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  • March 07, 2013 1:00 AM | Admin EBCAMFT

    Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

    November 18, 2011

    Meeting convened at 4pm in Claire-Elizabeth's office, Berkeley.


    Jürgen Braungardt, President;

    Duncan Bennett, Acting Treasurer;

    Sandy McMquillin, Acting Secretary;

    Claire-Elizabeth DeSophia, Board Member at Large;

    Kelly Sharp, Board Member at Large;

    Peter Carpentieri, Board Member at Large;

    Robert Pavel, Administrator.

    A. The Board reviewed the minutes from the September 9 meeting as revised, approved unanimously.

    B. The Board reviewed the minutes from the September 23 meeting as revised, approved unanimously.

    C. The Board reviewed the minutes from the October 21 meeting as revised, approved unanimously.

    Robert was requested to provide the Board with the tentative minutes for review within 5 days of the meeting. Board

    members will submit their revisions via email and the final version will be signed at the next meeting. Robert was

    also requested to provide reports for the following Board meeting at least 5 days prior to that meeting.

    D. Discussion followed Robert’s description of a shared website repository and addresses for access by the Board

    using Google Apps. Motion to proceed 4 yes 2 No. Motion carries.

    E. Election process was discussed centering on a ballot question proposing electronic voting for all future surveys

    and elections. This would save considerable expense and secure systems are now possible. Proposal was made and

    accepted to place a description on the election ballot.

    Motion was made by Duncan Bennett to have the Administrator perform the election preparations and have ballots

    counted by the Administrator and 2 volunteers. Motion was accepted unanimously.

    A discussion about the accuracy of membership records and the need to reconcile the online database with

    QuickBooks records resulted in a motion by Sandy McQuillin to send out an eblast to all lapsed members urging

    renewal by November 27 to be eligible to vote. (Date to be determined based on practical timing.) Votes: 1 yes, 1

    abstain, 4 No. Motion failed.

    Eligibility to vote will be based on records marked Active as of the last day before the preparation and printing of

    mailing labels. Date will be based upon By Laws requiring a minimum of 2 weeks for voting and an election by the

    end of the year. Expect ballots to be mailed the first week of December.

    F. A discussion was started about planning a series of CEU classes over a 6 month period using both members and

    outside speakers. Suggestion was made to convene joint presentations with other chapters for better attendance and

    cost sharing. Further discussions are planned for the January meeting with the new Board.

    With no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 6:00pm. The next Board meeting will be held on December

    16 at the same location, Claire-Elizabeth’s office.

    Submitted by Approved by

    Robert Pavel Sandy McQuillin, Acting Secretary

  • March 07, 2013 12:00 AM | Admin EBCAMFT

    EBCAMFT Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

    October 21, 2011

    Meeting convened at 4:00pm in Claire-Elizabeth DeSophia's office, Berkeley.


    Jürgen Braungardt, President;

    Duncan Bennett, Acting Treasurer;

    Sandy McMquillin, Acting Secretary;

    Claire-Elizabeth DeSophia, Board Member at Large;

    Kelly Sharp, Board Member at Large;

    Peter Carpentieri, Board Member at Large;

    Robert Pavel, Administrator.

    The Minutes of the September 23 Board meeting were read and approval postponed until a corrected copy is

    presented for signature at the next meeting.

    A. Suggestions for minutes review and approval process were discussed. Tentative Minutes will be prepared by the

    Administrator and emailed or posted to a Google account allowing shared editing by Board members within 5 days

    of the meeting. Each Board Member shall reply with any suggested revisions to the entire Board list. The printed

    copy of the revised document will be brought to the following meeting for approval and signatures. Following the

    meeting, the minutes shall be posted to the website in pdf form for all members to view.

    B. A discussion about Robert’s communications with Hudson and Infolane. Further communications are needed to

    follow up on the request for bookkeeping records and Infolane/Hudson responsibilities for membership processing.

    B. Motion was made, seconded and unanimously approved to place the PO BOX address and Google Phone # on all

    website pages replacing references to Hudson.

    C. A discussion about the domain name ownership and contact information was resolved directing Robert to contact

    Infolane and ask David of Infolane to change domain registration to show Jurgen as President, PO Box number and

    Robert as Administrator and Technical contact.

