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  • March 07, 2013 11:00 AM | Admin EBCAMFT

    East Bay Chapter of CAMFT Board Meeting Minutes
    October 19, 2012
    Present: Jurgen Braungardt, Kelly M. Sharp, Sandy McQuillen, Donna Long, Duncan Bennett, and guest Holly Forman Absent:  Steve Keightley, Caiti Crum, Peter Carpentieri and Vivian Nelson
    I: Approval of Minutes A:  Approved
    II:  Financial Report A: Approx $70 K in savings B: Approx monthly expenses from Sept 12: $1600 C: Approx Income from Sept 12: $1690 D: Current Membership Total: 647 E: Discussion around increasing membership numbers      -i)  Increasing Socials and Networking Events is discussed     -ii)  Contact new Camft Members and send invitation            -iii)  Increase exposure to CEU program
    C: General Membership Meeting A: Date and time finalized:  Oct 27th, 2012 from 9-1PM B: Structure/Schedule and Agenda for meeting decided and planned.
    D:  Next Board Meeting November 16, 2012

    Meeting Adjourned at 6: 05PM

    Minutes submitted by Kelly M. Sharp, President Elect

  • March 07, 2013 10:00 AM | Admin EBCAMFT

    September East Bay CAMFT Board Meeting Minutes

    September 21, 2012

    Present: Jurgen Braungardt , Steve Keightley, Kelly Sharp, Vivian Nelson, Peter Carpentieri,

    Duncan Bennett, Sandy McQuillen (late)

    Absent: Caiti Crum, Donna Long

    I. Agenda modified

    A. Brief discussion of the death of Paul Lewis, previous president of East Bay CAMFT.

    II. August Minutes briefly discussed and Approved 4 ayes, 1 abstain.

    A. Neither Peter nor Vivian will be at next month’s meeting.

    III. Financial Report (specific reports available from Caiti Crum, Administrator)

    A. Review

    i. We break even July - August as we paid our administrator.

    ii. Treasurer briefly states Checking, Savings, and Total Balance (roughly $70,000)

    B. We would like to produce a simple Balance Sheet for the General Membership Meeting.

    IV. Member Statistics

    A. Three months show slight growth, +46 members.

    B. Website & Newsletter Discussion

    i. review Subscribed, Opens, and Click Through numbers.

    ii. We can still send the Newsletter to local CAMFT members who are not Chapter members.

    iii. 3 categories of members:

    a. Newsletter subscribers

    b.. Google Group

    c.local CAMFT/non-Chapter members.

    iv. Discussion of Opening E-Tree to allied members

    a. Maybe we will create an “E-Tree Subscriber” member category?

    b. Limit it with a trial period?

    c. Charge a membership fee slightly less than full members pay.

    d. Do existing E-Tree members want allied professionals to have access?

    v. Task Force created to bring this issue to the General Membership Meeting in October or to

    query membership via “Surveymonkey”.

    C. Advertising Rates Discussion

    i. Confusion about “E-Tree Only” for Members

    a. Why would members pay for 2x plus the regular 2x/mo.?

    ii. Clarify Newsletter advertising (i.e. why is it not on the hand out?)

    iii. Motion to “Approve overall rate structure with Member of E-Tree at $0 and add Newsletter

    [advertising option]” - Approved, 7 ayes.

    V. General Membership Meeting Planning

    A. October 27th in Moraga, 9am - 1pm, two 90 minute presentations.

    i. arrive 9am

    ii. 9:30am - 11:00am

    iii. break

    iv. 11:30am - 1pm

    B. Local Chapter Discussion with Membership

    i. President intro

    ii. Board review of the year

    iii. Cait introduces self and gives on-screen (projected) website tour

    iv. “Opening E-Tree to allied professionals” discussion.

    C. Single Payor/Obamacare/Anti-Trust Presentation(s)

    i. Single Payor, 30 min. presentation

    a. 30 minute Obamacare; i.e. inform us about coming changes in laws etc.

    b. Quick presentation on anti-trust issues from an attorney?

    c. Q & A session

    VI. Social Event

    A. Kelly will visit a church site

    B. Peace Center in Oakland has meeting space available.

    C. 50 people could be held at a member home in Montclair

    i. parking & access concerns

    VII. Brochure

    A. Newsletter & Member categories need to be included

    B. Steve will follow up with graphic designer estimates.

    VIII. Future Holiday Party planning t.b.a.

    Meeting Adjourned 6:10pm 9/21/12

    Draft Minutes respectfully submitted


    Steve Keightley, Secretary

  • March 07, 2013 9:00 AM | Admin EBCAMFT

    August East Bay CAMFT Meeting Minutes

    August 24, 2012

    Present: Jurgen Braungardt , Kelly Sharp, Caiti Crum, Sandy McQuillen, Steve Keightley, Duncan

    Bennett, Vivian Nelson, Donna Long, Holly Forman,

    Absent: Peter Carpentieri

    Welcome back from our summer vacation (no July meeting!)

    Welcome to Holly Forman, MFT Intern, visiting guest!

