentieri, Caiti Crum

    Absent: Holly Forman, Donna Long, Laura Friedeberg

    Guest: Claire-Elizabeth DeSophia

    Approval of April Minutes

    Peter made a motion to approve minutes, Duncan seconded, all present voting board members were in favor of the approval

    Minutes passed.

    President's Update

    Kelly provided an update about the upcoming plans for a social East of the Caldecott Tunnel. We have a potential venue in Danville, courtesy of a suggestion from one of our members, and Kelly is learning more about the venue, the cost and any additional information (insurance coverage) we'll need to furnish in order to secure the location.

    We will wait to hear more information about any additional funds we'll need to provide and will plan to have the social in mid-late July.

    Kelly also discussed how because the conversation about the impending bylaws revision election generated a great deal of communication around local chapters of CAMFT, Kelly had contacted other Bay Area chapters to see if anyone wanted to issue a chapter or joint statement. In response, Kelly learned that no other chapter has set concrete plans to release a statement about this election.

    To update us about the new mentoring program, Kelly shared that Laura is making mentor/mentee matches, 15 so far. She is developing a waiting list and is beginning to schedule joint meetings in July and August.

    Administrator's Update

    Caiti reported out the following numbers for our membership and Etree community:

    654 google group

    740 total members

    257 lapsed

    302 Overdue

    12 Etree only

    We are continuing to reach out to lapsed members to ascertain whether they meant to cease their membership or have moved out of the area/are no longer interested in working w/ the organization. Also relaying information about the Etree-only Subscription Progam to ensure as many people as possible know about this option.

    Over the past month/month and a half, there has been a significant increase in communication over email by members and renewing members in particular; instead of about 130 emails/month, we've received around 200.

    Treasurer's Report

    Peter reported the following financial update:

    $23,685 checking

    $51,036 savings

    $3,746 PayPal

    $78,369 total

    We lost $1644 in past month due to money spent on postcards.

    Took in $2,400 in memberships

    CEU Program Update

    Sandy is stopping Saturday CEUs after June and Jürgen has volunteered to step in in september

    16 people at previous CEU, Elizabeth schenk's presentation including one person from San Luis obispo

    Request for inclusion of email address section on CEU registration forms.

    In tandem w/ marketing plans, developing schedule for when event calendar, CEU eblast and newsletter will be sent in order to inform people with as much lead time as possible.


    Discussion about investment options tba until Jürgen returns from vacation

    Strategizing how to continue to distribute postcards - several board members have offered to bring postcards to schools, clinics

    Bylaws Conversation:

    Each board member discussed the questions and thoughts they had about the upcoming election and we collaborated to identify the key issues we'd like to see addressed by CAMFT,

    Because there is a sense of lack of transparency about the rationale behind the decision to include non-MFT clinicians in an organization designed to support MFTs, members shared their concern for the inability for members to make an informed decision about their vote. Also concern for the lack of information provided about the long term impact on the MFT license.

    After discussion, we voted to develop a letter asking CAMFT to postpone election, nullify votes received, until further information can be related abut the full informed action

    Need full explanation for all Camft members and to open a dialog to discuss the propose changes, engage dialog. Effective immediately

    In addition, we will encourage all Camft members to vote no on the election

    Sandy made motion to support the ideas Kelly has presented. Duncan seconded, all voting members were in favor, no abstentions

    We then developed a letter to send to both CAMFT and the EBCAMFT membership. The letter was review by all board members and sent out.

    Meeting was adjourned at 6:15 PM

    Notes respectfully submitted by Caiti Crum, Registered MFT Intern,  Administrator

  • May 11, 2013 6:00 PM | Admin EBCAMFT

    04.19.2013 Minutes

    Present: Peter Carpentieri, Vivian Nelson, Duncan Bennett, Holly Forman, Donna Long, Kelly Sharp, Jurgen Braungardt, Sandy McQuillin, Caiti Crum

    I. March  Minutes Approved- 6 ayes

    II. Admin Report

    a) Reviewed statistics around membership (including 719 current members) and newsletter subscribers (1,000).   

    b) Discussed purchasing 2012 Quick Books ($30) for taxes.

    c) Reviewed administrator’s (Caiti’s) current projects, specifically archiving past newsletter articles and updating the front page of the website.