    D. Treasurer’s report: Duncan Bennett reviewed the financial statements presented by Hudson. Some open payables

    need further clarification of the work details being billed by Hudson.

    E. Board of Directors Election Nominations. Nomination forms were read and the following candidates were

    approved for ballot presentation:

    Jurgen Braungardt, as President for second term

    Kelly Sharp, President Elect

    Claire-Elizabeth DeSophia, Secretary

    Members at Large

    Peter Carpentieri, Member at Large

    Sandy McQuillin, Member at Large and CEU coordinator

    Steve Keightley Member at large

    Mary Deggelmen Member at large

    Vivian Nelson Member at Large

    Duncan Bennett, Member at Large

    F. Election procedures were discussed. Each nominated candidate must consent to stand for election and submit a

    statement to be included with the ballot. Inquiries were made for a bulk mail company to print and mail ballots

    based on our provided address information

    Discussion suggesting ballots with prestamped envelopes be mailed in time to allow members sufficient notice and

    time to work around the holidays. The ByLaws require a minimum of 2 weeks to return ballots. A reminder eblast

    will be sent within a week following the mailing reminding voters to return all ballots to our PO Box by December

    xxx. Tallying will be performed by the Administrator along with several members and the results will be certified by

    the Board prior to announcement on the e-Tree and publishing on the website.

    G. Hudson discussion: Duncan and Peter suggested a review of the tasks Hudson was performing to see what the

    Administrator (Robert) will be able to handle and what may require outside help. A CPA firm will be needed to

    guide the accounting and review the books and file tax returns after Hudson transition.

    Meeting adjourned at 6:15pm. The next meeting of the Board will be on November 18 at 4pm, at Claire-Elizabeth

    DeSophia’s office.

    Submitted by

    Robert Pavel

    for Sandy McQuillin

    Approved by Board November 18, 2011

  • March 06, 2013 11:00 PM | Admin EBCAMFT
    EBCAMFT Board of Directors Meeting Minutes
    September 23, 2011