    I. June Minutes briefly discussed and Approved 5 ayes

    A. No major changes needed

    B. Matters of length vs. brevity addressed, but not resolved.

    II. Administrative Report

    A. Financial report delayed because of access problems at the bank.

    B. Google Analytics

    i) Caiti has concerns over the low “click through” numbers

    ii) Caiti is still exploring the various tools within Google Analytics

    iii) Membership numbers increased from 615 in June, to 640 in August ‘12.

    C. Advertising CE’s

    i) There are existing requests to post CEU workshops

    ii) We are doing it now at no cost

    iii) Lincoln Child Center would like to partner with us to announce CE classes.

    D. Resource Directory Development

    i) Cait has two therapist volunteers so far.

    III. Google Group Problems

    A. E-Tree is now set up under a consumer account (versus a business account)

    i) We are now over member and traffic limits!!

    ii) We will have to migrate E-Tree to a business account soon.

    iii) The E-Tree could fail at any time (again!)

    B. Website Discussion

    i) Caiti is fine-tuning on-line CEU forms with Sandy

    ii) Website visits seems low, “repeat visitors” number is higher (800+)

    iii) We need more and better website content!

    iv) We need a focus for the website: Peer use or public use?

    C. Advertising Rates

    i) Is our fee schedule clear? (No).

    ii) Rates are low now & different for persons or organizations

    iii) Need a “Reworking the Advertising Rates Committee”

    a. Look at what we have

    b.Look at what other organizations have

    c. Update our rates & types

    d.Not enough Board members volunteer.

    IV. Newsletter

    A. We need articles and better ideas! (Under 1200 words).

    i) existing articles were “cloaked ads”

    ii) Add a “Letters to the Editor” section?

    a. Guidelines or critiera? 250 words?

    V. Resource Directory

    A. For Therapists & for Community

    B. Caiti has two people who could help organize one (1-2 months)

    VI. Social Event (June plan fell through)

    A. Need to find a standing, regular location

    i) Something that is less work for us:

    a. Potluck?

    ii) Challenges

    a. Friday evenings

    b. Parking

    c. “Clean & sober” options

    d. Ability to pop-in and pop-out.

    iii) Sundays?

    iv) San Francisco Chapter as an example of several types of meetings

    a. standing location at a hospital

    b. high tea

    c. annual dinner event

    d. Food, Board members present, Speaker...

    v) Sandy went to a Debtor’s Anonymous meeting at a great room at Kaiser Oakalnd.

    vi) We are a non-profit but we are willing to pay something.

    VII. General Membership Meeting (not just social, a planned agenda)

    A. October or early November at the church in Moraga

    B. 9am registration, 9:30am start, go until 1pm

    C. Speaker?

    i) David Jensen was not available earlier

    ii) CAMFT says that only lawyer that can speak is now Jill Epstein (we already had her


    iii) Tom Wolton, Bi-Polar Expert?

    a. Or do we want a more general topic?

    D. What will be the non-speaker agenda? (The rest of the meeting?)

    E. E-mail suggestions to Jurgen within a 1 month deadline!

    VII. Chapter Member Category Discussion

    A. Vivian passes around copy of CAMFT Policy (which is separate from their By-Laws).

    B. There is no apparent wiggle room for “other” or “friend” category.

    i) MFT’s would be qualified to be CAMFT members

    ii) we have to list members plus their qualifications to CAMFT.

    C. The Board agrees that the energy to push back against this policy is not present now.

    VIII. State CAMFT Meeting Announced

    A. Board & chapter members encouraged to go September 8 & 9, 2012

    IX. Spotlighting by “The Therapist” -- ideas? Describe Wine Social?

    X. Miscellaneous

    A. Steve, Secretary, announces a possible move out of the area, and thus likely quitting the Board in

    the next 2-3 months.

    -- Meeting adjourned 6:15pm 8/24/12 --

    Draft Minutes Respectfully Submitted 8/27/12

    Minutes Approved 9/21/12

    Steve Keightley, Secretary

  • March 07, 2013 8:00 AM | Admin EBCAMFT
    East Bay CAMFT Board of Directors Meeting
    June 15, 2012