    III. Treasurer’s Report

    a) Currently $27,606 in checking, $51,037 in savings and $1371 in the Paypal account.

    IV. CEU Program

    a) Reviewed areas of need with the program, including multiple people assisting in the coordination.

    b) Reviewed specific details around program coordination, including selection/communication with the presenters and responsibilities around the day of coordination.

    c) Discussed the different directions that the program could go, including possibly less frequent but longer events or eliminating the current program and creating a workshop series/program with an emphasis on the clinical aspects.  

    V. Postcards

    a) Vivian reported that the EBCAMFT postcards had been mailed out using the purchased mailing list and brought extra cards for other board members to pass out .

    VI. Mentoring Program

    a) Kelly reported that Laura Friedeberg had volunteered to be the Mentor Program Chair and is in the process of beginning the program.

    VII. Lynn-Marie

    a) Kelly reviewed wanting to send out a remember to chapter members around following CAMFT’s recommendation of individual therapist’s requesting raises from insurance companies

    b) Kelly reported back on a recent discussion with EBCAMFT member Lynn Marie Lumiere and The Whatley Firm about potential ways for MFT's to approach CAMFT regarding advocacy with insurance companies. The consultation was aimed at learning if there were legal ways to discuss the issue without violating antitrust laws. Kelly will follow up to obtain pricing for The Whately Firm's counsel and to learn what retaining them would include.

    VIII. Misc

    a) Discussed a summer social in the Walnut Creek area. Caiti agreed to send out a request for recommendations for a venue to the e-tree.

    Meeting Closed
    6:00pm 04.19.13

    Respectfully submitted 05.09.13

    Holly Forman, Secretary

  • May 11, 2013 5:58 PM | Admin EBCAMFT

    03.15.2013 Minutes

    Present: Peter Carpentieri, Vivian Nelson, Duncan Bennett, Holly Forman, Donna Long, Kelly Sharp, Jurgen Braungardt, Sandy McQuillin,

    Guests: Lynn-Marie Lumiere and Claire-Elizabeth De Sophia from 5pm -5:30pm

    I. February Minutes Approved- 6 ayes, 2 abstained

    II. Social Update

    a)      Reviewed the logistics for the social that is taking place after the current board meeting at Urban Legend Cellars.  

    III. Treasurer’s Report

    a)      Currently $27,836 in checking, $51,034 in savings and $4,934 in the Paypal account.

    b)      Briefly reviewed that Kelly and Jurgen will continue to explore potential investment opportunities.

    c)       Reviewed information around accessing the Paypay account.  

    IV. Mindfulness Conference

    a)      Peter reviewed his positive experience at the Mindfulness Conference

    b)      Shared that a new magazine, Mindful, has been launched and the possibility of EBCAMFT advertising in it for EBCAMFT’s therapist finder

    V. CEU Program

    a)      Kelly shared having discussed with Sandy breaking down the components of responsibility for the CEU program and shared needing a volunteer to begin taking over the pre-CEU day responsibilities, including coordinating communication with the CEU presenters. Holly volunteered.

    b)      Discussed ways of marketing the CEU more to increase attendance

    c)       Reviewed ideas and concerns around the current newsletter, including adding more articles and continuing to request that CEU presenters write an article in the month that the presentation will occur

    VI. Postcard Update

    a)      Vivian handed out copies of the final postcard.

    b)      A motion was made to purchase 6,000 more postcards for a total of approximately $2,413, which includes postage to send out card to roughly 6,000 mental health professionals in the bay area. 6 ayes, 2 abstained

    VII. Website- Resource list

    a)      It was agreed to push back the agenda topic to the next meeting due to lack of time to discuss the item.

    VIII. Guest- Lynn Marie and Sophia

    a)      Lynn discussed her communications with CAMFT regarding advocating for fair pay from insurance companies for MFTs

    a.       Reviewed steps CAMFT reported they would take, including writing a letter to the Department of Justice around their ability to advocate for members and encouraging members to write letters to their insurance companies requesting pay increases.

    b.      Discussed frustration around feeling CAMFT is not advocating enough for its members.