    Meeting convened at 9.30am in Claire-Elizabeth DeSophia's office, Berkeley.
    Jürgen Braungardt, President;
    Duncan Bennett, Acting Treasurer;
    Sandy McMquillin, Acting Secretary;
    Claire-Elizabeth DeSophia, Board Member at Large;
    Kelly Sharp, Board Member at Large;
    Robert Pavel, Administrator.
    Absent: Peter Carpentieri, Board Member at Large;
    Here is the preliminary agenda:
    1) Robert's Report about his activities so far. (Robert)
    2) Update from the Acting Treasurer, Duncan
    3) Website update. Status of the website renewal project. (Jurgen, Robert.)
    4) Membership survey. (Jurgen.)
    5) Miscellaneous:
    --Discussion of Law & Ethics workshop on Professional Wills
    --Update on Single Payer Symposium
    --Report on Single Payer statements made to CAMFT Board 9/17
    A. The Board reviewed the minutes from the 8/12 meeting as revised, approved unanimously.
    B. The Board reviewed the minutes from the 9/9 meeting as revised, approved unanimously.
    C. Realizing that the website does not contain copies of all of the Board meetings, Robert will obtain copies of the
    minutes and post them to the website.
    D. Robert reported on activities to date:
    1. Robert met with David Hillstrom to review the website structure and operations, how members get added
    to the website database, how changes are made and by whom, how Email messages are queued for sending.
    Several people have access to the db: Board members, Infolane staff, and Hudson Management staff.
    2. There are questions regarding who is responsible for and performing activities such as maintaining a
    current and complete membership database, managing membership applications and upcoming expiration
    dates, dollars paid or owing, and reconciling the online database against Hudson accounting transactions.
    3. A request to meet with Hudson staff was delayed due to Hudson requiring a written notice from the
    Board authorizing Robert to act on their behalf.
    4. Robert is preparing a list of questions to understand Hudson’s scope of responsibilities and expectations
    as well as review the accounting statements for the current year. Clarification is needed from both Hudson
    and Infolane to determine who is handling tasks related to the membership communications and
    notifications about expiring memberships.
    E. Discussion regarding website improvements.
    F. Treasurer’s report by Duncan
    Forms to update the authorized signatures and allow electronic access to the EBCAMFT bank accounts for the
    President, Treasurer, and maybe the Administrator.
    New banking and PO Box requirements for a physical address. Jurgen will allow his office address.
    G. The Board directed the Treasurer to obtain the EBCAMFT QuickBooks file from Hudson ASAP and Jurgen will
    write a letter to Hudson appointing Robert Pavel as a fully authorized representative of the Board.
    H. Upcoming Elections were discussed. A schedule of necessary tasks and actions were discussed to arrive at the
    dates of nomination and ballot mailings, receipt of completed ballots, tallying and announcement of election results.
    Tentatively, the nomination invitation letters will be mailed (and emailed) the first week of October. These are due
    back October 20. Expect the election ballots to be mailed by November 15 and returned by Dec 1. The election
    results are to be tallied and posted to the website prior to the end of December.
    I. Questions regarding eligibility will be discussed by the Nominating Committee after a review of the bylaws. All
    agreed that we need to encourage member participation and fill the vacant Board positions to better address and
    serve member needs.
    Sequence of events:
    1. Board appointed positions to fill vacancies of the Board first require election to the Board. e.g. a
    Member at Large may be appointed to Secretary.
    2. Committee appointments may be made from any member in good standing.
    3. Job descriptions need to be posted on the website to inform members.
    4. Board agrees to seek additional member involvement and actively recruit for future board positions,
    including Member at Large and the next President Elect.
    5. Board agreed to seek additional volunteer members to be appointed to Advertising, Newsletter, CEU
    Chair, and other committees.
    J. Kelly will write a Newsletter article and reference the job descriptions and bylaws on the website. (Robert will
    add pdf copies of everything to the website.)
    K. Jurgen asked all to input questions for the membership survey. Brief discussion about whether the timing of the
    survey needs to precede the elections. May not be enough time to address all of the topics. Further discussion was
    tabled until the next meeting.
    L. All agreed to circulate the Single Payer Symposium brochures and fliers.
    The meeting was adjourned at 11:30am. The next Board meeting is scheduled for October 21 at 4pm.
    Submitted by
    Robert Pavel
    for Sandy McQuillin
    Approved by Board November 18, 2011
  • March 06, 2013 10:00 PM | Admin EBCAMFT

    East Bay Chapter of CAMFT

    BOARD MEETING MINUTES FOR September 9, 2011

    Meeting commenced at 4pm at Claire-Elizabeth DeSophia’s office.

    PRESENT :Claire-Elizabeth DeSophia, Kelly Sharp, Duncan Bennett, Sandy McQuillin, Jurgen

    Braungardt, Peter Carpentieri, (later joined by Robert Pavel)

    A. Patricia Wilson has terminated her position on the Board due to family health matters.

    Board has accepted her resignation.

    B. Discussion regarding the Secretary’s duties now that the position is vacant. The new

    Administrative Assistant may take over taking the minutes with the actual Secretary

    signing them. Sandy will take minutes in the meantime.

    C. Sandy will handle both CEU positions for the time being.

    D. Robert Pavel, the administrative assistant, will take over the planning calendar.

    E. Sandy and Jurgen will coordinate the contract for Robert.

    F. Motion was made and passed to have Duncan Bennett be the Acting Treasurer until the

    new Board is seated following the next election.

    G. A motion was made and passed to have Sandy be the Acting Secretary until the new


    H. Duncan and Jurgen will review the Financial Statements with Hudson and determine the

    tasks performed for the $500 invoice.

    I. A motion was made and passed to have Peter Carpentieri MFT be appointed to the Board

    as a Member at Large.

    J. Robert Pavel was gladly welcomed to the Board as our new Administrative


    K. Board members were asked to submit questions for the upcoming member survey.

    Meeting was adjourned at 5:30pm and the next meeting scheduled for 10/21/2011 at 4 pm

    Submitted by

    Sandy McQuillin, Acting Secretary

    Approved by Board November 18, 2011

  • March 06, 2013 9:00 PM | Admin EBCAMFT

    Board of Directors Phone Meeting Minutes

    August 26, 2011

    Phone Participants:

    Voting Members: Jürgen Braungardt, President; Claire-Elizabeth DeSophia, Board Member

    at Large; Kelly Sharp, Board Member at Large; Sandy McMquillin Board Member at Large.