    Present: Jurgen Braungardt , Sandy McQuillen, Vivian Nelson, Donna Long, Steve Keightley, Kelly
    Sharp, Peter Carpentieri, Caiti Crum (arrived late).
    Absent: Duncan Bennett
    I. May Minutes Approved – 5 ayes
    II. Administrative Report (for Caiti, in absentia)
    A. We review Membership numbers: active, overdue, lapsed.
    B. The Board is paying for 15 hours per week and Caiti is using that time.
    III. E-Tree Discussion
    A. How well is the new Google Group E-Tree working?
    i) It is working fine, but at half the volume as before.
    ii) Some Board members & members are still having difficulties, however.
    iii) Can the instructions on joining be re-sent?
    iv) As of last week there were 345 members on board
    a. The old E-Tree used to have five to six hundred members.
    v) We are reminded that entering members onto the E-Tree is still a manual process.
    a. Caiti can only add a set and limited number of people per day.
    B. E-Tree Harassment
    i) An MFT Intern was anonymously harassed by another member for using the term “MFTI”
    on her email signature.
    ii) Our administrator contacted the offending party who responded their correspondence was
    off-list and thus they declined to identify themselves or apologize.
    iii) The Board discussed possible ways to respond to this and similar incidents.
    iv) A statement that the Board does not condone such behavior and encouraging members
    to treat one another with kindness and constructive support and assistance will be crafted
    and sent out.
    IV. Website Issues
    A. Google searches
    i) A Board member reports that “East Bay CAMFT” website comes up on the second page of
    her Google Searches.
    ii) Jurgen (President) says it is progress that we even now have access to website analytics!
    a. He suggests that the Board pay some money to invest in advertising the “Therapist
    b.Naomi Azriel is mentioned as a competent website & SEO consultant.
    B. The website is deemed “a bit empty”.
    i) Could be filled out with:
    a. Resources, forms, consent form templates etc.
    b. a Calendar function
    ii) The website needs a “blog format”
    a. i.e. updating content
    b. so one could have a short article for the newsletter
    c. and a longer version of that article for the website.
    C. Jurgen very much wants to strengthen the “Therapist Finder”
    i) by budgeting money for improvement over a one year or more time span.
    D. Volunteer Program Proposal Announced (this item not related to the website)
    i) Sandy and Caiti are formulating a proposal for an internship program where high school
    and college students would be volunteer interns to help the chapter function.
    V. Header vs. Chapter Discussion
    A. The Board debates the wording “East Bay Therapist Association” on the website header.
    i) The Board is not unanimous on whether “association” implies a different organization than
    “East Bay Chapter of CAMFT”?
    B. We discuss the differences between AAMFT and CAMFT’s organizational structure.
    i) Since AAMFT is an “association” by definition.
    a. AAMFT collects dues and funds its local chapters.
    b. It is more democratic, but more complex.
    c. CAMFT dues don’t go to local chapters per se.
    ii) CAMFT is an organization headquartered in San Diego
    iii) Our chapter is chartered to CAMFT but we are our own organization, and we file our own
    a. But CAMFT lawyers were not available to help with our Infolane problems.
    iv) Local chapters use the CAMFT name and our members need to be CAMFT members.
    a. Thus we funnel them members!
    C. We discuss a new Membership Category.
    i) A member category where they don’t have to be state CAMFT members?
    a. San Francisco Chapter tried this during the marriage equality debate
    1. CAMFT lawyers ordered them to cease and desist.
    2. Their membership voted to stay a CAMFT chapter.
    ii) Would a new member category violate CAMFT By-Laws?
    iii) A benefit would be that allied professions could join:LCSW’s, Psychologists, psychiatrists
    iv) Our chapter increasing members would create pressure for state CAMFT to do better.
    v) CAMFT currently uses local chapter events to promote itself.
    D. Header/Organization Title issue:
    i) We identify the organization name on the header as a separate issue.
    ii) Perhaps we should start calling ourselves “East Bay Therapist Association”?
    ii) Formally adopting “East Bay Therapist Association” should not be a unilateral Board
    iii) The discussion is tabled for the next General Membership Meeting.
    VI. General Membership Meeting
    A. We are looking for dates in the middle to end of September.
    i) 9AM to 1PM; 3.5 hours (?)
    ii) Keep it in Orinda.
    iii) David Jensen as possible presenter?
    iv) A possible agenda might be:
    1. the history of East Bay CAMFT.
    2. the possibility of moving to being “East Bay Therapist Association”; and
    3. the possibility of de-affiliating from CAMFT.
    4. Updates (legislative?)
    5. Presentation plus Q&A
    v) Might get 40 or so people?
    VII. Social Events
    A. Next one in late summer, August 24, 2012?
    B. Good reviews and comments from the Wine Social.
    C. Most places want money for Venue Rental Deposit + Food
    i) makes it expensive
    D. “Olive Oil and Vinegar Factory”
    i) They offer tastings with bread, salad, oil and vinegar.
    E. The “Saturn Café” ??
    i) We need more input/feedback on the event room there, suitability etc.
    F. Pyramid Brewery as a possibility?
    i) They have a Walnut Creek location too?
    VIII. Financial Reports
    A. Member Dues need updating
    i) We need proposals for how to change them.
    B. Advertising
    i) Move everyone to “enhanced listing”
    ii) Need to figure out new rates and rationales for charging those rates.
    C. Quick Treasurer’s Report:
    i) $2,500 in Pay Pal account
    ii) $17,257 in Checking
    iii) $51,400 in Savings
    iv) $71,000 (approximately) in total.
    IX. Miscellaneous
    A. Google Apps domain is gone
    i) Keeping it would have raised Google Group costs.
    B. Brochure
    i) Keep word “Association”, alter title page.
    Meeting Adjourned 6:10pm 6/15/12
    Draft Minutes Respectfully Submitted 6/21/12
    Minutes Approved 8/24/12
    Steve Keightley, Secretary
  • March 07, 2013 7:00 AM | Admin EBCAMFT

    May 18 East Bay CAMFT Minutes

    Present: Duncan Bennett, Jurgen Braungardt , Peter Carpentieri, Steve Keightley, Donna Long,

    Sandy Mcquillen, Vivian Nelson, Kelly Sharp

    Absent: Caiti Crum

    [After a misunderstanding with Sandy’s suite-mate we relocate the meeting to a local café. Meeting

    abbreviated to allow time to get to the social on time].