    Meeting Closed 5:45pm 03.15.13

    Respectfully submitted 03.17.13

    Holly Forman, Secretary

  • May 11, 2013 5:56 PM | Admin EBCAMFT

    02.24.2013 Minutes

    Present: Peter Carpentieri, Vivian Nelson, Duncan Bennett, Holly Forman, Donna Long, Kelly Sharp, Jurgen Braungardt, Sandy McQuillin, Caiti Crum

    I. January Minutes Approved- 8 ayes

    II. Administrative Report

    a)      Caiti will be able to work more hours

    b)      Discussed the current structure of the monthly Newsletter, including the need for a possible new editor

    III. Treasurers Report

    a)      Currently $26,605 in checking, $51,031 in savings and $2,529 in the Paypal account.

    b)      Briefly reviewed potential investment opportunities. Jurgen offered to look into other possibilities and to report back.  

    IV. Update- Social

    a)      Kelly reviewed that she was able to book Urban Legend Cellars for the next upcoming social. The date will be Friday March 15 from 6:00pm – 8:00 pm.

    V. Postcard Update

    a)      Vivian discussed researching mailing lists and that EBCAMFT could buy a list of all of the mental health professionals in California for $249. A motion was made to buy the list and it was approved with 8 ayes.

    b)      The final format for the postcard was reviewed and a final layout was approved, 7 ayes, 1 abstain

    Meeting Closed 5:00pm 02.24.13

    Respectfully submitted 03.11.13

    Holly Forman, Secretary

  • March 07, 2013 2:00 PM | Admin EBCAMFT

    01.18.2013 Minutes

    Present: Peter Carpentieri, Vivian Nelson, Duncan Bennett, Holly Forman, Donna Long, Kelly Sharp, Jurgen Braungardt, Sandy McQuillin
    Absent: Caiti Crum

    I. December Minutes Approved- 6 ayes, 1 abstain

    II. Administrative Report
    a)      There was an influx of member renewals due to the system having sent out excess reminders.
    b)      Discussion around changing the amount of time a membership is considered lapsed from 45 days to 21. There was disagreement among members with the agreement to further discuss at the next meeting.

    III. Treasurers Report
    a)      Currently $24,000 in checking, $51,000 in savings and $2,000 in Paypal account.
    b)      Discussion around keeping track of check writing. The only people allowed to write checks are the president, treasurer and Caiti.
    c)       Board would like to continue a future conversation around investing current savings.

    IV. Postcard Update
    a)      Discussed idea around obtaining a postal permit to send out the updated postcard versus using the permit offered by the printing place and it was agreed to use the permit offered by the printing place.
    b)      Reviewed the current progress of the postcard, specifically around the formatting
    c)       Vivian and Donna will continue making final changes before a decision is made on the final postcard.

    V. Mindfulness conference
    a)      Peter discussed a partnership with the Greater Good Science Center around their upcoming Mindfulness conference
    a.        In exchange for promoting the event on the website and etree, EBCAMFT would be given a table at the conference and free admission for one board member to attend/work the table.
    b)      Partnership approved, 7 ayes

    VI. Citizens for a Healthy California (CHC)
    a)      Peter discussed EBCAMFT paying to become a member of CHC, which is working towards making single payer a reality in California
    b)      Becoming a member was approved, 7 ayes

    VII. Socials
    a)      Discussion around increasing the frequency of socials offered to members.
    b)      Different options were considered, including setting monthly or quarterly socials.
    c)       Member involvement around coordination was reviewed.
    d)      Donna and Peter agreed to contact SFCAMFT regarding their socials.
    e)      Kelly is looking into a venue for a social in March.

    VIII. Board Retreat
    a)      A date for the board retreat was agreed upon, February 24th.
    b)      Duncan agreed to be the facilitator.
    c)       An agenda was created
    a.       CEU Program (What it currently looks like, How to run and promote it in the future, etc)
    b.      2013 Objectives (Socials, intern support, mentoring program, etc)
    c.       EBCAMFT Website (Purpose, how to boost content, etc)
    d.      EBCAMFT relationship with CAMFT
    d)      A more thorough agenda will be created by Duncan and submitted for Kelly’s approval prior to the retreat.