    Item I: Claire-Elizabeth made a proposal to the Board that EB CAMFT support the Single Payer

    Task Force symposium to be held in Oct. A discussion surrounding location, CEU’s, and

    presenters ensued. Claire-Elizabeth requested information about event insurance and stated

    she would follow up with her own research. Sandy volunteered to assist with the event’s CEU

    program. A motion was made, seconded and carried. EB CAMFT will sponsor the Single Payer


    Item 2: Hiring Process for EBCAMFT Administrator. Robert Pavel was named as the new

    administrator. Jürgen provided details about Robert’s qualifications. Jürgen stated that a

    formal contracted would be drafted detailing Robert’s weekly hours and projects to be worked

    on. The following suggestions were made; 1-Robert may be asked to work 15-20 hrs/wk; 2-

    website reworking should be a priority; 3- taking over phone lines from Hudson should be

    another important task for Robert; 4-PO Box should be secured in Berkeley ASAP;

    The Board agreed to continue discussion of Roberts’ contract and detailed job description at

    the September 9th Board meeting.

    Item 3: Update on IAGP conference. Jürgen reported that there has been interest from

    chapter members but not adequate motivation or energy to move forward with applying to

    host the conference. Jürgen agreed to contact IAGP and inform them of the chapter’s inability

    to apply at this time. Board briefly discussed following up with IAGP in one year to assess

    interest at that time.

    Item 4: September 9th meeting and Robert’s Rules Training: Joan Gold is scheduled to facilitate

    training for first hour of the meeting and then will help facilitate the meeting for the second


    Item 5: Welcoming dinner for Robert: Jürgen will look into planning a dinner for the Board to

    meet and get to know Robert Pavel, the new administrator.

    Item 6: Nominations committee: Board discussed how to construct time during the September

    9th Board meeting to address this issue further.

    Item 7: Board meeting schedule: The Board reviewed upcoming meeting schedule and Claire-

    Elizabeth requested meeting return to previous schedule of 1 x month. This issue was tabled

    and will be followed up on at the September 9th meeting.

    Board Meeting August 26 2011.doc 9/26/2011 4:20:13 PM Page 2 of 2

    Item 8: Financial Report: This item was tabled and will be followed up on at the September 9th


    Item 9: Membership Survey: Jürgen would like to send out a 10-15 question member survey

    to our chapter regarding membership services, SOCE and Single Payer initiatives. Jürgen

    requests the Board review the questions on the September 9th meeting. Sandy volunteered to

    ask Patricia for a copy of the survey distributed last year and Claire-Elizabeth will ask the Single

    Payer task force to contribute questions.

    Item 10: Claire-Elizabeth and Sandy signed off the conference call Jürgen while and Kelly

    continued with David Hillstrom from Infolane to discuss website reworking. Jürgen requested

    that David fix specific issues on the website and have the corrections executed by September

    1st. David agreed.

    Respectfully Submitted,

    Kelly M. Sharp, Member at Large

  • March 06, 2013 8:00 AM | Admin EBCAMFT

    EB-CAMFT Board Meeting of 8/12/2011

    Present: Jurgen, Kelly, Claire-Elizabeth, Rhonda, Sandy, Duncan

    Absent: Patricia

    A. Minutes from the 7/29 meeting were approved by Jurgen and Sandy; all agreed.

    B. Hiring committee report still looking for candidate

    C. Membership committee report by Claire-Elizabeth:

    1. Do mailing to 3000 members to advertise a special 1st time members get

    50% off if they sign up for 2years by Nov 30, 2011

    2. Special for interns and trainees $5 less on memberships

    3. Lapsed members will have a chance to renew without penalty until Nov

    30, 2011.

    4. Goal is to increase membership to 1000 members by 8/8/2012.

    Goal is to increase membership to 3000 members by 8/8/2013.

    D. Patricia Cavanaugh has agreed to start a mentorship program for the Chapter. She will come

    to a meeting and talk about her ideas.