    I. Minutes

    A. Minor adjustments to content are suggested.

    B. Members are curious about location of February or March minutes on website.

    C. Minutes Approved – 7 ayes.

    II. Website Update

    A. The difficult transfer of duties from the former to the new Administrator is detailed.

    B. Our president narrates the transfer of control from the website designer and some unresolved

    payment issues.

    i) The final web design payment will wait pending clarification of control and content issues.

    C. Technical Website Transfer

    i) The move from old domain to new domain (URL) is complete.

    ii) The database is imported and works.

    iii) Members will have to re-set their information themselves.

    iv) Therapist Finder is better; more comprehensive search options.

    D. E-Tree Transfer is/was a “Nightmare”

    i) Original idea was a gradual phase in of Google Groups

    ii) But Infolane switched off the E-Tree unexpectedly.

    iii) The E-Tree is dead.

    iv) We cannot now do a gradual move.

    E. Google Group issues:

    i) Limit of 200 members (?)

    ii) Charge money for 800+ users

    iii) Caiti can only add members in batches; it’s a manual process.

    iv) Maybe SCV and LA chapters can be contacted to see how their Google Groups work?

    v) Estimate of 3 weeks to a month to work out glitches.

    F. Membership Categories

    i) Current List of standard categories is named.

    ii) Other Membership category is discussed.

    a. allied professions

    b. Not need to be CAMFT members

    c. Non-voting

    iii) Old category of “community member”

    a. does not need a CAMFT membership

    b. Sandy reports psychologists and similar professionals are interested to join at CE


    G. Caiti

    i) She’s also doing the Newsletter plus the Website transfer

    ii) Discussion about paying her more this month because of the extra work & stress?

    iii) Motion to give her a bonus at next Board meeting passes – 7 ayes

    iv) Idea to increase her pay if we hit more than 1,000 chapter members.

    III. General Meeting

    A. David Jensen is not available.

    B. Casey Truffo is discussed as an option.

    i) Kelly bargained for a lower fee.

    ii) But will only be a two-hour speaking opportunity (9-11am)

    a. Is that worth Casey’s skills, price, information?

    b. The Board generally thinks not.

    C. Vivian suggests Steve Vernon and “Single Payer” talk.

    i) Should it be a political or clinical talk?

    ii) Criticism exists that “single payer” is the “wrong direction” for the chapter/profession.

    D. Should we move forward or postpone the General Meeting?

    i) We have June 16, 9am – 1pm at the Orinda church

    ii) Do we want a speaker?

    iii) Or a topic-centered discussion/panel?

    E. No decision is made at this time.

    IV. Plan Social Event(s)

    A. Do them monthly?

    i) Is that the right rhythm? Is it too much?

    ii) We could switch between Contra Costa and Alameda Counties

    iii) Kelly would like more help planning in any case

    B. San Francisco Chapter:

    i) How do they do their monthly meetings?

    a. Tea Room meeting, Happy Hour?

    ii) Peter raises an objection to implicitly alcohol-centered meetings.

    a. We wonder what % of members are sober drinkers?

    b. That’s another item for the anonymous survey!

    C. Duncan B. = Let’s see how tonight’s social goes!

    D. We would need a restaurant with a back room, and use their food for convenience sake.

    V. Reports

    A. Treasurer (Financial figures approximate pending final accounting)

    i) $20,000 in general checking

    ii) $51,000 in savings

    iii) Transferred $4,000 from Pay Pal to checking

    a. Left $18 in Pay Pal account.

    iv) Expenses

    a. $1500 – Old Administrator

    b. $1500 – New Admin., Website, Newsletter duties.

    c. $1200 – Website designer.

    v) Transfer to Mechanics Bank is complete.

    B. Survey Discussion postponed for lack of time.

    C. (California) Senate Bill 1172 “Risk of Sexual Orientation Change Efforts”

    i) Should our Board ask CAMFT to:

    a. Support, advocate, or oppose SB1172?

    ii) Motion to ask CAMFT to support the bill made: 6 ayes, 1 abstain.

    D. SB810 “Single Payer”

    i) Vivian drafted a letter asking CAMFT (The Therapist Editor) to advocate for Single Payer

    Health Care Coverage.

    a. They already “support” it but we as Board are asking for a stronger position.

    ii) Motion for our Board to approve letter passed. 7 ayes.

    Meeting Adjourned ca. 5:35pm 5/18/12

    Final Draft Respectfully Submitted 6/14/12

    Steve Keightley, MFT, Secretary

  • March 07, 2013 6:00 AM | Admin EBCAMFT

    Minutes April 20, Board Meeting

    Present: Jurgen Braungardt , Duncan Bennett, Donna Long, Vivian Nelson, Kelly Sharp, Robert

    Pavel, Sandy Mcquillen, Caiti Crum, Steve Keightley, Peter Carpentieri (late).

    Absent: Mary Deggelman (discontinued participation for personal reasons).