    Meeting Closed 6:00pm 01.18.13

    Respectfully submitted 02.10.13

    Holly Forman, Secretary

  • March 07, 2013 1:00 PM | Admin EBCAMFT

    12.21.12 Minutes

    Present: Peter Carpentieri, Vivian Nelson, Caiti Crum, Duncan Bennett, Holly Forman, Donna Long, Kelly Sharp, Jurgen Braungardt.

    Absent: Sandy McQuillin

    I. October Minutes Approved - 7 ayes, 1 abstain.

    II. November Minutes Approved - 7 ayes, 1 abstain.

    III. Election

    (a) votes tabulated - Kelly Sharp (83), Holly Forman (83), Peter Carpentieri (81), Duncan Bennett (81), Donna Long (81), Sandy McQuillin (79), Vivian Nelson (82)
    (b) votes reported
    (c) votes approved, seconded and election votes approved
    (d) Kelly will discuss results in next edition of Newsletter
    (e) Holly and Caiti will report results of election to the State of California

    III. Administrative Report

    (a) Member numbers - 662 new members
    (b) Etree numbers - 630 subscribers
    (c) Treasurer’s info - approx. 15K in checking, 4k in Paypal (Caiti will transfer) (*Peter please check me on this)
    (d) Vivian suggested applying for a nonprofit status on Paypal; Peter will investigate.
    (e) Discussed need to file taxes early in 2013
    (f) Jurgen and Kelly met to transition paperwork and role

    IV. Discussion Of Etree Program
    (a) Review of current marketing plan
    (b) Exploration of additional/alternative formats
    (c) Polling members about program
        i. format
        ii. # workshops per year
        iii. networking opportunities
    (d) Duncan proposed 2 board members attend CEUs 2x/year
    (e) Kelly proposes a conversation around revitalizing the CEU program at upcoming Board Retreat

    V. Planning for 2013
    (a) Board retreat - timeframe, consensus to have board retreat
    (b) Succession
    (c) Development of mentorship program
    (d) Socials
    (e) Revitalizing CEU program

    VI. Outreach Brochure
    (a) Vivian discussed design/rates with Christie Brashear, graphic designer
    (b) Discussed possibility of working with Krishna Copying for postcard duplication
    (c.) Vivian edited copy slightly for length

    VII. Misc.
    (a) Peter discussed the Single Payer Initiative
    (b) Peter discussed the idea of having EBCAMFT join the Citizens for Healthy CA
        i. Peter will send out info to Board
        ii. Board will discuss at next meeting

    VIII. Gratitude
    We extend our thanks to Jurgen for providing the organization a stabilizing voice in the last two years. We appreciate his dedication to the group and capacity to work with us for a second term. We look forward to working with him in his new capacity as Past-President in the coming years.

    Meeting Closed 6:30pm 12.21.12

    Respectfully submitted 1.11.13

    Caiti Crum, Administrator

  • March 07, 2013 12:00 PM | Admin EBCAMFT

    East Bay Chapter of CAMFT Board Meeting Minutes

    November 16, 2012

    Present: Jurgen Braungardt, Caiti Crum, Duncan Bennett,  Peter Carpentieri, Vivian Nelson, Steve Keightley, Sandy McQuillen, Donna Long, Holly Forman (late)
    Absent: Kelly Sharp

    I. Approval of Minutes:
    A. Postponed.

    i) Kelly, who took minutes last month, is absent.

    ii) Steve volunteers to take minutes at this, his last Board Meeting!

    II. Follow Up from General Meeting
    A. Turn out was low, 14 people showed up (not an exact count)

    i) some left before part two.

    ii) or arrived late..

    B. We needed to advertise it sooner.

    i) Try to have the meeting earlier in the year, i.e. June.