    E. Kelly and Jurgen discussed a way to have automatic membership through the Infolane


    F. Rhonda asked for a revamped new membership packet for new members of EBCAMFT

    [postponed until the next meeting)

    G. Single Payer was discussed by Jurgen and Claire-Elizabeth

    1. Motion was made by Jurgen and Kelly to support SB810 and all present voted


    2. Unanimous approval to grant $500 to Single Payer group.

    H. Jurgen recommended creating a survey to send out to members and asked for

    questions from Board.

    I. Joan Gold will come for the 9/18 meeting to teach Roberts Rules for one hour and then the

    next two hours on the meeting will be conducted using Roberts Rules.

    J. Website report by Kelly and Claire Elizabeth:

    1. Need an advertising manager

    2. Changes needed in classified advertising

    3. Find better ways to alert members when membership lapses

    4. Change what we are giving away for free to only having members getting it.

    5. Meeting with Infolane planned to discuss these needed changes.

    Meeting was adjourned and the next meeting will be by phone on 8/26/2011


    Sandy McQuillin

  • March 06, 2013 7:00 AM | Admin EBCAMFT

    EB-CAMFT Board meeting July 15, 2011

    at the office of Claire Elizabeth in Berkeley, CA @ 4pm

    Present: Jurgen, Claire Elizabeth, Sandy, Kelly, Rhonda, Duncan

    Absent: Patricia

    A. Jurgen wrote a letter to Hudson to terminate our contract with them on 12/31/2011.

    B. Discussion of the General Meeting to take place in Orinda with all the members

    1. Sent invitations to interns

    2. Send invitations to lapsed members back to 2 1/2 years

    3. David Hillstrom from Infolane said he can have the program waive late fees on renewals

    until certain date (to be determined).

    4. Patricia will bring paper renewals for new membership

    5. At the meeting all membership questions will be referred to Claire-Elizabeth or David


    C. Worked on Agenda for Membership General Meeting to be held June 18, 2011

    D Discussed the hiring of an Administrative Assistant and making sure that the job description

    is very clear.

    1. Jurgen, Sandy, and Patricia will interview and create description for position.

    E. We currently have $56,000 in bank account. David Hillstrom's contract/salary is the only


    F. Discussed SB 747 (Continuing education: lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender patients) 2

    CEU's for all therapist). Motion was made by Sandy and Jurgen to have the Chapter support this

    There were 4 votes for and 1 vote abstained.

    G. Claire motioned that the hiring, financing and defining the job description for the

    administrative person be competed by the end of August. Kelly seconded it an all voted yes.

    The meeting was then closed.

    Respectfully submitted by

    Sandy McQuillin

    Acting Secretary

  • March 06, 2013 6:00 AM | Admin EBCAMFT



    JUNE 18, 2011


    Board Members: Jurgen Braungardt, President; Patricia Wilson, Secretary; Duncan Bennett, Member-at-Large; Kelly Sharp, Member-at-Large; Claire-Elizabeth DeSophia, Member-at-Large; and Sandy McQuillan, Member-at-Large.

    CAMFT Members: Jill Epstein, new Executive Director; and Ronald Mah, Member-at-Large

    General Members: Approximately 22 members attended. They were made up of MFTs and Interns.

    ITEM I: INTRODUCTIONS. All in attendance were asked to introduce themselves and state where they were from, including how long they’ve been an EBCAMFT member and a brief outline of their work.

    ITEM 2: INTRODUCTIONS. Board members introduced themselves and said a little of why they were on the Board.

    ITEM 3: PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE. Jurgen referred to the Vision Statement handout and reflected how it came to be. He discussed the financial report and the membership issues stating that we are currently in a transition time. He also pointed out the committees that we have available to join and that we need to have Board members to fill the Treasurer position and others as well.

    ITEM 4: QUESTION & ANSWER with Jurgen.

    The interests of the group were polled and the following wants/interests were discussed as possibilities:

    Mentoring Program for Interns

    Private Practice Development & Marketing

    Future Possibility of Day-long conferences

    Future Day-long Retreat & Community Building for all members to attend

    Day-long workshop “Law & Ethics”

    CEU Program: Saturdays & Sundays, possibly alternating

    Create a Resource Base: Online

    Referral Archive: Linked to Website

    Therapist Finder for local zip codes

    Chapter Blog

    2 –Year President Term (By-law vote in September?)