    I. March Minutes approved 8 ayes

    II. Website Transition

    A. New site is operational

    i. Jurgen wishes to “review it line-by-line” before then.

    ii. Jurgen encourages us to “play with the site this weekend” as he will edit it soon.

    iii. We can still make changes to it. It’s not fixed now, things can be changed.

    iv. The sad woman photo has been changed to Jurgen!

    a. May be able to rotate Board members pictures there.

    v. Mark’s design services will be complete and not include the E-tree modernization.

    vi. Will be “open to the public” middle of week of 4/23/12.

    B. The Resource Directory is forming.

    i. a listing of all area meetings of interest to the profession (not just East Bay CAMFT


    ii. Professional service referrals: CPA for therapists, billing software for therapists, etc.

    iii. Community Resources, like a Crisis Hotline, etc.

    iv. Will it be a perk of membership or open to the public? (Not yet known).

    C. Website Comments

    i. Title will be like old site: “East Bay Therapist Association”.

    ii. Subline OK: “California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists – East Bay


    III. E-Tree

    A. It cannot be run through Wild Apricot website software!

    i. Old version goes away with Infolane.

    B. We need a new E-Tree!

    i. We have a long discussion about internet privacy concerns, both general and new E-Tree


    ii. We agree in concept that a warning can (and will) be sent to members about the limits of

    confidentiality. This would be “fair warning”, buyer beware etc.

    iii. Another possibility is to find our own “E-Tree” software system.

    iv. This would involve re-working the Terms of Service.

    C. A new E-Tree on Google Groups?

    i. If they just want to contact the E-Tree via e-mail, they only need an e-mail address.

    ii. If people want to be able to access the E-Tree Google Group, they will need a g-mail


    D. We discuss Google vs. Yahoo at length, having privacy concerns for both systems.

    i. Motion to use Google made by Duncan Bennett, seconded by Jurgen Braungardt.

    Approved – 8 ayes.

    IV. Newsletter

    A. We can still use “Constant Contact” (with new website).

    i. We want to be able to send newsletter to non-EBC people; and

    ii. Other professionals (or the public?) Our discussion leans towards professionals.

    iii. We agree the newsletter going out is good publicity.

    B. We could also switch from Constant Contact to Wild Apricot.

    i. It would be cheaper.

    C. Will have a membership drive in May.

    V. Events Calendar

    A. With Wild Apricot software.

    i. Week, Month, Year views possible

    B. Who is our audience?

    i. CAMFT members in California? Also East Bay CAMFT members? The general public?

    C. The need for a Calendar Volunteer is named.

    i. No Board member steps up (yet).

    VI. Monthly Social

    A. Winery

    i. $10 per person = a tasting.

    ii. $15 per person = tasting + appetizers

    iii. Kelly will explore details, if we (Board) need to pay up front?

    iv. The Board will cover $5 of admission fee for members.

    B. Non-thematic event (i.e. just social?)

    i. 1x per month; Friday evening.

    ii. After the Board Meeting?

    iii. Need to start it & have it reoccurring.

    iv. Sandy suggests making the e-announcement a different color.

    v. The Board discusses whether it should be open?

    a. If open, clients might show up (!).

    b. We decide to make it a “professional gathering”.

    c. i.e. members and like professionals.

    vi. We consider two events for end of May and also June.

    C. Idea of a hike/walk at Lake Chabot (or similar) is floated.

    i. Just to meet; would not require much organization.

    VII. General Membership Meeting

    A. Fifty people or so last year (?).

    B. Having one is in the By-Laws and it’s a good idea to check-in with members.

    i. On a Saturday or Sunday?

    ii. Have a speaker and time for feedback?

    iii. Schedule it June or late September

    a. Sandy reminds us that there are no CE meetings for July/August; Saturday &


    b. Concern is expressed about vacations at that time, i.e. low turn-out.

    iv. Location could be “St. Mark’s Methodist Church” in Orinda.

    a. Not really BART accessible.

    v. Possible dates are named June 9,16,23, 30?

    C. Speaker ideas?

    i. a lawyer to update us about State:

    a. anti-trust laws?

    b. Telemedicine?

    c. Social media use (like Face Book)?

    ii. Collect questions ahead of time.

    VIII. Brochure

    A. We are willing to spend to make it nice.

    i. Who is our audience?

    ii. New chapter members (vs. to hand out to clients).

    iii. Steve will seek more information about graphic design places to use.

    IX. Survey

    A. Do it now!

    i. Strike Question #5. (Replace it).

    ii. Have it go out with next newsletter.

    B. Figure out the next series of questions

    i. Keep a series of them going…

    ii. Seek to get a “rich statistical image of the chapter”.

    iii. Could also do an anonymous survey?

    iv. A set of questions to get website feedback two months from now.

    v. Caiti suggests some type of “incentive” to do the survey

    a. Free C.E. class? Coupons? Gift certificates?

    X. Financial

    A. Bank Change

    i. Jurgen will transfer money next week.

    B. Taxes will be discussed by Treasurer and President outside of the meeting.

    C. Not possible to know exact expenses month-to-month (because of accounting matters).

    i. Quarterly payments are made which affect the numbers.

    D. The Balance Sheet is summarized.

    E. Membership numbers are updated.

    i. (Specific dollar amounts by membership categories are available from the Administrator).

