December 16, 2011

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Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

December 16, 2011

Meeting convened at 4pm in Claire-Elizabeth's office, Berkeley.

Voting members present:

Jürgen Braungardt, President;

Duncan Bennett, Acting Treasurer;

Sandy McMquillin, Acting Secretary;

Claire-Elizabeth DeSophia, Board Member at Large;

Kelly Sharp, Board Member at Large;

Peter Carpentieri, Board Member at Large

Non voting visitors present:

Steven Keightley, Vivian Nelson, Donna Long

and Robert Pavel, Administrator.

A. The Board reviewed the minutes from the November 18 meeting as revised, approved unanimously.

B. The Board approved (5 yes, 1 abstention) submitting the following, on behalf of the Board, to CAMFT urging

statewide adoption of a strong statement against SOCE practice:

"Proposed CAMFT Statement on Sexual Orientation Change Strategies (SOCE)

CAMFT recognizes that some clinicians feel bound to offer treatments that are inline with their personal,

cultural and religious convictions, even when these beliefs conflict with evidence based research. CAMFT

also recognizes that some clients feel compelled to try to change aspects of themselves to better fit into

cultural and religious norms that privilege heterosexuality and certain stereotypes of masculinity and

femininity. CAMFT wants to clarify its position against treatments that seek to alter a person’s sexual

orientation. Rather, we believe that therapeutic treatments should be aimed at helping clients gain

acceptance of their sexual orientations rather than trying to change them.

Our position is consistent with the ample empirical research accepted by our profession, which holds that

same sex sexual attraction is a normal variant of human sexuality, that sexual orientation change efforts

(SOCE) do not lead to effective, enduring or beneficial changes, and that such efforts can lead to harm,

including the increased risk of depression, suicide and restriction of clients’ access to normal feelings of

sexual desire. With regard to issues related to sexual orientation, CAMFT recommends that individuals

seeking therapy ask very clear questions about your mental health practitioner's beliefs about same sex

sexual attraction and the effectiveness of their proposed treatments before engaging in a professional


C. Jurgen Braungardt reported on his assessment of the past year. The Chapter is stronger, Board positions are once

again filled and membership is increasing. He acknowledged that more discussions and a slower pace will result in a

better group process. The year of restructuring, once again assuming in-house control of the chapter, hiring a new

administrator, reinvigorating the website and newsletter have all laid the groundwork. All thanked Duncan Bennett

for his excellent facilitation during the Board retreat and Kelly Sharp for the informative newsletters.

D. Duncan Bennett reported on the financial health of the chapter. Increased advertising revenue is anticipated

following a review of the website and technical possibilities. Increased membership due to the Board’s outreach

efforts, the growing series of CEU programs, improved responses to member queries, and a cleanup of the

membership database will all rebuild the assets to support more member benefits.

E. Kelly Sharp was asked to describe the newsletter process that she will hand over to a new newsletter editor.

Soliciting articles, vetting contributors, scheduling, obtaining photos and bios are some for the time consuming

tasks. She looks forward to focusing on learning the duties and responsibilities of Chapter President in anticipation

of her future role.

F. Sandy McQuillin reported on the successful CEU programs of the past year and the series of speakers and topics

lined up for 2012. A new web page will be designed to help promote this schedule and allow members ample time to

schedule their activities.

G. A website task force was formed to address user issues, database contents and accuracy and design changes to

better attract and serve members. Jurgen, Kelly, Sandy and Donna volunteered to meet regularly between Board

meetings. Claire-Elizabeth offered to work on content.

H. Looking forward to 2012, the Board will consider planning 2 general meetings and having more social gatherings

to help members get to know each other better and share their concerns.

I. The election process was reviewed with 2 volunteers, Steve Toby and Donna Long, offering to assist Robert Pavel

with ballot certification and counting on Monday, December 19.

With no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 5:30pm. The next Board meeting will be held on January 16

at Sandy McQuillin’s office.

Submitted by Approved by

Robert Pavel Sandy McQuillin, Acting Secretary

Approved by the Board January 20, 2012


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