    EAST BAY CHAPTER Chapter Leadership in Public Education & Public Policy re Mental Health

    Public Blog – Questions to Therapists

    Have “PR Chair” Outreach – respond to timely topics

    Create Links/Liaison to Grad Schools.

    ITEM 5: Single-Payer Task Force. Presented by Claire-Elizabeth. Stated that this will be something MFTs need in the future and invited all to sign up for future task force meetings. She stated “CAMFT, was urged to address both the much-needed passage of such legislation and the need for CAMFT to be proactive in influencing legislation so that the needs of MFTs would be well-represented when such legislation is drafted and implemented. Being new to our field, Jill Epson, Executive Director of CAMFT, was interested in learning more about this issue. Members were invited to join an EBC Chapter Task Force, to strategize about these issues and plan actions.”

    ITEM 6: International Group Therapy Congress. Presented by Bill Roller. Stated the potential costs and benefits for the EBCAMFT organization and outlined the duties of the lead organization along with a timeline. He stated that hosting the IAGP (International Association for Group Psychotherapy and Group Processes) congress is a 3-year commitment for the entire group of the local organization and the professional conference organizer. Bill also provided a brief history of EBCAMFT as he was one of the early Presidents of this group.

    ITEM 7: CAMFT. The new Executive Director, Jill Epstein was introduced. She made a brief statement about the current focus of CAMFT and included some of her personal history. She listened and answered many questions. Ronald Mah of this chapter and Member-at-Large of CAMFT was also in attendance. Questions included the current delay in the LPCC grandfathering process and related issues, and CAMFT’s support of BBS efforts to hire more staff, and change the length of time for approving hours of interns ready for testing.

    ITEM 8: CLOSING REMARKS. Jurgen Braungard ended the meeting thanking all for attending and giving input and invited them to a future General Membership Meeting in the fall (date to be determined).


    Respectfully submitted,

    Patricia Wilson, Secretary

  • March 06, 2013 5:00 AM | Admin EBCAMFT



    June 10 & 17, 2011

    A quorum of the Board was in attendance at both meetings.


    6/10 Voting Members: Jürgen Braungardt, President; Patricia Wilson, Secretary; Duncan Bennet, Board Member at Large; Claire-Elizabeth DeSophia, Board Member at Large; Kelly Sharp, Board Member at Large and David Leong, Board Member at Large.

    6/17 Voting Members: Jürgen Braungardt, President; Duncan Bennet, Board Member at Large; Claire-Elizabeth DeSophia, Board Member at Large; and Kelly Sharp, Board Member at Large.

    Note: The following minutes were taken over two meetings.

    ITEM I: MINUTES OF MAY 20, 2011 Board Meeting distributed. MSC approved as amended.

    ITEM 2: Hudson decision. MSC that Jurgen would write a letter announcing our intention not to renew the contract that expires on December 31, 2011. A copy of the letter was submitted at the 6/17 meeting as had been transmitted to Hudson.

    ITEM 3: Preparation for General Membership Meeting: Patricia handed out copies of the Board position descriptions and a discussion regarding flyers and signups was briefly discussed.

    It was MSC to accept the new Vision Statement and hand it out at the meeting. It would be put on the website as well to replace the 2005 version.

    Set up would be between 8:30 and 9:00 by the Sandy and Patricia. Cleanup would be handled by all members of the Board. An invitation has been sent to all interns and lapsed members (over 2-1/2 years). For a limited time the penalty for late renewal will be waived. An agenda was set and will be forwarded to the membership with a general invitation to attend. Kelly will keep track of all RSVPs.

    ITEM 4: Membership – Claire-Elizabeth requested that all membership inquiries be submitted to her.

    ITEM 5: Hiring Committee will meet to determine next steps for Hudson’s replacement.

    MSC to begin the actual hiring process.

    ITEM 6: Finances – Jurgen gave a brief Treasurer’s report stating the bank balance. In reviewing the expenses, it was mentioned that David at Infolane should be considered for an increase. This was tabled until after the General Membership Meeting.