    Meeting Closed 6:09pm

    Respectfully submitted 5/18/12

    Steve Keightey, MFT, Secretary

  • March 07, 2013 5:00 AM | Admin EBCAMFT

    Final 3/18/12 Minutes

    Present: Peter Carpentieri, Vivian Nelson, Caiti Crum, Duncan Bennett, Kelly Sharp, Steve

    Keightley, Sandy Mcquillen, Jurgen Braungardt, Robert Pavel

    Absent: Mary Deggelman., Donna Long

    I. February Minutes Approved – 8 ayes.

    II. Treasurer’s Report (figures approximate pending final approval from CPA).

    (a) Cash assets at the end of February 2012 $75,000

    i. due to annual surge in renewals at year end.

    ii. We will draw down on that amount during website development.

    (b) Ending arrangement with Hudson & giving up the loft saved about $15,000 in 2011.

    (c) Brought In $3,980 from dues, advertising and new memberships. in February.

    (d) $1,500 spent on new website development, so far.

    i. Projected total website cost $3,000

    (e) Our treasurer details his new duties:

    i. Keep an eye on bank statements

    ii. Track checks written

    iii. Track Pay Pal

    (f) We have a new bank account with Mechanics Bank

    i. Debit cards assigned.

    ii. 21 Branches in the area.

    (g) The Board considers investing so we don’t lose 2% per year by inflation.

    i. Buy bonds perhaps?

    (h) A suggestion is floated that we need more clear cash flow statements, profit and loss


    i. There is not complete agreement on this suggestion.

    III. Statistics

    (a) We don’t know if “Lapsed more than 6 mo.” includes “Expired Dec./Jan.”?? Or if

    includes “Archived/Obsolete”.

    (b) Historically Hudson had problems w/ renewals.

    (c) A Past Membership Chair was working on website renewal forms but a final version

    was not offered. .

    (d) It looks like we’re down about 100 members this year.

    i. Historically we may have had 1000 members.

    ii. Our president states that it is crucial to get back to 1000 members if possible in

    the next couple of months.

    iii. We need to focus on members lapsed more than six months (“Lapsed

    members >6mo” on sheet).

    iv. Maybe we can get list of CAMFT members in this area?( president and

    membership chair are sent the list of new therapist every month by CAMFT)

    v. Our president estimates there might be 3-4000 members in this geographic

    area that are not chapter members.

    IV. E-Mail Statistics

    (a) April CEU’s which were announced via e-mail 4/13/12.

    i. It was sent to 695. It bounced for 8.

    ii. 230 people opened the announcement, 10 clicked-through a link on the


    (b) Newsletter sent via e-mail March 3/3/12

    i. 696 sent; 10 bounced, 1 spam.

    ii. Looking at Newsletter means “opening” it. 299 people opened the March Newsletter.

    iii. 100 people “clicked through” a link on the newsletter.

    (c) 43.6% opened; 33.4% clicked through.

    i. industry avg. 20% open 17% click-through; so we’re doing well!

    (d) Is it possible to have a “button” to make it easier to forward the e-newsletter?

    V. Website Update

    (a) We need a Header image.

    i. Board prefers a landscape image.

    ii. Jim Moyers offers any picture from his website for $50.

    iii. Board likes a vision of East Bay hills

    iv. There is an East Bay photo stock website, apparently.

    v. We need a narrow & panoramic picture.

    (b) Caiti suggests changing the font on Header Text.

    (c) We need a newsletter Database and a “members only” database.

    (d) We hope to go live w website at the end of April 2012.

    (e) How to migrate old Therapist Finder info to new system?

    i. Should members do it? Or our web designer do it?

    (f) What is the value of Therapist Finder?

    i. It competes with CAMFT’s Counseling California and/or Psychology Today?

    ii. Therapist Finder is mostly for local therapist-to-therapist searches for referrals.

    ii. Colleagues are wondering, “Am I listed?”

    iii. It is hard East Bay CAMFT Therapist Finder to be found on Google Searches.

    iv. Our president is in favor of making Therapist Finger and “pushing it”; i.e. marketing it


    v. It will be searchable by zip code.

    vi. What will be the sign-up procedures? How to use website?

    VI. SOCE Update

    (a) State CAMFT arrived at a statement that they endorsed.

    i. It is very legal-ese.

    ii. They agree SOCE should not take place, with a lot of legal disclaimers.

    VII. E-Tree Rules

    (a) There have been recent kindness and courtesy debates on the E-Tree.

    i. Rules #5 and #7 are unclear for some E-Tree members.

    VIII. Advertisement Policy

    (a) At present our pricing policy is based on having a printed, hard copy newsletter.

    (b) The large idea of a Free Calendar is discussed at some length.

    i. It could be a clearinghouse for psychological organizations and peers to post workshops,

    talks, etc.for no charge.

    ii. What might be the cost for Newsletter, Calendar or website advertisements?

    iii. Robert Pavel knows our current ad-hoc policy re cost.

    iv. We currently offer Board members & Board volunteers discounted advertising pricing

    v. There is still some E-mail address confusion (i.e.Caiti is still not getting the newsletter).

