December 2016 Minutes

December 09, 2016 8:13 PM | Deleted user

Present: Craig Toonder, Holly Forman-Patel, Ben Jones, Peter Carpentieri, 

Absent: Sorrenta Stuart, Jenny Miller, Galina Litvin

Guests: Veronica Macina, Don Matthews, Jurgen Braungardt, Neslihan Pinar, Claire-Elizabeth DeSophia, John Hurley

I. Approval of Minutes

a)  The minutes July through November were approved- 4 ayes. 

II. Admin Report 

a) Membership Numbers:

i. Total members:  842, Clinical:  626, Intern:  144, Students:  28, Associate:  37, Community Partner:  2, Honorary Member:  3, Retired:5

b) Subscription Numbers:

i.  E-Tree Only:  54 E-Tree Total: 1022 e-mail addresses 

c) Veronica paid the liability insurance in full last month

d) Received positive emails from members around the holiday party

f) Paypal name needs to be changed from Holly to someone else. 

III. Treasurer Report 

a) YTD Total Income: $42,581.74, YTD Total Expenses: $37,935.69, YTD Net Operating Income: $4,650.13.  

b) The current banking balance is missing in the treasurer report submitted. 

c) Jurgen discussed wanting to see more checks and balances in the review of the finances, including showing more information on the monthly report with a more in-depth analysis. 

d) Nes shared the report needing to reference “CE Certificates” instead of “CEUs” as recommended by a California Psychological Association CPA she worked with.

e) Don recommended the categories on the Profit and Loss sheet needing to be more consistent between the years. 

IV. Social Update

a) The next meeting is on December 17th and there is one person RSVPed.

b) If the board wants to do another baseball game social, Craig is willing to coordinate it. 

c) Craig asked about the follow up around the member who was interested in assisting with socials. Veronica reported that Galina and Sorrenta said they would reach out. 

d) Casey Truffo marketing event currently has 20 individuals RSVPed.  

i. Nes shared being open to helping with advertising for the event to increase attendance. 
ii. Event is currently $60 for members, $70 for non-members and a $15 discount to students and interns
iii. Claire-Elizabeth will send it out to local chapters
iv. A discussion around CEUs was discussed with the idea of them being given for this event.
i. Holly and Nes shared that they believe such an event does not qualify for CEUs. Jurgen disagreed.
v. Jurgen asked that the event be posted on the main page of the website. John and Veronica agreed. 

V. Alternating Board Meeting Location

a) It was discussed alternating every other month between Walnut Creek and Berkeley. 
i. This was agreed to.

b) January’s meeting will be the retreat and board meeting combined.

VI. Misc

a) Ben shared (and others agreed) it would be good for the next board year to have someone have more responsibility around reminders/holding accountability to board members who agreed to complete tasks.

b) Veronica agreed to send out an email with the action items to the board for the December meeting.

c) The board retreat was discussed. It was agreed to do a two day overnight retreat for the upcoming board. The location is TBA. The weekend agreed was Saturday January the 14th (at 11am) and ending late afternoon on Sunday the 15th
i. Don will look at booking the location.
d) Holly reviewed scheduling the end of year board dinner. It was scheduled for Dec 16th at 6:30 at Skates was agreed. 
i. Holly agreed to contact the members not present to let them know.
e) Veronica shared that she will not be continuing as administrator. She will assist in training the new administrator and will continue in the position until the end of March. 

f) Jurgen discussed wanting a new administrator who might be able to work more hours and to concurrently re-do the website. He additionally reported wanting a subcommittee to work on this. 

g) John reported that he will not be continuing as website administrator. He will continue during the transition period. 

h) Craig reported that he will not be continuing as Past-President the next year. He agreed to continue organizing the hikes with Ben and others assisting in leading. 
i. He additionally offered to again organize the A’s baseball social.

Meeting Closed at 6:04pm 12.09.2016

Submitted by Holly Forman-Patel


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