    C. Interns work on Saturday so not a great day to have it.
    D. Maybe people were burned out on the Healthcare topic because of it being election season? E. Presentations

    i) We needed Betty’s presentation materials sooner.  

    ii) the Board splits on liking or not liking Ernie’s presentation.

    iii) To some, Betty’s felt like an appeal.

    F. Generally we need to have people get more “in the habit” of meeting face-to-face.  

    i) Create a “rhythm” of monthly meetings.

    ii) ACTION: Do an on-line survey to measure interest in the General Membership meeting?

    G. We committed to sending out a survey on making the E-Tree a subscription.

    i) Also a survey question asking for members to create a Social Committee.

    ii) A Social Committee wouldn’t necessarily need to be Board Members.

    iii) CONTEXT: SF CAMFT has 5 social meetings in next month: Spanish speaking, Intern Group, Tea, and 1 person managing each event!

    H. Steve suggested renting out Betty’s Oceanview Diner (510) 644-3932, 4th Street in Berkeley

    i) someone else needs to call.

    I. Peter will explore his idea for “Uncommon Grounds”

    i) on 7th Street. Near Ashby (510) 764-1211.

    ii) ACTION: Peter will call.

    J. Create an Intern Only meeting?  

    i) Sandy will look into it.

    K. Is Kelly helping to create a Mentorship program?
    L. A fixed location for monthly meetings would be helpful.
    M. CEU Attendance is getting worse

    i) 4 people at Gottman Couples’ Presentation.

    N. Over-all we need to revamp our marketing!

    III. E-Blast versus E-Tree
    A. Caiti will E-Blast the E-Tree a request for a location?

    i) Caiti doesn’t want to E-Blast more than 2x/mo.

    ii) Peter suggests the Board could have an E-Tree presence.

    a. Is it a better option than an E-Blast?

    b. The E-Tree gets more readership & participation. We discuss.

    IV. Advertising Guidelines
    A. Figures reviewed.  
    B. Motion to “approve rates and post on the website”. 4 aye, 2 abstain; re-vote after clarifications = 6 ayes! Approved.
    C. Proposal for E-Tree Only Subscription.

    i) Is there a threat of losing members if we offer “just E-Tree” members?  

    ii) Do a trial period for a year of offering this subscription.

    iii) We discuss where to set the price.

    iv) We  may have 200-300 AAMFT members who are interested in subscribing to E-Tree.

    v) Will people re-register to save CAMFT membership cost, and join E-Tree. (?)

    vi) Also seeking associated licenses professionals.

    a) How do we market to them?

    D. Motionto adopt e-tree only subscription only fee for $50, for 1 year trial”. Seconded. 6 ayes! Approved.

    V. Election
    A. Tally of candidates

    i) Steve is out.

    ii) Holly is in, on the ballot.

    iii) Duncan in.  

    iv) Vivian in.

    B. We need a Secretary.  

    i) Could have a rotating secretary taking minutes.

    ii) Steve describes duties, Holly not initially interested.

    iii) Caiti offers to take minutes.

    iv) Holly Forman offers to step in to be Secretary when Caiti isn’t available to take notes.

    C. We want a President Elect.
    D. Donna is unsure if she can continue with Membership Chair,

    i) She predicts she won’t be able to consistently make it.

    ii) We agree to put her in for Member-At-Large!

    E. Candidates, please finish your statements by end of business day Monday!
    F. Election Schedule

    i) Need ballot received by members on December 17!

    ii) Need to get ballot in the mail by next week!

    iii) Caiti offers her house Saturday, November 24th 2pm for Ballot Stuffing Party.

    VI. Holiday Party
    A. Kelly will  try the winery again (but it’s not definite).  
    B. Or a restaurant where members pay flat fee and Board covers the rest
    C. Discuss dates

    i) Arrive at “Sunday Afternoon drop-in event. December 16, 3pm – 6pm”.

    ii) Location TBA!!

    VII. Brochure
    A. Steve gives mock-ups to Vivian.
    B. ACTION: Steve will send text out to the Board.

    VII. December 21st = Next Board Meeting.

    Meeting closed 5:57pm 11/16/12

    Draft Respectfully Submitted November 21, 2012

    by Steve Keightley, Exiting Chapter Secretary


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