    Meeting Closed 3:30pm 3/18/12

    Respectfully submitted 4/20/12

    Steve Keightley, MFT, Secretary

  • March 07, 2013 4:00 AM | Admin EBCAMFT

    East Bay Chapter of CAMFT

    Minutes of the Board Meeting

    February 17, 2012

    Present voting officers:

    Jurgen Braungardt, President

    Kelly Sharp, President-Elect

    Peter Carpentieri, Treasurer

    Steve Keightley, Secretary

    Duncan Bennett, Member-at-Large

    Sandy McQuillin, Member-at-Large

    Vivian Nelson, Member-at-Large

    Mary Deggelman, Member-at-Large

    Present non voting visitors:

    Donna Long, Membership Chair

    Robert Pavel, Administrator

    Caiti Crum, Newsletter Editor

    Absent: None

    Meeting at Sandy McQuillin’s office in Berkeley started at 4pm

    I. Introductions of Members at Large who were not here last month.

    (a) Vivian Nelson, Mary Deggelman

    II. Minutes of January 20 Meeting

    The minutes were reviewed and accepted unanimously.

    III. Website Proposals Discussion

    (a) Our President gave a brief history of past database and website development including the

    present need to start from scratch.

    (b) The Website Committee Requests were read aloud as context for the discussion of the three


    (c) Two of three potential candidates were asked to leave the room (the third was in Los


    (d) A long discussion took place about costs, candidate experience with design and database

    clean-up, future maintenance, and timing of completion.

    (e) The Board voted and decided upon a designer. The two candidates returned to the room for

    the rest of the meeting. None of the potential candidates has yet been informed of the Board’s


    IV. Retreat Discussion

    (a) Our Board discussed the particular wants of members as to what to cover at the Sunday,

    March 18th retreat.

    (b) Membership concerns, including CE’s and outreach were suggested topics, as well as an

    hour or to discuss future plans for our chapter’s relationship to state-wide CAMFT.

    (c) A member wishes to discuss the “functionality of the group” and how to streamline our

    discussion process.

    (d) Location TBA, either our President’s home or a conference room of a hotel.

    V. Membership

    (a) Summary of numbers of members per category with a total this month of 642.

    (b) Our President expresses concern about the 58 lapsed members since Nov./Dec.’11.

    VI. Financial

    (a) Income for the year to date mentioned.

    (b) We are on the verge of switching banks to Mechanics Bank.

    (c) This represents the last business with Hudson.

    VII. Newsletter

    (a) The newsletter will go out the first 3 days in March

    (b) We have some submissions so far

    (c) We discuss various ideas on how to do outreach to potential members. Including:

    (d) Sending the newsletter beyond our membership, or

    (e) using the newsletter as outreach to schools.

    The meeting was adjourned at 6pm.

    The next Board of Directors meeting will be on March 18. This will be a planning retreat for

    Board members only.

    Respectfully submitted February 18, 2012 by Steve Keightley

    Approved by the Board, March 18, 2012

  • March 07, 2013 3:00 AM | Admin EBCAMFT

    East Bay Chapter of CAMFT

    Minutes of the Board of Directors Meeting

    January 20, 2012

    Present voting officers:

    Jurgen Braungardt, President

    Kelly Sharp, President-Elect

    Peter Carpentieri, Treasurer

    Steve Keightley, Secretary

    Duncan Bennett, Member-at-Large

    Sandy McQuillin, Member-at-Large

    Present non voting visitors:

    Donna Long

    Robert Pavel, Administrator

    Absent: Vivian Nelson, Mary Deggleman

    Meeting at Sandy McQuillin’s office in Berkeley started at 4pm

    I. Chapter Business

    The duties of the Secretary were explained to the new Secretary. Our Administrator will be

    exploring switching banks to obtain additional services and more convenient locations. We

    discussed the lack of clarity around modifying Google documents and the need for a clearer

    process. We approved Minutes of 12/16/12 meeting (5 ayes, 1 abstain). We approved the

    Election of New Officers (7 ayes).

    II. E-voting Update

    Recommendations by Jill Epstein, CAMFT President, are summarized. We identify a need for

    technology consultant to help enact Epstein’s recommendations. (Our organization is governed

    first by CA Corporation codes and these regulations require signed opt-in for electronic balloting

    and paper for those insisting on it.) We discuss the options of an election website or hiring a

    company to do a single election. The need for an election to include paper balloting possibly

    makes E-Voting more trouble than we want? State CAMFT is interested because no other

    chapter has made it work yet.

    III. Schedule

    We discuss various details of a Board Retreat, possible locations, and possible agenda items

    such as: (a) Membership; (b) Website; (c) Marriage Equality issue? We set a date for March

    18, 2012. We mull over a General Membership meeting, doing a Holiday Party, or even informal

    social meetings every other month. Various location and calendar issues are discussed as well

    as differing opinions about the networking meetings.

    IV. Website

    The Website Committee meeting date is set for February 4, with a tentative agenda to include

    (a) Infolane website (b) the next apparently effective consultant; who can (c) help with the

    newsletter and the database.

    V. Financial Report

    The quick report includes considering switching to Mechanics Bank. Our chapter is a a 501(c)(6)

    Business Benefit Association. There is a potential CPA in Richmond to use. We receive a brief

    summary of the January profit & loss report.