    ITEM 7: Kelly again brought up SB747 which asks for cultural compatible training of MFTs about working with the LGBTQ populations. MSC to support this request to support the SB. (1 vote abstained.) EAST BAY CHAPTER ITEM 8: There was a discussion that we need to be in contact more often than the once-per-month meeting. It was decided to try phone meetings. Therefore, the first Phone Meeting will be July 1, 2011 at the 4pm hour. Jurgen will set up the phone-in information.

    The next physical meeting will be held at the office of Claire-Elizabeth DeSophia, 2931 Shattuck Ave., Suite 106, in Berkeley on July 15, 2011.


    With no further business to come before the Board of Directors, the meeting adjourned.

    Respectfully submitted,

    Patricia Wilson, Secretary

  • March 06, 2013 4:00 AM | Admin EBCAMFT



    May 20, 2011

    A quorum of the Board was in attendance and the meeting was called to order at 3:10 p.m.


    Voting Members: Jürgen Braungardt, President; Patricia Wilson, Secretary; Drew Hutchinson, Treasurer; Duncan Bennet, Board Member at Large; Claire-Elizabeth DeSophia, Board Member at Large; Kelly Sharp, Board Member at Large and David Leong, Board Member at Large. A quorum was present.

    ITEM I: MINUTES OF APRIL 15, 2011 Board Meeting distributed. MSC approved as written.

    ITEM 2: Update on Hudson tabled until further research can be accomplished.

    ITEM 3: Job Description & Hiring Process – A Hiring Committee was discussed. A discussion about hiring a Membership Drive consultant ensued. No vote was taken on any of the process.

    ITEM 4: Financial Update & Budgeting Process – Drew offered that he’s been working with Hudson to get things done. We have an invoice for a work order that we have no signed copy for, that Jurgen asked Drew to research before signing the check. Income & expenses are down slightly. Board should be watching the numbers. We will deal with the current system until a new one comes into place. An agreement between David Leong and Drew Hutchinson to work on a new fiscal-year budget was made between the two Board members.

    ITEM 5: Planning for the general membership meeting on June 18. Discussion regarding Membership Drive ensued. First target would be people whose memberships have lapsed. An idea was forwarded to waive the late-renewal penalties for a period of time. A flyer could be drafted and made available to people who attend the general meeting. A request for a membership-drive consultant was made, but no clear definition of duties so was tabled until future meeting. Infolane would be contacted by Claire-Elizabeth to see what could be done to eblast the lapsed members and begin waiving the late-renewal penalty. Duncan and Patricia said they would work toward preparing flyers, etc. for the meeting. An agenda was created: 1) Socialization/networking (1/2 hour); 2) Introduce the Board; 3) Vision Statement; 4) Board Ideas (from Retreat); 5) Member ideas; 5) Membership renewal; 6) Volunteer roles 7) closer-pitch person.

    ITEM 6: Newsletter feedback and next issue: It was generally agreed by all that the feedback from the first newsletter was overwhelmingly positive. Everyone who spoke said it was very good. The next issue will include an article about SB747, an article from the Treasurer. Kelly said the deadline was 5/27.

    ITEM 7: CAMFT Conference & Donation to host chapter – A request was made by Patricia Wilson, who helped at the Conference with the Host Chapter table, to donate $100 to Santa Clara Valley CAMFT. A motion was made, seconded and carried. Patricia will put in a request for a check to be sent to them. EAST BAY CHAPTER ITEM 8: Group Psychotherapy Conference 2015. A discussion about Bill Roller speaking at the general meeting on the idea of our hosting the Group Psychotherapy Conference here ensued resulting in its being tabled for another occasion due to overall costs and potential profits being unclear. However, Bill Roller will be given time at the General Membership Meeting to pitch his program and, depending on interest, the Board will take up the subject again.

    ITEM 9: The next meeting will be held at the office of Claire-Elizabeth DeSophia, 2931 Shattuck Ave., Suite 106, in Berkeley.

    ITEM 10: Miscellaneous items were tabled for a future board meeting, including Single-Payer task force creation and Membership committee.


    With no further business to come before the Board of Directors, the meeting adjourned at 6:25 p.m.

    Respectfully submitted,

    Patricia Wilson, Secretary


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