    We discuss specific numbers for members in each category. Various problems and aspects of

    the current database are noted. We question doing a Membership Survey, but decide a less

    than formal 5-10 question survey for the newsletter might be helpful. A committee is formed to

    explore this option.

    VII. Postponed

    Due to time constraints we postponed a discussion of “Board Outreach”, “Other Projects”

    including the retreat, a panel or seminar or CEU event [for that retreat?] and “Miscellaneous”

    under which a new newsletter editor, Caiti Crum, Intern. We approved a Motion and nominated

    Donna Long, chapter member, as a non-voting Board member and “Chair of Membership


    The meeting was adjourned at 6pm.

    The next Board of Directors meeting will be on February 20, also at Sandy McQuillin’s office.

    Respectfully submitted January 25, 2012 by Steve Keightley

    Approved by the Board, February 20, 2012

  • March 07, 2013 2:00 AM | Admin EBCAMFT

    Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

    December 16, 2011

    Meeting convened at 4pm in Claire-Elizabeth's office, Berkeley.

    Voting members present:

    Jürgen Braungardt, President;

    Duncan Bennett, Acting Treasurer;

    Sandy McMquillin, Acting Secretary;

    Claire-Elizabeth DeSophia, Board Member at Large;

    Kelly Sharp, Board Member at Large;

    Peter Carpentieri, Board Member at Large

    Non voting visitors present:

    Steven Keightley, Vivian Nelson, Donna Long

    and Robert Pavel, Administrator.

    A. The Board reviewed the minutes from the November 18 meeting as revised, approved unanimously.

    B. The Board approved (5 yes, 1 abstention) submitting the following, on behalf of the Board, to CAMFT urging

    statewide adoption of a strong statement against SOCE practice:

    "Proposed CAMFT Statement on Sexual Orientation Change Strategies (SOCE)

    CAMFT recognizes that some clinicians feel bound to offer treatments that are inline with their personal,

    cultural and religious convictions, even when these beliefs conflict with evidence based research. CAMFT

    also recognizes that some clients feel compelled to try to change aspects of themselves to better fit into

    cultural and religious norms that privilege heterosexuality and certain stereotypes of masculinity and

    femininity. CAMFT wants to clarify its position against treatments that seek to alter a person’s sexual

    orientation. Rather, we believe that therapeutic treatments should be aimed at helping clients gain

    acceptance of their sexual orientations rather than trying to change them.

    Our position is consistent with the ample empirical research accepted by our profession, which holds that

    same sex sexual attraction is a normal variant of human sexuality, that sexual orientation change efforts

    (SOCE) do not lead to effective, enduring or beneficial changes, and that such efforts can lead to harm,

    including the increased risk of depression, suicide and restriction of clients’ access to normal feelings of

    sexual desire. With regard to issues related to sexual orientation, CAMFT recommends that individuals

    seeking therapy ask very clear questions about your mental health practitioner's beliefs about same sex

    sexual attraction and the effectiveness of their proposed treatments before engaging in a professional


    C. Jurgen Braungardt reported on his assessment of the past year. The Chapter is stronger, Board positions are once

    again filled and membership is increasing. He acknowledged that more discussions and a slower pace will result in a

    better group process. The year of restructuring, once again assuming in-house control of the chapter, hiring a new

    administrator, reinvigorating the website and newsletter have all laid the groundwork. All thanked Duncan Bennett

    for his excellent facilitation during the Board retreat and Kelly Sharp for the informative newsletters.

    D. Duncan Bennett reported on the financial health of the chapter. Increased advertising revenue is anticipated

    following a review of the website and technical possibilities. Increased membership due to the Board’s outreach

    efforts, the growing series of CEU programs, improved responses to member queries, and a cleanup of the

    membership database will all rebuild the assets to support more member benefits.

    E. Kelly Sharp was asked to describe the newsletter process that she will hand over to a new newsletter editor.

    Soliciting articles, vetting contributors, scheduling, obtaining photos and bios are some for the time consuming

    tasks. She looks forward to focusing on learning the duties and responsibilities of Chapter President in anticipation

    of her future role.

    F. Sandy McQuillin reported on the successful CEU programs of the past year and the series of speakers and topics

    lined up for 2012. A new web page will be designed to help promote this schedule and allow members ample time to

    schedule their activities.

    G. A website task force was formed to address user issues, database contents and accuracy and design changes to

    better attract and serve members. Jurgen, Kelly, Sandy and Donna volunteered to meet regularly between Board

    meetings. Claire-Elizabeth offered to work on content.

    H. Looking forward to 2012, the Board will consider planning 2 general meetings and having more social gatherings

    to help members get to know each other better and share their concerns.

    I. The election process was reviewed with 2 volunteers, Steve Toby and Donna Long, offering to assist Robert Pavel

    with ballot certification and counting on Monday, December 19.

    With no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 5:30pm. The next Board meeting will be held on January 16

    at Sandy McQuillin’s office.

    Submitted by Approved by

    Robert Pavel Sandy McQuillin, Acting Secretary

    Approved by the Board January 20, 2012


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